God Delivers

My Life Turned Around for the Better

I was born into a family that was already vitally involved in The Way Ministry and was raised to love and respect God and His Word. My parents were wonderful, and gave their all to see that my sister and I would have God’s best. As I grew older, I began to lose touch with some of the valuable lessons in living that I had learned from them because of worldly distractions that I was allowing to enter my life. At the age of nineteen, life was no longer joyful. I turned inward and became a burden to myself. I felt that I was also becoming a burden to my family, so much so that one day I took my car to the gas station, filled up the fuel tank, and hit the road with the intention of running away from it all. As I got onto the highway and began heading down the road, all I could think about was how wonderful my family was and how much God had blessed them through the years. I thought, “I cannot run away from them. This is selfish of me.” I thought about how much they enjoyed life, and I wanted to enjoy life like that too. During that time in my car driving down the highway, I realized that’s what I needed. I needed to get back to the practical lessons in living from the Word of God that my parents had learned in The Way Ministry and had passed down to my sister and me. I turned the car around, and that was the day my life turned around for the better. It was not long after this that I began to take every class the ministry had to offer and flooded my heart with the Word of God. Within a year of the time that I had considered running away, I participated in The Way’s outreach program and was reaching out to others with God’s delivering Word. These many years later, I have a family of my own and I am living an enriching life of service, raising my children with the same heart, love, and Word of God that my parents used to raise my sister and me.

God Heard Me

As a teen and a young adult, I was addicted to drama. I loved confusion, and I finally realized that the way I was thinking and living was not working. I didn’t have any answers and I was miserable. I poured my heart out to God even though I wasn’t sure He existed, and He heard me. While I was in a college class, an ambassador for Christ got my attention. He started sharing God’s Word with me, and I attended my first fellowship with The Way. When I heard speaking in tongues, I knew God was there, and I haven’t left ever since. God’s Word is the healer of unsound thinking. II Timothy 1:7 says, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” That’s what The Way Ministry did for me. It taught me God’s Word. I learned to apply it and see God’s deliverance, which is His will for all mankind, and I’m so thankful.

Rescued from a Disastrous Life

One day when I was eighteen years old, I was driving around my hometown for hours with a friend of mine. We were anxious and becoming more and more frantic as we would go from location to location checking with friends and acquaintances. What were we desperately trying to find? Someone who would sell us some marijuana because we had just run out.

Did I think I had a problem at the time? Besides the fact that it was illegal for me to buy what I wanted, and I REALLY wanted it and couldn’t find it, at times I would get honest with myself. I realized that I was dependent on smoking something to be satisfied or happy and it was wrong for that thing to have a hold on me. In addition when I came down from being high, it wasn’t good at all. At times I was lethargic, and my short-term memory was failing.

The American Addiction Center states that it is a myth that psychological addiction is not as serious as physical addiction and that they are not mutually exclusive. After smoking marijuana for a year, I began taking hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD and mescaline and had bad experiences, but kept on taking them.

Now marijuana is legal in some states. That does not make it right and does not take away the dangers.

When I got introduced to The Way International and began believing God’s Word, I got delivered. I consider myself as being truly rescued from a disastrous life. I saw that Jesus Christ gave his life for me and God raised him from the dead so I could be delivered from temptations. I was complete in Christ, nothing lacking. I developed a wonderful confidence and trust in God, whereas before I knew in my heart of hearts that I was not living as God intended. Continual fellowship with fellow believers was the best environment for my new freedom. My memory problems subsided, and I was actually able to memorize a great deal of scripture which increased my believing!

I Peter 5:8:
Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.

I am truly thankful that someone had enough love to invite me to a fellowship and undershepherd me into the Foundational Class. I am thankful that God loved me right where I was at.

On the Path to Learn

My upbringing was very “mid-America.” My parents were good, hardworking people with what I thought were good manners and good personal habits and a code of ethics I could learn from.

I was the oldest of four siblings—three girls and one boy. My parents set strict standards for me that I was to ensure my brother and sisters held at the time.

I was given many responsibilities in our household. I am grateful to my parents for the responsibilities; however, I didn’t think that way at the time.

My mother loved, believed, and had a strong faith in God. I kneeled many, many nights with her as she said her rosary prayers (we were raised Roman Catholic). Through the years it was her personal faithfulness to her knowledge of God that I admired and respected. I simply had many more questions than she had answers for, and my questions made her upset with me.

