God Is Not Limited

I grew up being taught God’s Word in The Way Ministry, which is a great blessing. One of the ways God has consistently blessed me as I applied truths I learned is by causing me to physically abound. When I look back on my life, I can see that even in times of financial hardship, God caused me to prosper.

When I was pursuing a higher education, money was very tight for me. I had chosen to go to school outside of the state I lived in, in order to attend a college that had Way Bible fellowships for me to attend. In the United States, there are often extra fees that come with attending college out of state. This was the case for me. Even with scholarships, I still had substantial expenses each year.

I knew from the Word taught to me that there is freedom and blessing in remaining debt-free; I always held fast to that. To pay for the school expenses I had that were not covered by scholarships or contributions from my family, I lived the Word I knew regarding my finances. I prayed and cast my cares to God, I worked heartily at multiple jobs, I abundantly shared, I faithfully participated in fellowship, and I lived within my means, not buying anything I did not need. All the money I had after abundantly sharing I used to pay for school.

From a five-senses perspective I was not materially prospering because I had so little money—just barely enough to meet my need with no extra. But, God is not limited. Because of the truths I learned in Way Bible fellowships and classes, I lived a very prosperous lifestyle even during the most financially difficult time of my life. God poured out blessings day after day.

As I was finishing my first year of college, I applied for and aggressively believed to receive a second job on campus for the coming year. The job I was applying for included room and board in its compensation; on my application I was allowed to list three preferences for residential buildings on campus I would like to live and work in. Though the school was about to open two brand new residence halls, I selected three older buildings that I would be blessed to work in. I knew any of the buildings would meet my need, and I figured a lot of people were probably asking for the brand-new buildings. I knew that I would just be thankful to have my need met.

Well, God not only blessed me with the job; He went above and beyond what I had asked or thought! I ended up living in the newest, nicest residence hall on campus, rent-free. I had my own room, my own bathroom, brand-new furniture, and two closets! I was the first person to ever live in my room.

I also received a meal plan for use on campus. My meal plan allowed me to spend much more on food than I would have otherwise. I was able to eat at name-brand restaurant chains on campus, shop at our small campus grocery store, and even purchase treats like coffee and frozen yogurt at no personal cost.

In addition to having great food and a great place to live, I was also able to do many extracurricular activities for free as a student. I took free dance lessons for three years with a student organization. I watched movies for free in the theater at the student union. There were lots of free festivals and fairs to attend throughout the year. Truly, life was rich and abundant!

Through it all I was taking college classes that I loved and growing my field of study. At the end of my time at school, I received an accredited degree in my field, and I had no debt at all. Today I get to use what I learned in my field of study to move the Word over the world!

I know it was God and faithfulness to His Word which caused this prosperity. God provided me with everything I needed and more. He made my college years wonderful and victorious. As God met my physical needs, I remained free to focus on growing spiritually.

College is where I first coordinated a fellowship, where I grew in my ability to reach out to people and care for them according to God’s Word, and where I made decisions to pursue higher levels of service in the ministry. As God prospered me physically, I grew mentally and spiritually too. How thankful I am for the Word I’ve been taught. And how thankful I am for the ministry that has made these truths so plain. It is my joy and privilege to continue living God’s matchless Word!

God Promises Protection

The greatness of God’s Word that I have learned has taught me that when I abundantly share of my time, talents, and finances, I can claim God’s promise that He will rebuke the devourer for my sake.

Our family was excited to be going to New York City for our vacation. We had our schedule to visit some of the special sights like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Coney Island, NBC Studios, Central Park, and the American Museum of Natural History.

It was our first day in the city, and we started our time there by walking in Central Park and then spent the rest of the day in the Museum of Natural History. We were all tired from walking all day, so we decided to head home. We arrived at the train station, which was packed with commuters, bought our train tickets, and boarded our cool and comfortable train.

For this vacation, I was given the responsibility of carrying our trip necessities—the schedule, tickets, cash, credit cards, cell phone, and GPS. I had them in a bag I carried. When we boarded the train, my youngest son sat next to me and, being very tired, placed his head on my lap to rest before our departure. In the meantime, I placed the bag next to him on the seat so it would not be in his way.

After sitting there for a few minutes, my husband realized that we were on the wrong train and needed to get off immediately. We grabbed our tickets, the children, and our belongings and rushed off the train and up to the main concourse to check the monitors to find the right train. While looking at the monitor, my mouth dropped open and I said, “Oh no!” I realized that I did not have my bag. I had left it on the seat of the nonstop train heading for Trenton, New Jersey.

