Staying Our Minds on the Word Taught by Choosing to Pray

God So Lovingly Led Me to the Solution

I am a blessed daughter of God and remain thankful to Him for the accuracy and integrity of His Word that I have learned, utilizing our ministry’s resources for forty plus years. I have seen and continue to see the Scriptures come alive as I apply them in my daily routine. One of my favorite verses, which encourages me to be still and rely upon my heavenly Father, is Isaiah 26:3: “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.”

I will share a powerful incident that occurred as I applied this verse in my home. I was by myself, washing dishes in the kitchen, and I placed my diamond wedding ring on the windowsill then stepped away. After a few chores, I returned and my ring was gone! I then realized that the only possibility was that our pet cat must have seen the glistening stone and batted it somewhere near the sink. I prayed that God would protect my ring and that I would find it in the powerful name of Jesus Christ. My husband and I checked all over the kitchen and other rooms to no avail. I admit I allowed frustration and discouragement to tempt me over several weeks; and I had turned over furniture and looked everywhere EXCEPT the one place God wanted me to check. One morning I was praying perfectly—which is speaking in tongues—in my home, then had a thought to read the chapter called “How to Avoid Being a Failure” from our Volume I collateral, The Bible Tells Me So, where it depicts the woman in Luke 15 who had lost one piece of precious silver that was a gift from her husband and “doth not light a candle, and sweep the house, and seek diligently till she find it?” So I was reading aloud and got my broom and began to sweep, as God directed me, to the dining room area, where I stopped sweeping right near an air vent. I gently pulled off the top of this vent, and my diamond wedding ring was right there on the inside edge. Praise and glory be to God that He had reserved it there for me! Once I decided to pray perfectly and stay my mind on Him without distraction, God so lovingly led me to the solution. How wonderful it is to trust and obey our heavenly Father, taking one day at a time!

God’s Deliverance in Action

I was helping a Way Ministry class graduate who needed to move her furniture across town. We had the moving trailer out in front of the house, but big black clouds were on the horizon, and it looked like a big rainstorm would be coming our way very soon.

It was shortly after I had taken the Advanced Class, so I was inspired to act on what had been taught. I got our group together, who were helping with the move, and prayed to God for the clouds to part so the Way believer’s furniture would not be ruined by rain.

The clouds parted and went by the area where we were, so there was no rain during the move and we were all blessed! It was a huge blessing to her and us to see God’s deliverance in action.