In time I became an adult, had a full-time job, and soon was married and expecting my first child. It was having that first child that stepped up my questions about God, because I did not know much about Him. You prayed, you kept the faith, didn’t curse, steal, or talk back to your parents, or you would go to hell. I realized I did not know how to raise a child teaching only that about God. There must be more to know about the God Who created all life.

I started to read the Bible that someone gave me. Then I began asking questions. First, I asked at my home church. “Does God hear my prayers? Can I pray better? Was my now deceased mother in heaven?” Most answers I received did not comfort me, and some answers scared me and made me cry.

I started to go to other churches, other denominations, even a few tent revivals far from home. I saw so-called healings and adults and children slain in the spirit. I’d return home, eyes wide open all night long, talking to God. I thought, “God if this is where You want me, please let me know in a clear message to continue or stay away.”

Very shortly after that eye-opening weekend, I was invited to a Way Ministry home Bible fellowship. I could have walked to this fellowship from my house, and yet I was just now hearing about it. Seek and you shall find. God is never late. I had heard that from my mom.

I went to that fellowship only to find out the usual coordinator was at the hospital with his wife having their third child. There was an assistant coordinator leading the Bible study that night. It didn’t matter to me. I only knew the person that invited me.

The teaching was very interesting. I remember it in part still today. We ended the fellowship and refreshments were served. I remained quiet until the coordinator asked me if I enjoyed the teaching. “Yes,” I answered, “very much.”

He asked me if I had any questions about anything. “Yes, I do,” I replied. I had a question about the teaching, like why was Jesus talking to the lawyers? I was confused about that part.

The coordinator answered me with the most unexpected reply that I had not ever heard from any minister. “Let us go to the Bible and check the record that was taught.” That response grabbed my attention. He wasn’t giving me an opinion. We were going back to the Bible.

I told him how long I had had many questions and that going to the Scriptures had never been an answer. Then he turned to II Timothy 2:15, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” My reply was, “Study. I can do that!”

Of course, I continued to go to the fellowship meetings, even helping with babysitting as the months passed. Within the first year, the Foundational Class was made available in my coordinator’s home. It was a video of the Founder of The Way Ministry, Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille, teaching the entire class. That particular class ended in February. I was on the right path, I thought.

In April I was diagnosed with breast cancer and needed a radical mastectomy. I was not anxious, worried, or fearful in the slightest degree. I had my The Bible Tells Me So and my class syllabus. God had made me fully equipped to face my battle.

I shared my beliefs with doctors, nurses, family, and friends. My doctor told me I was very, very lucky. I replied that luck had nothing to do with this; it was my God Who made me whole again.

This is my life story that set my feet firmly on the path to learn about my heavenly Father. I’m grateful The Way Ministry is a research, teaching, and fellowship ministry that rightly divides God’s Word so we can be sure that we know the truth.

He is real. He is faithful. He is a very present help in time of trouble.

We Knew God Would Have the Answer!

Where do I begin to share how thankful I am after fifty-eight years since I graduated from Power for Abundant Living (PFAL)? For years I wanted to have a greater understanding of how to know, Am I a Christian? How could Jesus Christ be God? How could I be good enough to be sanctified? The Word of God I learned has answered these questions completely.

Two months before we were married, my future husband and I took PFAL. One year later we took the Advanced Class, receiving more answers to add to our greater understanding of the more abundant life. All our children are now Advanced Class graduates and three of our grandchildren have gone out on The Way International’s outreach program. What can be a greater blessing from God than to know our grandchildren have knowledge of the greatness of God’s Word?

Now we are up in years, and I strongly believed we needed to trust God to give us direction in making decisions regarding our future living location. When the need arrives, do we stay in our home and have someone move in to help us? Do we move closer to family? What preparations do we need to be making to make future transitions easier for ourselves and our family?

So often when we have had major decisions to make, the answers were suddenly there as we continued to move ahead. We knew God cared for us and would have the answer for us. When we were checking out some of the possibilities in this situation, we visited a possible living location, and God’s answer was crystal clear to us. This was the place to move to! It is closer to family, and we rejoice daily in our decision to move there. The preparations for the transition came together beautifully. Two months later we had moved. God has supplied our need as only He can, and we are so abundantly thankful. II Corinthians states the results most clearly:

II Corinthians 9:8-11:
And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work:
(As it is written, He hath dispersed abroad; he hath given to the poor: his righteousness remaineth for ever.
Now he that ministereth seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your righteousness;)
Being enriched in every thing to all bountifulness, which causeth through us thanksgiving to God.

The results have been sufficiency in all things for us and others, multiplying seed sown, increasing fruits of righteousness, being enriched in everything, which causes daily thanksgiving to God. This was all made available because of the Word of God I learned in The Way Ministry!