My husband and I left the children with my mother-in-law and ran as fast as we could down to the train platform that we had just left. I arrived at the train door just as it slowly closed right in front of me. I looked through the glass window on the door, and standing there was a man holding my bag, mouthing the words, “Is this yours?” I said, “Yes!” as the train started to leave the station. I started to cry, realizing I had just lost our entire vacation plan and finances.

A conductor from a previous train saw me and asked my husband and me what had happened. After we told him the details, he took us directly to the train station service office. My husband and I told the staff what had happened, and they immediately started to go to work to get my bag back. They told us they were working on it and to come back in an hour.

We stepped out of that office and found a quiet place to pray. We thanked God for covering the mistake and for us to regain our belongings without even one nickel missing from our things. I had to make sure I was not condemning myself for leaving the bag, and we both spoke the positives of God’s Word to one another. We reminded each other that we are faithful to abundantly share and because we do, God promises protection for our lives and belongings.

We went back to the train station service office and while there, the man who had my bag used my cell phone to call the first number listed in my phone, which was for our roommate. She immediately called us on my husband’s phone telling us that the man who had my bag wants to arrange how he can return it. At that point the train station service staff talked to him and told him to give it to the train conductor. He did so, but we were told that the current train conductor was not coming back to the city, so he was going to give the bag to the new train conductor. That conductor was asked to bring it back with him when he returned to the city from New Jersey, which was later that same evening.

The bag ended up being passed off to at least four people, total strangers, from Penn Station in New York City to Trenton, New Jersey, and back. Needless to say, the bag and all of its contents were returned to us without even a nickel missing. We thanked the man profusely that found it and told him we knew God would bless him abundantly for helping us. All along the way, from the man who found the bag and our roommate to the train station service staff and the train conductors, we saw God’s mighty hand working in this situation to bless us and protect our vacation and belongings! We’re so thankful for the power of the Word we can claim in every situation.

A Spiritual Principle That Absolutely Works

The Way Ministry taught me how to claim God’s prosperity through the principle of tithing. I remember vividly a time when I put this principle to the test. After college I decided to go to law school. Law school was a very expensive endeavor, and I did not want to go into debt. I knew that I wanted to help people as an attorney, and graduating law school debt-free would give me the freedom to take any job and go anywhere to best help others.

So, I took a year and worked at a law firm to save money, I made changes to my spending habits and living expenses, I applied for every scholarship I could find, and I faithfully tithed. By the time I entered law school, I did not have all of my tuition together. But, I continued to apply for scholarships, and I trusted that God would come through with the rest of what I needed.

At the end of my first year of school, I remember sitting on my bed, looking at the invoice for the next semester’s tuition fees. I did not have the money. I had less than a month to come up with the money, or I would need to withdraw from law school. I knew that it was not God’s will for me to withdraw from school, because He had opened so many doors for me to get as far as I had. As I sat on my bed, I told God that I believed in Him. I was doing everything that I knew to do to raise the money; the rest was going to come from Him. In that moment, I decided to increase my abundant sharing. I had been taught in this ministry that tithing and abundant sharing is our recognition that God is the Source of our supply. It is our acknowledgement that He is our sufficiency. From a five-senses point of view, it seemed counterintuitive to part with the very thing that I was asking God to supply me with—money. But, spiritual verities do not always line up with senses knowledge.

Within a few weeks, a family member who did not know of my financial situation told me that it was recently on his heart to help me with my law school tuition. He asked me how much I needed to finish my education. I was embarrassed to tell him the full amount, because it was such a large sum. But, I told him anyway. He paused and thought for a few seconds and then he said, “I think I can do that.” And just like that, I went from having no options to having my need completely met. God worked in another person to bring to pass my prosperity.

I am often amazed by the abundance that I have experienced in my life because I have faithfully applied the principle of tithing. While it may not be logical by the five senses, it is a spiritual principle that absolutely works. It is the accurate knowledge of spiritual principles that causes a man or woman to claim the more than abundant life. And I am thankful that this ministry continues to teach that it is the Word, the Word, and nothing but the Word!

The Tithe Still Provides

Life Is More Fulfilling!

God has always provided for our family since we decided to believe and implement the principle of abundantly sharing and the keys to financial liberty that The Way Ministry teaches from God’s Word. This last year, our family has had the opportunity to believe God in a bigger way in the financial realm than ever before.

