Humble Hearts Must Be Waiting for Us

One Saturday we went out to witness two by two. Door after door, family after family, of all those approached, no one had been available to receive us or even listen to us. We refused to let discouragement prevail. We truly believed since we had gone out that morning, it was because humble hearts must be waiting for us somewhere.

It was then that passing in front of a house, we saw a gentleman sitting on the veranda. As we approached with God’s love, he was eager to receive us and give us a seat, and he was ready to listen to us. After about twenty minutes of sharing with him about God’s goodness and grace, he was very amazed by God’s Word on display.

He told us that he had been waiting for this moment for nearly seven years. That for nearly seven years he thought that his sins were so numerous and so serious that he could not even venture to say the name of God. He had many times thought of going to confess to the priest, or even go to an exorcist priest, but in his mind the gravity of his sins prevented him from doing so. He had fled his village because of the sorcerers, leaving his wife and children, and could not return. He was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that God could not forgive him and his many grave sins.

After this, we further showed him from God’s Word about His grace and about being born again. On the spot, he confessed Romans 10:9 and 10. Big tears streamed down his face. He told us that while he was confessing Romans 10:9 and 10, he felt as if a great burden had fallen from his head. He said he was ready to follow us wherever we went. We continued to share the Word with him that evening.

To this day, he has become very faithful to fellowship in the home. He has already gone back to visit his village several times, and is preparing to bring his whole family back with him. What wonderful grace from God!