Experiencing God’s Abundance and Power

My Love for Reading God’s Word Grew

Reading was never high on my list because of the complexity of words used. I needed a dictionary for every paragraph I read. It was so time-consuming that it took all the joy out of reading for me.

However, after sitting through a series of classes offered by this ministry, my love for reading grew enormously. I could not believe how much I loved reading and learning about God’s Word. It truly made life more meaningful; I finally had answers.

Being taught how to read and understand the Bible gave me a better comprehension of why things happen the way they do. Things became much clearer to me. Every topic in the Word is well written and well explained, and I could unveil it as I read. There is not one question that I can’t find an answer to as I read God’s Word.

The Way Ministry has made the true, living God known in my life. It has given me a deeper appreciation for God and His love for the Body of believers, and it all began with teaching me how to love to read God’s Word.

God’s Abundant Supply

God has certainly blessed us over our years of standing with The Way International. One incident that comes to mind happened when we had attended a ministry event where we received an abundance of God’s Word. Way Productions did a skit on Hannah at this event also (I Samuel 1—2).

Prior to attending this event, as a couple we had gone through over three years of infertility work. The result of the work was not a pregnancy. We decided to step back from that goal for a couple of years and then revisit it.

As usual we were very blessed at the event, and the Word hit the sweet spot. It had been a couple of years since we had been in a doctor’s office. Within months of this event, we had a family started—without any infertility work. The doctor that we had witnessed to and worked with a few years prior actually delivered the baby.

It has been exciting over the years to receive the Word in so many ways in this ministry. The classes, Sunday Teaching Services, The Way Magazine, and the website all constantly hit the sweet spot and keep us functioning in the Body of Christ.

The God Who Gave Me Back My Life

I am thankful for what God has done for me via the Word of God that I have learned in this life-giving ministry of The Way International. Let me start by saying that I most likely would not be alive today had it not been for the working of God’s mighty power that was ministered to me thirty-nine years ago. I became very ill and was in a coma at the time—with little hope of survival—until a Way believer ministered God’s healing to me. Within twenty-four hours I was out of my coma, delivered from the grip of the adversary, and on the road to recovery.

It was because of this deliverance that I wanted to know more about this God that loved me so much that He gave me my life back. I started to attend household fellowships and eventually took our ministry’s class series on The Way of Abundance and Power. It has been a blessed journey as I’ve continued to learn and manifest God’s power in my life and have helped to bring others to God’s family. My life today is centered around God’s will and service to His people. I am reminded daily of His power and love as I go to Him in prayer and thankfulness for who I am in Christ and for the power of His spirit that I have to live with and reach out to His people with.

I am thankful for this ministry—for men and women who answered God’s call and made His Word available to me and helped me to build a lasting relationship with the God Who gave me back my life.

Growing and Learning in the Household of Believers

More Than Grateful

I am more than grateful that I have the opportunity to be a part of this great ministry of The Way and have the blessing to fellowship with other faithful believers who hunger and thirst for the truth of the Word. I am thankful that I continue to stay in the Word, as it made me realize how big our God is. The more I take believing action, the more I see the excellence of God’s power in my life. Reading the Word daily, speaking in tongues, and renewing my mind continually have helped me grow spiritually and build a sense of discipline that manifests itself in other aspects of my life.

I am thankful to be part of this ministry, as I have learned to love and serve others according to the Word. I have learned to have discernment and to be more spiritually aware. It is refreshing to know that believers of the ministry function together and are a source of support for one another in time of need.

Learning and Growing in Each Stage of My Life

I have the joy and the huge blessing of telling you in these words the wonderful experience that it was for me to get to know the great and matchless Word of God.

Seven years have gone by since I graduated from the Foundational Class. During that time, I must say with great joy that I have witnessed the powerful hand of God working day by day in my life and the life of my family.

I have had the opportunity to serve God and the household in many ways. The first year after I graduated from the class, I began to faithfully attend fellowship. I had a fervent desire to learn the Word more and more. At the beginning, there were promises that I could quickly believe and manifest in my walk, like the one declared in Philippians 4:19: “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” In that context, God went beyond all my expectations, and He prospered me as soon as I received my teaching degree, granting me a job with excellent working conditions and salary.

I was blessed not only in the professional and work category, but also God gave me the opportunity to grow and serve in the household, sharing of my skills in music by way of accompanying hymns and songs with the guitar in my household fellowship. As time went by, as I was building more Biblical understanding, I was able to serve in my fellowship as an assistant, supporting my household fellowship coordinator in multiple tasks, and I also had the privilege of teaching the Word of God on some occasions.