It was becoming more and more evident that our family needed a parent to be home more often. Two parents working full time was adding extra pressure, to say the least. Our special-needs son and other two children were beginning to have needs that we were not able to meet. We could see that it was best for our children for me (Mom) to quit working and stay home, but financially it was going to cut our income in half and seemed impossible at first! We kept discussing and praying. The answer became quite evident that it would be the best spiritually, so we all got like-minded and decided to claim God’s promises of abundance and stay focused on Psalms 37:3-5:

Trust in the Lord, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.
Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

When the timing became evidently right, I quit my job!

Since then, more avenues of help for our special-needs son have opened up, and he has improved tremendously. ALL of our children have improved and flourished in their spiritual growth, academics, and extracurricular activities that they were not able to do before. There is so much less pressure on the family in general, making for a more peaceful home. We are now able to focus more on our heart’s desire of giving by way of being assistant fellowship coordinators.

Every time money got tight, we continued to claim God’s promises of abundance and we continued to practice the principle of tithing and abundant sharing. And guess what. The solution was always there just in time. God is never late! Incoming bills were drastically reduced for no “apparent” reason, and money came unexpectedly from refunds and discounts from the most incredible sources, way beyond what our physical senses could imagine. Dad got more side jobs, which pay more but require less work. I now get paid money to provide services for our special-needs son that would have been paid to someone else to care for him. Dad got a huge raise “just because.” We have continued to live debt-free! Not only that—we were able to save money to go on vacation to the Power of Prayer Camp at Camp Gunnison, buy a better vehicle for Dad, AND a vehicle for one of the boys. Now, a year later, we are making just a little less than the amount of income we made before; but I am still at home and the family is still enjoying that benefit with more abundance and life is more fulfilling. God is AWESOME!

I Decided to Trust God and Tithe

I had just gone through a rough divorce and had moved into a home I really couldn’t afford. I kept my heat at sixty degrees and kept the lights off as much as possible to save money. I had a full-time job, plus I worked side jobs to try to pay the bills. I was also paying child support and really struggling. I would get my son on weekends, and sometimes we would go to the grocery store and eat sample food just so I could feed him. I was going to a local church, and I would pray to God for a way out and to meet a new lady friend to keep me company.

In December 1998, I was introduced to my now wonderful wife by a guy I knew at work. He and his wife were friends with her, and they were in The Way Ministry. We met up that year at my company’s Christmas party. After the party, we met at his house, and I was witnessed to. Soon after, I attended my first fellowship.

I learned about tithing and took the Foundational Class. I didn’t have enough money to pay my bills, much less give 10 percent to God. With encouragement from fellow believers and the truths from Malachi 3:10, I decided to trust God and tithe. Not long after I started to tithe, I was not only enjoying my now wife’s company, but I sold my house in an upside-down market that no one walking by their five senses thought I would make any money in. I made enough money to not only pay off my mortgage but also my Jeep. I moved into an apartment close to work, which saved me gas money, and it only cost about half of my previous mortgage payment. I continued going to fellowship and taking all the classes, and I attended the Advanced Class in 2000. After all that, I was out of debt, and I married my wonderful wife in 2002. My wife is my best friend, and we continue to go to fellowship together. We have three boys; the youngest is in high school and doing quite well.

I thank the ministry for teaching me how to believe and apply God’s matchless Word in every situation in life.

God Caused Me to Prosper and Be in Health

In 2008, I moved to a different province in my country because I was looking for a better job. When I arrived in my new city, I was fifty thousand dollars in debt and without a friend in the city. I had driven almost two thousand kilometers to get there, and my first night I spent sleeping in my car. The next day, I bought a newspaper and diligently searched for a place to live and for a job. I made many phone calls, submitted many applications, and finally after six weeks, I got a job working as a shuttle driver for a hotel close to the airport. When I got my first check, I decided that I was going to prove God by tithing.

For the next three months, it seemed that nothing had changed, but in reality it had. I noticed that I always had money in my pocket—money for gas, for groceries, for a cup of coffee, and even money left over. This had never happened before. While I was working my shuttle job, I got another part-time job, which enabled me to start paying off my debt and to be able to give more. Eventually, I was offered a job as a maintenance worker at a work camp in the northern part of the province. It required that I be away from home more often, but it had a much higher salary. I was reminded of Philippians 4:19: “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” This verse does not say “some of your need” but “all your need.” I thank God that His supply met my need. My need was to get out of debt so that I could take the Advanced Class and have more opportunities of service available to me.

