I Prayed; God Answered

God Meets Each and Every Need

I had decided to move to another state and share housing with a friend and colleague. My friend lived in the southeast part of the state, and we were going to partner and start a nonprofit venture to help meet a need in the community. Well, my friend owns a three-story house and lives on the top floor, which is a three-bedroom apartment. I was to stay temporarily in one of those bedrooms. So, I packed up all my belongings and headed there.

After a fourteen-hour drive, I arrived at my friend’s house, only to find that she had invited another colleague to occupy the bedroom I was to use. Not to worry, she had another bedroom on the first floor where her elderly mother lived. Okay fine. I unloaded my car and settled into the extra room. But before long, my friend’s siblings complained that she had an unrelated adult in the home with their mother, and they insisted no one else should live there outside of the family. So, I had to move. And, not only that, my friend received a promotion on her current job and decided not to leave, so we could not start the nonprofit organization. Well, there I was homeless and without a means of income. What was I to do? I was going to need some help.

I had been involved with The Way International Biblical research, teaching, and fellowship ministry for many years, and I had learned the keys to appropriating God’s promises from the Word I was taught. One of those keys is prayer, and it is written in James 5:16 that the “effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” So before I moved, I went to fellowship and prayed aloud for housing and work. When fellowship was over, the coordinator approached me and said there was an opening in her department at work if I was interested. Another disciple at the fellowship told me she knew of a private home where I could get immediate housing. “We could go see it tonight possibly,” she said. So we went to see the rental, and it was just what I needed, except it didn’t have a kitchen. I could use a hot plate. I could have a mini fridge. I could even have a dining set. But there was no kitchen. Still, I decided to take the apartment. The next day I called to schedule an interview for the job opportunity, met with the program director, and was hired.

I had prayed on a Tuesday evening and by the next Tuesday evening had both a place to live and a source of income, but I still had no kitchen. Yet, I was in for a surprise because when I reported for my first day on the new job, lo and behold, there was a kitchen on the premises with cooks who served hot meals for breakfast and lunch and a grocery with the usual staples, including fresh fruits and vegetables. I was just flabbergasted. How remarkable it is to see how God meets each and every need, in every way, every time, just like He promises in His Word.

Trust God and See It Come to Pass

I have had many open doors to serve others with confidence because of the Word of God I have learned. There was a wonderful married couple who were serving with my husband and me, whom we became very close with. This couple had been married for a good amount of time and expressed to us their desire to start a family sometime soon. We told them that we would keep them in our prayers and encouraged them to confess the positives of the Word and to keep believing to see it come to pass.

It was years later, and we once again were serving with this couple. They invited us to stay with them while my husband and I were visiting and teaching the believers in their area. During this visit the couple, who had now been married for fifteen years, once again told us that they were diligently believing to start a family. As they shared their hearts, I could tell that the wife had some fear and doubt about the situation. I then had the open door to share with them the truths of God’s Word about claiming God’s promises with confidence, and that if they wanted to see this come to pass, they needed to not look at the five senses but to trust entirely in God. The wife cried as the Word ministered to her heart, and I asked if I could pray for them. It was very clear to me what to pray for, and I did so knowing God would bless them and answer the desire of their hearts.

It was about two months later when the couple came for a visit and, with big smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes, told us that they were expecting a baby. Later they had a healthy baby boy. I was able to help them because of the Word I have been taught by way of this ministry and made my own. What a joy to walk in the steps of Jesus Christ, making an impact in people’s lives.