Able to Bring Comfort

Prior to being introduced to a home fellowship, I wanted to understand why my grandad had to die. I still needed him. For two years, I was in turmoil over losing him. I asked God to let him know I missed him. I said, “Grandad, if you can hear me, what do I do about….” My heart was broken. Now, this was not a continuous, daily event, but it happened often enough to cause me some anxiety.

In 1993, I went to my first home fellowship. After the fellowship, one of the ladies and I sat on the front step, and she shared with me about the dead not being alive. She shared very logically why my grandad is not alive in heaven at this time, and she showed me from God’s Word. Instantly I was released from my prison! I cried because I FINALLY got my answer. I wanted to know more, so as soon as the Foundational Class was available I signed up.

About a year after I took my first Foundational Class, my mom graduated from the class too. It was awesome.

Over several years, I continued to grow in my understanding, went out as a Way Disciple, went to work on Staff at The Way International, met my husband, and so on.

Fast forward to the fall of 2009. My mom was diagnosed with cancer, and it was terminal. It had spread to her lymph nodes. Within a month of her diagnosis, she fell asleep. Although it stung very much, I knew the truth. She is awaiting the return of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Without the truth of God’s Word, I would have been in the same situation I was in when my grandad fell asleep. This time I was able to bring comfort to my sibling and to my extended family, and to friends of my mom. I was able to minister to them with God’s Word. Although it is a difficult topic, I was able to help. I also received encouragement from my brothers and sisters in Christ.

The way I was able to handle the loss of my grandad versus my mom was like night and day. I am so thankful to the ministry, The Way International, which taught me the rightly divided Word and how to renew my mind. Do I miss my mom? Of course I do. But I am confident that I will see her at the return.