When we put God first, it will always work for us. I believed Philippians 4:19, and because I was tithing and abundantly sharing, I not only had my physical need met but my spiritual and mental needs as well, because I had great peace in my heart. Within three years of coming to my new city, I paid off my fifty thousand dollar debt and began to work on paying off my mortgage, which was accomplished in January of 2017. Throughout all this, the faithfulness of God caused me to prosper and be in health.

In February of 2017, I took a trip to my home country with a goal to sell some properties. This had been a constant source of conflict for my sister, who was taking care of one property for me. I completely signed over this property to her and did the same with another one in a nearby country. These types of transactions can be very complicated in that part of the world, but things went very smoothly, and I no longer need to deal with the complications of owning them.

When I returned from this trip, I became quite ill. I had no idea what was wrong, and neither did my doctors. After many tests and medications, I was still sick. But because God is faithful to His Word, He supplied my need as I was doing my best to do His Word. God’s timing was perfect. About two months after I became ill, I received a copy of “Our Father’s Healing.” This was exactly what I needed to help me endure through this challenge, as I was reminded of many places in God’s Word that document God’s willingness to heal. I read this document over and over again, looked up the scriptures listed, and God supplied my need and I was healed.

In all these challenges, I was thankful for the Word I have learned in The Way Ministry. As we are faithful to do the Word, God will abundantly manifest His faithfulness to fulfil His promises.

God Worked Mightily in My Career

I’m thankful to God for this great opportunity I have to share my heart on one of the great principles in the Word of God that I have learned since I got in this ministry and took the foundational class on Power for Abundant Living for the first time in February 1986. That law is about giving and receiving in the category of tithing and abundant sharing. I have proved the hand of God in many categories of my life. Today, I would like to share on how God blessed me in my professional progress, or ascent, as I practiced this principle.

Our Branch coordinator, while he was teaching on Luke 6:38, put a great emphasis on the measure that shall be measured to us as we give. So I made up my mind to give a great measure when I abundantly share. And since I’ve learned this great law of giving and receiving, I’ve decided to practice this law faithfully in spite of the mental pressures or the financial pressures I had in my life. Once I got my salary or a gift, the first thing I did was just to put aside my ten percent tithe. Then I also put aside my abundant sharing for all the household fellowship meetings of the month and plurality for the different needs of the household.

As a result, three times I was promoted in my career with God’s assistance. The first time, I was commissioned as an assistant head of department for six months, and before the end of the six-month term, our head of the department was sent on a temporary assignment, the position was vacant, and in a four-month period I was promoted from chief clerk to head of the department. I stepped up two ranks. I was always faithful in the application of the law of giving.

Once again God worked mightily in my career or profession when I was promoted as an assistant manager. I was doing temp work while the position of manager was vacant. Five of us who were chief clerks were expecting to be appointed as a manager. Three months later, the board of directors and the senior officers decided to change my position. As a result, I was commissioned as the assistant manager. Usually, whenever someone is commissioned as a manager or a member of the senior management, the board of directors has to make that decision and then send the decision to the administrative supervision for approval. This procedure takes time, and as far as I was concerned, God’s hand was on me. I was acting as an assistant manager for five months, and at the same time the board of directors was changed. The end result was that I was confirmed as the assistant manager. I kept tithing and abundantly sharing faithfully and giving pluralities.

At that time, it was not possible for me to become a manager since the manager was still there and the only way for me to become the manager was to wait until he retired. Because of the financial crisis that many companies or enterprises were facing, it was no longer easy to send people on retirement. As far as I was concerned, I was content with my position as assistant manager, simply because the full manager was still around. Once again, for the third time, God found a way out for me. My manager asked to be put temporarily under the care of Human Resources and wait for his retirement. The result was that I became the manager of Human Resources.

I would like to point out that I got promoted during the period of time when I was not paid regularly. We went through tough times; but whenever I got paid, I kept tithing, sharing abundantly, and giving pluralities. And God did not forsake me. In times of trouble, II Corinthians 9:8 always came in my mind: “And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work.”

So, I am confirming that whenever we faithfully practice in our lives this great law of giving and receiving, we will profit.

The Tithe Works

I grew up being a part of this ministry and learned the meaning of and how to operate the principles of tithing and abundantly sharing at an early age. It started when I put a coin into the horn of plenty at Children’s Fellowship. It continued as I earned money shoveling snow, mowing lawns, catching chickens, and receiving an allowance.

