God’s Word—My “Point of Beginning”

“Point of beginning” is a term used to identify the civil surveyor’s mark used as the beginning location for the wider-scale surveying of land, and it is the original point from which a land survey is initiated and described. The term has considerable historical significance for some United States boundaries and continues to be used in day-to-day civil surveying activities—and it is a great illustration of the truth of God’s Word for me. Through The Way of Abundance and Power series I learned to access truth by allowing God’s Word to be my “point of beginning.”

The fullness of God’s Word and His divine power is without measure. It gives us all things that pertain unto life and godliness (II Peter 1:3). The potential for mankind is that God has called us to glory and virtue. Obviously, the scope of God’s “survey” is BIG and WIDE.

During the first half of my life I was wonderfully exposed to the existence, presence, and reality of God as my heavenly Father. However, it’s been during this second half of my life that I have begun to understand the fullness and completeness of God’s Word and the availability to walk in its truth with spiritual power and to walk with my heavenly Father. Deliverance from different categories of physical sickness and other pitfalls of the adversary has been a benefit of that walk. This I learned in The Way of Abundance and Power series.

Selecting an accurate point of beginning for life’s choices would be important to most folks, even essential to some. With God’s Word as the source of truth, we can walk with clarity and direction. Only the true God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, has completely conveyed the path of life in written form for man’s fulfillment. His Word is the point of beginning for life’s true choices. And when we vary from the truth of our walk with God, He is faithful and just to forgive us so we can continue our walk in truth and in fellowship with Him.

“You have to start somewhere” is a common phrase of the day to get going with choices and believing action. As sons of God, we always have a point of beginning for truth in any situation of life. We let the Word of God do the talking for our decisions. We listen and do the walking.

God Is Always Good…Always!

I was mad! Mad at the world and mad at God and in great despair! My life was a disaster, a shipwreck! I literally yelled into the sky that if He was really up there, He needed to send me someone to teach me something good about Him. There was no thunder, no lightning, no music, no lights; yet I just knew I needed change in my life. I left my job, moved to another location, and within a month met someone who told me, “God told me to teach you something good about Him. God is love and God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.”

No other words could have impacted my heart in such a way. Those were the words that introduced me to the ministry—but more than that they brought me to the place where I could know, really know the Bible and learn about God and His Son, Jesus Christ. God is always good. Always. And God was truly working in that WOW (Word Over the World) Ambassador to help me receive my deliverance.

My first Foundational Class was a great awakening, teaching me so many truths that I could apply in my life. Important to me was learning how to separate truth from error and about the administrations in God’s Word. I learned how to read the Word for myself and to do a word study. I did not need to “just take someone else’s word”; I could read and understand God’s Word due to being taught the keys to the Word’s interpretation. Most of all, I learned that I was a born-again child of God and could manifest power from on high. These truths were vital to me, and I had a burning desire to know more.

I went WOW because I was already thirty-two and I heard that “One year of outreach service as a WOW was equal to ten years of spiritual growth.” I had much catching up to do. The Intermediate Class was part of my first Foundational Class, and when a year later I sat through the Advanced Class, it all came together like a jigsaw puzzle—every piece was in place. I had the answers that I had desired for so long, and I knew that my life was worth more than seventy years and a hole in the ground.

Thirty-nine years later, I am still fellowshipping with this ministry. I have never left the place where I could learn the Word or hear the manifestations of holy spirit. I recently participated in a new Foundational Class, and it was as exciting and packed with information as my first one. Who else teaches that Jesus Christ is not God or that the dead are not alive? Who else cares about the detail of the Word? Who else teaches that there is an adversary that wears men down and robs them blind, that endeavors to steal, to kill, and to destroy all that is valuable (John 10:10)?

In 1991, I was driving on I-40 East in Tennessee on a mountainous highway that grew icier each moment, inching along with all the other travelers—no place to pull over or exit. I had driven into these conditions while traveling on my way home in South Carolina, after a wearying week handling a family situation. In an instant, my car skidded and turned completely around, sliding toward the edge of the road, which was over a mile high from the valley below. I breathed out, “Father…,” and distinctly, I heard a voice: “Let go of the steering wheel.” I let go and the car just slowed and stopped moving. I was facing all the traffic coming at me, and there I sat, on the narrow side of the road, between the oncoming traffic on my right and the abyss on the left. I sat there for a while—breathing, crying, laughing—such a range of emotions. I had cried out to my heavenly Father, and He was right there all along. He never leaves or forsakes us (Hebrews 13:5). Finally, I realized I needed to move and asked Father for an opening, as I had to make a U-turn to merge back into traffic on the highway. When I had my opening, I eased back onto the road and continued on my way until I reached my turnoff and soon left the freezing weather behind. For the next two hours I drove, singing and praying, thanking God for His love, mercy, and care.

Our heavenly Father has delivered us so many times—there are so many incidents and stories that we could probably write a book. Daily He loads us with His benefits, bears our burdens, and keeps us whole. What more can we desire?