God Had Us in the Right Place at the Right Time

My Way Ambassador teammate and I decided to go to a store in an area that we hadn’t been to before. Before we went in, we prayed that we would find someone that day who truly wanted the Word. We walked around the store for a while and spoke to a few people, but nothing really panned out, so we got ready to leave. As we were leaving, we decided to go through the self-checkout lane which we don’t normally do. We both were wearing our Triumph in Christ hoodies from the Bookstore and the attendant working the self-checkout noticed them. He asked us what church we were a part of, and I started to explain the Way Ambassador program to him. He then proceeded to say, “That’s how I got into the Word in the 1980s! There was this group of people who moved to my city for a year to run home Bible fellowships, and they witnessed to me.” I asked him the name of the ministry and he said, “The Way International!” We were all shocked! He had been witnessed to by WOW Ambassadors and had been a part of the ministry for many years.

My teammate and I were able to have a great conversation with this man and tell him all about the movement in our ministry today. He was excited to hear about all we’re doing, and he especially loved hearing about the Young Adult Rock, because he had attended the Rock of Ages! He was so blessed to have found people who knew the accuracy of the Word again, and we shared with him that there are no coincidences with God! It was amazing that God had us in the right place at the right time to bless this man. We were so excited! That incident built our believing high and we went on to have even more successful outreach that day. Every time we visited him, he was happy to see us and to be able to speak the rightly divided Word with believers.

To me, this incident encapsulated the second pillar of the program, reaching out to others. My teammate and I were like-minded on what we wanted to accomplish that day, and with our united believing, God was able to go to work! This interaction helped set the tone for outreach for our team because everyone was excited by it. It also helped me to see the importance of not limiting my believing. I never imagined I’d run into someone who used to be in the ministry during my time as a Way Ambassador, but again, God had us in the right place at the right time.

One of the points under reaching out to others is “Way Ambassadors lovingly express God’s goodness and love.” I learned that outreach isn’t just getting people to attend fellowship or through the class, but also leaving people better than we found them. A seemingly small act of kindness on our part makes a big spiritual impact. Someone shared with me that we are reclaiming spiritual ground that the adversary thought he had won, and that really resonated with me. In our time spent as Way Ambassadors, I saw the culture of our city change little by little as we continued to pour on the love with everyone we met. We had the amazing opportunity to meet the needs of so many different people and I’m thankful for the guidance God gave us as we boldly spoke His Word!