I remember a time when my mother and I were taking the Advanced Class. It was the night the abundant sharing was made available. As we were driving to class, Mom told me to look in her purse and see what was available to give. She only had a five-dollar bill. We looked at each other, and Mom said that I should put it in the horn of plenty that night. “But Mom,” I said, “that is all you have!” “That’s okay, God will provide.” I took the five-dollar bill, put it in my pocket, and later that evening I put it in the horn of plenty. When we got to the car, Mom reached into her purse to get the car keys, and laying on the keys was a twenty-dollar bill! God provided.

Years later I was teaching fellowship on the tithe and abundant sharing when the phone rang. Usually we just let it ring, but that night I told my wife to answer the phone. It was her father telling her that he was sending her $500 as part of an inheritance. I had just told the fellowship that rent was due and that God would provide our need. When she returned, I asked about the phone call. She said, “It was my dad. He is sending us $500 and we should get it tomorrow.” The fellowship went silent. It was enough to meet our need for rent. God provided and was not late!

While we were in the in-residence Way Corps training, we lost several of our sponsors. Tuition was due, and it was slow coming in. We got a check from one of our larger contributors and were very thankful. Later that night I got a call from the same individual. He asked how tuition was going. I told him we needed more and we knew God would provide. I did not tell him how much we needed. A couple of days later we received a holiday card from this same individual. I opened the card and a piece of paper fell out. It was a check equal to the amount we needed for tuition. Once again, God provided and was not late.

After completing our in-residence training, we had a field assignment. We moved to our new area and rented a home. I began looking for full-time work but picked up odd jobs to begin bringing in money. It came time for our next rent payment, but we did not have the money for rent. I was out working and my wife was at home. There was a knock on the door. It was the landlord. My wife thought maybe she was coming to pick up the rent. Instead, the landlord wanted to talk. A contractor had begun a job, collected his money, and then left the job half done. The landlord was frantic because she had already committed the rental property to another individual and they were moving in, in just a few days. My wife asked her about the work to be done and said that I could do that work. The landlord lit up and asked if I would stop by the location later that day. When I got home, my wife told me about the work and I went to see it. Yes, I could do the work, and I could start the next day. The landlord then asked if I could do her a favor and consider the work as payment for our next month’s rent. I said yes. Once again, God provided and was not late.

I can go on and on with incidents of how our loving heavenly Father provided our need as we faithfully practiced the truths taught by our wonderful ministry. Here is one such truth from Christians Should Be Prosperous: “…the tithe is a minimum external manifestation of an internal spiritual recognition that God is our basic source of supply and prosperity.”

My wife and I have faithfully tithed for over fifty years, and our need has always been met. I am so very thankful for having learned this truth from this ministry as a youth.

I Noticed a Wonderful Change in My Life

Before I came to The Way Ministry, I wanted to know more about the payment of the tithe because I considered this practice as a means for pastors to make money. Using the teachings from the booklet entitled Christians Should Be Prosperous, the believer who witnessed to me convinced me that the payment of the tithe is a principle established by God for the prosperity of His people.

After I attended the Foundational Class in The Way Ministry in 1994, I made a freewill decision to discipline myself in the application of the principle of the payment of the tithe. I started doing it faithfully. And soon, I noticed a wonderful change in my life. I was no longer frequently sick as I used to be. Since then I have lived a healthy life that still amazes my relatives and friends.

Isaiah 40:31:
But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

This spectacular blessing caused my wife to join me in The Way Ministry in 1995. Since then we have faithfully worshipped and served together in The Way. Moreover, the yearly medical evaluation performed by our office insurance company revealed that my family was the only one that turned in fewer health insurance assistance requests from 2009 to 2017. That was concrete proof for me that the tithe always provides.

My first and foremost professional concern is to do my best, no matter what the circumstances are. By God’s grace and with the help of the teachings I received in The Way Ministry, I was always appreciated by my supervisors, and I moved from promotion to promotion until I retired in June 2017, despite the different forms of adversity, jealousy, and envy I faced at work.

As a good volleyball player, I played for the national team before joining a local one as a trainer and a player. It was common practice among team leaders to seek mystical assistance for victory, but I convinced my team members to rely on prayers to God for victory. I taught them how to pray, and I personally spoke abundantly in tongues before, during, and after the games.

