I’d Never Been Healed Quite Like That

The clarity of God’s Word that The Way International teaches concerning raising children has blessed many parents, including my husband and me. Our two children, who are adults now, are aware of the profit of their upbringing. They have, at one time or another, in a card to us or in a paper they wrote, quoted Proverbs 22:6: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” On a certain day when our children were somewhere between the ages of five and seven, I benefited greatly from what we had taught them about our wonderful God.

On that day, I became quite ill. I grew nauseous, and then became increasingly dizzy. I went to our bathroom and was on the floor ready to throw up and was very concerned that I would pass out. I was especially concerned for our children, as there was no adult with me, and the kids were outside playing. What would they do if I passed out? I remember thinking that one of the children would need to come in and pray for me. It seemed like I was about to pass out and throw up at the same time when I noticed that one of the kids had come inside and was standing outside the bathroom door looking at me. I said, “I’m about to throw up. Pray for me.” I was thinking that he would somehow pray that I would survive the experience, for I was surely going to vomit. I could already feel it bubbling up from my stomach. He prayed, “Thank you, God, that Mom doesn’t throw up.” He then turned right around and went back outside to play. I had never been healed quite like that before. As soon as he finished the prayer, the stuff inside of me immediately reversed course and settled back to my stomach. Then, one at a time, every negative symptom peeled off me in such a distinct manner, and I was better, as if it had never happened.

I don’t think our son was standing there for more than fifteen seconds, and I never talked with him about the incident. More than twenty years later, I was recounting the incident with a few people, including our son. He looked at me after I was done, and to my surprise said, “I remember that.”

When I Could Not See a Way, God Made a Way

I have learned the power of prayer and believing during my time in the ministry, and on various occasions seen the impact that they can have. One such occasion involved an event at my job.

After serving as a career officer in my country’s defense force for a number of years and reaching a senior level in the organization, I was approaching the age of retirement at that rank. I was looking forward to starting a new career as a civilian in the maritime sector, but I would have really liked to continue in the career that I had so much enjoyed over the years. My continuing, however, could occur only if I was elevated in rank; but this was not possible since there were no vacant positions in the organizational structure.

Although I had the desire to continue in my career, I could only see this occurring if a position became vacant at a higher level within the organization. This certainly was not my desire since the people occupying those positions were not yet at the point of their retirement and were not interested in leaving the organization. I had no intention of continuing at someone’s expense. In fact, I had a very close relationship with the people who occupied those positions, so this was certainly out of the question.

After some consideration, my wife and I decided to take believing action by daily going to God in prayer and asking that He make a way for me to continue. Within weeks of our taking this action, I was called to the office of the head of the defense force and informed of a decision that our government had made to establish a new aviation organization for the defense force. This organization would have the same status as the other three organizations that comprised the defense force at that time. I was also informed that even though I had no aviation experience, I had been chosen to plan, develop, establish, and head this new organization because of other skills that were identified as essential to the success of this project. Furthermore, being selected for this position meant that I would be promoted to a higher rank, giving me the opportunity to continue in my career.

I was surprised by this development. God answered my prayer in a way that I never even envisioned. When I could not see a way, God made a way. Today the organization is well established and is the preferred choice of many who wish to serve our country. God answers prayer in ways that we often cannot begin to contemplate when we go to Him with believing.

The Power of Praying in the Name of Jesus Christ

My brother, another believer, and I were in a car together on an overpass sitting at a stoplight. The rain was pouring down so hard, we could not see anything. We even sat through a light because we could not see. I looked at my brother and said, “This rain is not of God. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command this rain to stop!” The very instant I said stop, the rain ceased completely. The look in my brother’s eyes was unmistakable amazement, and he said, “HOW DID YOU DO THAT?” I began witnessing about the name of Jesus Christ and the power we have when we pray.

The believer, in the backseat of the car, had come over earlier that evening before my brother met us. She had a broken pinkie finger that she accidently slammed in the car door. That finger was definitely not straight. I prayed for her in the name of Jesus Christ. She showed my brother that her pinkie finger was totally straight and healed because we prayed for healing in the name of Jesus Christ. This open door of deliverance led to our helping my brother get born again and leading him into speaking in tongues later that evening.

“God Can Heal It!”

I had been waiting six weeks to get the cast off. My two oldest sons were a few steps up on the stairs looking at me earnestly.

“Can we play with you now, Dad?”

“OK, I guess, but we need to take it easy.”

When the cast was cut off, the doctor had said it wasn’t quite healed and that I should not be horsing around. But my kids loved to play bull riding. I had bucked my oldest off my back six weeks earlier and he had landed heavily on my hand, making a break on my left thumb above the upper knuckle. I even got a cool glow-in-the-dark cast so I could thrill my kids after the lights went out at bedtime. Now it was off and my oldest perched gleefully on my back, ready to get bucked off as usual. A few bucks and a turn move, and yep, he came right off…onto my same thumb! I felt it crack; I had broken the bone once again.

I was on all fours on the floor with my head tucked down, holding my left hand underneath me, when my children chirped in.

“Dad! God can heal it!”

They looked at me with those beautiful faces full of believing.

“Well, why not?” I thought. I had ministered healing to many folks over the years and seen a few miraculous, instantaneous healings. But for myself? Not yet.

“OK, I’ll pray,” I said.

They closed their eyes, whispering in tongues with their lips moving like kids do at that age. Wow, pure-hearted believing. Still bundled up on all fours on the floor, I tucked my head back down and began to pray out loud.

“Father, thank you in the name of Jesus Christ….”

The bones went back together before I finished the first sentence; I was instantly healed.

In this ministry of The Way, I learned the foundation of my power of attorney using the name of Jesus Christ. And, I have been able to experience the pure-hearted believing of children.

God Shall Supply

I’ve had countless victories thanks to the truth of God’s Word I have learned in The Way Ministry. One such victory occurred on the Way Disciple field. We were working locally during our tenure, and due to various circumstances, we were going to have a deficit in our budget for the upcoming month. We were practicing the principles from the Word that we were taught. For example, we were working heartily at our jobs, faithfully abundantly sharing, and staying on the give.

One night, the members of my household and I sat down to look at our budget in order to get clear and concerned on how much exactly we would need the upcoming month. We ran the numbers and figured out that we needed an additional four hundred dollars in our bank account to cover our needs for the next month. We then prayed together as a household for this need to be met, and we claimed Philippians 4:19, “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” We didn’t know how God would supply our need, but prayed claiming the promise that He would.

That same night we got a knock on our door. It was someone we witnessed to who had attended a few fellowships. Usually we would have had fellowship that night, but we needed to cancel due to a snowstorm in the area. This certain believer didn’t get the message since his phone died earlier that day. We welcomed him in and had a prayer and believers’ meeting.

Before he left, he told us that God was working in his heart all day to bring us something. He doubted it at first because he didn’t think we had any lack, but by the end of the day he was convinced of what God was showing him. He was thankful for the work we were doing as Way Disciples in his town. He handed us four hundred dollars in cash. We thanked him and praised God that night!

I have seen over the years that as we faithfully believe, God always comes through on His Word. I trust and believe, then rest assured that my heavenly Father will come through as He always has before.

This ministry has taught me how to know God’s will for my life. I have learned how to pray according to the promises of God and believe to live a life of abundance and power.