God Answered Our Prayers

Sharing the Word of God from house to house, my Way Ambassador partner and I were received by a man, a car mechanic by trade, who had just undergone surgery on both kidneys. We thus began a process of sharing the principles of believing and prayer with him, following his state of health day after day. Returning one day from a medical consultation, this man shared with us his concern on the recovery of these two wounds, one of which healed well, but the other on the right side was problematic and caused him a lot of pain and worry. We reassured him that God is the Healer, and said a word of prayer in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ.

Two days later, returning to visit him, we found in the house only his wife who, until then, was indifferent to us, but who that day begged us to wait for the return of her husband. Which we accepted. And some two minutes later, we saw the gentleman disembark from a motorcycle. I told the other Way Ambassador who was with me that something powerful had happened in the gentleman’s body because a two-kidney patient who was recovering from a surgery like his could not ride on a motorcycle.

Indeed, he himself confirmed that at his last medical examination, his doctor had just informed him that his two wounds were totally healed, that there was no longer any concern, and that he could resume his work as a mechanic as he saw fit. We praised God!

This miraculous healing of the man led his wife to open her heart to us by asking us to pray for her, because their only child was already almost ten years old and since then, she has not been able to conceive. She accepted our invitation to join her husband in our home fellowship meetings, and we also began to pray for her deliverance. God answered our prayers because the man and the woman are now graduates of the Foundational Class, and some time later, the woman gave birth to a beautiful baby.