At the time of a major volleyball tournament, the leaders of our major opponent team, fearing my outstanding performance, came to beg me to find an excuse not to play that game, in order to allow them to win. They confessed to me that they went to consult a fetishist and asked him to use his mystical power to prevent me from playing well. The fetishist failed to do so because, for some reason they could not explain, my image was the only one that did not appear in the water the man was using to “tie up,” as they said, the players of my team. This was a tremendous blessing for me as I once again experienced the reality of the power of God as taught to me in I John 4:4: “…greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

When God’s accurate Word is learned and applied with belief, it produces powerful results.

We Can’t Imagine Living without Giving

I obtained financial blessings because of what God has done for me through the Word of God I have learned in The Way Ministry.

“It was my money, and I wasn’t going to share or give it to anyone.” This was the basic attitude I had prior to the teachings I learned through The Way Ministry. When any type of expense was encountered while I was with a group, I insisted that all receipts were kept, and the cost be split up evenly to the penny or that each individual pay on his own with separate checks. When it came to the tithe or giving anything beyond the tithe, I refused to do it. I didn’t trust any organization and especially any church with my money. Even when it came to registering for the ministry’s Foundational Class I refused to give any more to the ministry than the $100 I paid for the class materials. I didn’t classify myself as greedy in that I wasn’t concerned about becoming very rich. In general, my financial needs were being met as I went through college, working part-time and without debt. However, I mistrusted all churches and all worldly good causes.

Although I’d heard teachings on the benefits of giving through The Way Ministry, I didn’t start doing it till I got married. Up until that time I’d believed the other principles taught from the Bible by The Way Ministry on keys to financial prosperity, which included living within my means and working heartily. I kept records of my income and expenses faithfully to the penny, balancing my accounts and budgeting. I enjoyed working my secular job and while on the job worked heartily. When I got married, my wife exhorted me to give of our abundance and said that we’d be richer for it. She encouraged me to renew my mind to giving as I’d renewed my mind to many other categories in the Bible.

We started giving 10 percent from the first day of our marriage. Since then we’ve never given any less and now give far more financially and in other ways. We’ve seen numerous blessings from God in the financial realm. This has included getting several jobs in miraculous ways, and seeing our money somehow get stretched so that all bills and expenses were covered when by our reasoning it didn’t seem possible. We got amazed when God helped us get out of a $56,000 mortgage debt in a few months, and since then we’ve been debt-free. We’ve helped five children through college without debt. We remembered when we first heard the teaching by the ministry on keys to financial liberty, laughing, thinking that we’d never be able to get there on my income, but here we are about fifteen years later able to retire any time we’d like. Our health has been amazingly good. We’ve owned several homes over the years and without debt. In addition, we’ve been able to take care of both our elderly mothers.

We’ve seen so many blessings as a result of our giving and trust in God that now we give far beyond the tithe. We can’t imagine living without giving. We are so thankful for what we’ve been taught from the Bible by The Way Ministry.

Our Almighty God Sees and Provides

My family was introduced to The Way Ministry when I was six years old while we were living in the Philippines. Even though we were thousands of miles away from the ministry’s Headquarters, we received timely teachings in our household fellowship as well as through Biblical research classes, Sunday Teaching Service tapes, The Way Magazine, and the Word in music by the Way Productions songs. Growing up in the Word in The Way Ministry, I have learned and proved the simplicity and accuracy of God’s Word in every aspect of my life. With the abundance of God’s Word through our ministry resources, life in the midst of challenges and hardships can be lived with peace, joy, and victory. For that I am very grateful.

One of the many Biblical principles that my parents taught us from a young age was to put God first by tithing and abundantly sharing. Through different life situations, I have believed and received positive results claiming God’s promise in Malachi 3:10 and 11:

Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.
And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the Lord of hosts.

During my freshman year in college, I had an unexpected and urgent surgery on the final-examination week of the semester. At first, I was concerned that I might have to repeat the entire semester all over again because of this surgery. I asked my doctor if this surgery could be rescheduled after my final exams. He chuckled and informed me that my request was not possible as this situation was critical. My mom and I prayed and believed together about the situation. Remembering and believing this specific promise in Malachi throughout the situation also kept me peaceful and fearless. After the surgery, with some precautions, I was able to go back to school and took the necessary requirements to complete the semester. The financial obligations for the surgery were taken care of, and I successfully completed that semester. I was also able to finish my degree and graduate in a timely manner.

As believing believers, we can keep a peaceful, joyful, and victorious life in any situation as we put God first and magnify His Word in our hearts above the challenges. Our Almighty God sees and provides for our every need, and He will rebuke the devourer for our sakes.