And as the Bible states in Genesis 2:18: “…It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” God gave me a great believing woman, a life partner from whom I learned a lot, with whom I could continue to grow, to the point that we could serve God as a married couple. We coordinated a household fellowship, and then with the arrival of our little daughter, we continued to serve as a believing family in one of the southernmost fellowships of our vast and beautiful country.

I thank God for enlightening and guiding my path toward what is right, for giving me security and hope, and I thank The Way Ministry for having given me the tools to deal with the spiritual competition and be more than a conqueror, and for the opportunity to continue learning and growing spiritually in each stage of my life.

God Has Done Great Things in My Life

I would like to share my testimony and experience on how God has called me and how He is with me and protects me every day.

I was raised in a Roman Catholic family, and I always attended the Catholic Church up until certain events happened in my life. After the separation from my husband, condemnation began setting in, and because of wrong teaching I began feeling that I was not “good enough” and neither just nor acceptable before God.

I had the wonderful opportunity to know about The Way Ministry through a friend at work who at times I confided in and opened my heart to. While we were speaking about a friend of mine with a health issue, the believer invited me to a home fellowship. This was not the first time that this person invited me, but I always made up excuses, saying, “I already go to a church.” This time I accepted. I needed to help myself and my friend, and I knew that I didn’t have the answers or the knowledge I needed to win in this competition.

At the fellowship I met the Branch and household fellowship coordinator; I remember this first fellowship with great emotion. It was an unforgettable experience. The believers greeted me with a simple “God bless you,” through which I had the feeling that God was speaking directly to me and greeting me into His family. Tears of joy flowed. With their greetings and warm embraces, I felt the love of God towards me, as if He were saying, “It has been awhile. I have been waiting for you.”

From that Sunday on, I haven’t missed a fellowship or the special events throughout the year that are organized in my country. Today I also coordinate a fellowship in my home.

Yes, God has done great things in my life. And regardless of my separation from my husband and some financial difficulties, I have been able to put my two daughters through college. One daughter already has her degree and has recently married. My other daughter is still studying. I thank God for His help and assistance in these important matters.

The friend who had a “health issue,” due also to her enslavement to alcohol, is being cared for by our believing with her and by her response to come with her husband to our fellowships, thereby gaining an accurate knowledge of God’s liberating Word. My sister, with whom in the past my relationship was “weakened,” has now been reinforced by my stand and by her willingness to also come to fellowship. By the way, today she is also my assistant fellowship coordinator. My mom, who is eighty-four years of age, has brilliantly overcome a health issue and actively participates in our home fellowships as we strengthen ourselves in God’s Word, praying with believing.

In being thankful for God’s immense love, I have been able to abolish in my mind any sense of inferiority, fear, or insecurity which has in the past obstructed me from receiving the many blessings that God had in store for me. God doesn’t want us to accept any less than what He has promised to give us. Today I am righteous before Him, ready to claim His promises and the liberation available from whatever mental, physical, or spiritual bondage I may face.

Thankful for All of God’s Blessings

I give thanks to God for all His blessings that are so numerous that sometimes I cannot count them, but the important thing is to be grateful and to not forget the benefits that God has given us.

God has done great things in my life. I will never stop thanking Him again and again because since I confessed Jesus Christ as my lord and savior and believed that God raised him from the dead, I became a daughter of God, born again of His seed.

I have been in this ministry for over twenty-five years. After being witnessed to by a relative of the family, I took the Foundational Class in 1993, and immediately, I was won over by the simplicity and accuracy of the Word of God taught in this class. I humbly received this Word of God rightly divided, and I firmly believed this Word and the promises contained in this Word. The Foundational Class, which is a how-to class, taught me how to read God’s Word, how to believe to receive in manifestation the promises of God, and how to pray. Putting the Word into practice, along with prayer, has a great impact in a Christian’s life.

In my life, I had to face a lot of pressure, but with God as well as with His Word, we are always “more than conquerors”! I have many things to say about this, but I am only going to share with you two great events that happened in my life and from which God delivered me.

A few years ago, when I was still in Africa, I boarded a makeshift boat with my goods as part of my work. The boat was small, but the boatman loaded it beyond its capacity to make more money! Around 5:00 a.m. on the high sea (Atlantic Ocean), the boat capsized, and seventy-eight people died, drowned! Only four people survived this sinking, including me. God heard my prayer and preserved me because while the ship was breaking, I kept speaking in tongues, and I came out more than a conqueror.

The second event happened in 2015. I had a hard time because I was diagnosed with an incurable disease. The doctors told me that the healing was difficult and that I had to make a decision to follow a very heavy treatment and live, or do nothing and die. I talked about it with my family. I agreed to start the treatment, but I told the doctor that I was going to heal in the name of Jesus Christ. They started my treatment, and I stayed in the hospital for seven weeks. Then I went back home, and life went on, and today I’m healed. God healed me through Jesus Christ, who took away all our diseases.

I continue to stand firm on the Word of God taught by the ministry of The Way International, continuing to move forward to the return of Christ.

Filled with Joy and Thankfulness

Learning the Word was the delivering factor this ministry brought to my life.

I am filled with such joy and thankfulness when I reflect on that day, almost thirty-five years ago, when a believer spoke the Word to me, and I was introduced to The Way Ministry and invited to come to a home fellowship. That was my first victorious answer to prayer shortly after pouring out my heart to God to “show me the way”—the way of truth. This victorious answer to prayer has reverberated through my life with an impact. Since then, there was no looking back for me!

Standing over the years has taught me how effective prayer is in my personal life, and I learned the benefits of speaking in tongues. I was fully persuaded that what was taught was the truth of God’s Word rightly divided. That gave me great confidence—in overcoming fears and challenges in day-by-day living, knowing that I now have all things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him that has called me to glory and virtue.

Knowing that I have something so meaningful to give to others has also been my joy. I have been able to teach my children as I learned and marveled at the greatness of God’s Word and His love, and I have seen them grow to stand faithfully and to teach the Word to their children. They have the truth of God’s will to sustain and nourish them for the rest of their lives. As a mother, this brings me great rest.

Being able to help others through the power of prayer and believing to see answers come to pass has been a wonderful avenue for ministering to people I meet. It brings to mind one occasion of witnessing while on vacation. I received a prayer request while casually chatting and sharing the love of God’s Word. I did pray boldly with this person, who then in her joy went and called her friends to come to meet the “prayer warrior,” as they referred to me, to pray with them also. They sure bubbled with joy.

Receiving the Word and learning it has been the highlight of my life. Knowing God is my sufficiency in all of life’s situations, I continue to learn and live His Word more and more, seeing myself the way God sees me. I stay thankful to God through our Lord Jesus Christ, for His love, care, and protection I’ve seen over the years, and for learning how to apply His Word in day-by-day living. He has truly called us to the way of abundance and power.

Profoundly Thankful for The Way Ministry

I was born in 1957 after my mother was told she would have no more children (she earlier had two miscarriages). Later, in 1968, my father and I were in an automobile and struck by a fully loaded train, causing the car to flip over several times. We were miraculously unharmed, though the car was totally destroyed. In 1977, I completed my first Way Ministry Foundational Class and have since enjoyed learning and applying Biblical keys and principles as taught in the ministry’s series of Biblical classes. What I have learned has proven to be the mainstay for my successful navigation through life.

The Bible (God’s Word) clearly teaches that we have an adversary whose mission is simply to steal and to kill and to destroy; in absolute contrast, the Word further instructs that we can live a life that is more than abundant through Jesus Christ (John 10:10). Despite the fiery darts from our adversary, we can overcome and collectively dismantle the works of the adversary through the power of the holy spirit within. Having the ability to clearly discern God’s goodness from the evilness of the adversary causes me to be profoundly thankful for The Way Ministry, which has the heart to research and teach spiritual truths with unparalleled boldness and accuracy.

In this context, it would be wonderful to live a life absent any attacks after being born again, but as the saying goes, we are not promised a rose garden! I know this all too well as I was confronted with a dire health situation in 2014. With the inexhaustible prayers and help from my fellow Way believers, I can say, “The Word works!” And I’m LIVING proof.

I reflect on my life since birth and can clearly see God’s unbounded divine mercy and grace. The Way Ministry’s teachings, Biblical resources, and programs have given meaning to my life and have offered me a clear pathway to best demonstrate my thankfulness through serving the one true God as enabled by the wonderful works of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

If not for The Way International’s Board of Directors, their energized ministries, and their faithfulness to God and His household, my life would be adrift, absent a chart and compass to God’s heart and will for my life. For The Way International’s ministers, Staff, and faithful believers I offer my deepest prayers of thankfulness to God.

In closing, my wife and I are wholly committed to the Word, and we strive to serve God, as recorded in Ephesians 4:2-4:

With all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing one another in love;
Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling.