Transformed as I Trust and Believe God’s Word

Because of the Word I learned in this ministry, I am able to renew my mind and take action on the Word of God so I can find myself in a position to experience God’s blessings.

When I took our ministry’s Foundational Class in 1994, I was taught that the wisdom and knowledge I receive from the Word of God is always the stability I need ANYTIME (Isaiah 33:6).

Knowing this, whenever I am challenged with a situation I remind myself to be Word conditioned rather than circumstance oriented.

This ministry has taught me that Romans 12:1 and 2 shows me the two alternatives I have when forming my mental attitude about a situation:

  1. I can be conformed to the world, or
  2. I can be transformed by renewing my mind.

Once I decide to renew my mind, only then am I able to prove God’s good, acceptable, and perfect will for my life.

This became quite apparent when the company I worked for was bought by another company, and there were massive layoffs. Entire departments were being let go. My coworkers were filled with fear because unemployment was at an all-time high, and they did not know what they were going to do if they lost their jobs. One of my coworkers asked me, “Why are you so calm? Aren’t you afraid of losing your job?”

When faced with the looming fact that jobs were going to be lost and mine could be one of them, I could have conformed to the world and worried over what to do if I lost my job and was not able to pay my bills, or I could be transformed by renewing my mind to what the Word says about God taking care of me.

I honestly answered my coworker, “No, I am not afraid because God is my sufficiency (II Corinthians 9:8), and He knows I need to pay my bills. He also knew that I would be facing the possibility of being downsized and has provided a way for me to escape (I Corinthians 10:13) as long as I trust and believe His Word.”

Instead of sitting around wringing my hands, I took believing action and sent out my resume. I gathered glowing references and even had several high-level executives post references on my executive search Web-site page.

A few weeks later I received a letter from my company’s top-level executives stating that my position was critical to the transition of computer systems to the new company. Instead of losing my job, they were inviting me to stay at least one year with a significant monetary bonus given to me, once I accepted, and another monetary bonus at the end of the transition. I accepted with the understanding that at the end of the one-year period, I may be looking for another job.

Several months later the new company executives offered me a position in their organization. They still paid the monetary bonus I was supposed to receive after the year was up, and I received a 13 percent increase in pay.

Renewing my mind to the Word proves God’s good, acceptable, and perfect will for my life in ANY situation.

Change Your Mind and Live

As I was growing up, my mom and dad taught me the Word they knew. The principles I learned about unconditional love, tithing, and putting my trust in God carried me for thirty years, until I came to a more accurate knowledge of the Word taught by The Way. Then I got to share with them!

When my dad was seventy, he fell and broke his ankle. Due to a chronic respiratory condition, his pulmonary doctor said Dad’s lungs were so fragile that he would not survive general anesthesia. As a result, they did an epidural to surgically repair his leg. After a week in the hospital, he suffered a massive heart attack. When I went to visit, asking how he was, he said, “Not good. In your vocabulary, the ‘adversary’ has me in his clutches.” I said, “How so?” He said, “Well, they’ve told me they will try to do one bypass but that I probably won’t make it.”

I got out my Bible, read him I Peter 5:8, and said, “This isn’t MY vocabulary, Daddy. This is the vocabulary of the Word. And it doesn’t say ‘an adversary’ or ‘the adversary’ but ‘YOUR adversary’ because it’s personal! The Word also tells you who ‘your adversary’ is. It’s the Devil, and he is looking to devour you! You don’t have to let him take you out, but you are going to have to change your mind.”

I said, “Daddy, close your eyes and get a good mental picture of what I am going to say. I want you to see oatmeal in a bowl, cold, no sugar, no butter. Do you see that?” He nodded. “Keep your eyes closed and now see something different. Think about bacon, eggs, hash browns, cinnamon rolls, coffee, biscuits and gravy. You see that?” He nodded, smiled with his eyes closed, and said, “Yes ma’am, I do.”

“Now, open your eyes.” When he did, I told him, “THAT is how easy it is to change your mind. Daddy, you can think that cold oatmeal thought that you probably won’t make it, in which case you probably won’t. Or you can change your mind, go for the ‘big breakfast,’ and believe to get your need met, whatever that need is. You can only think one thought at a time, so make sure that you are thinking the Word! I know you are seventy, but you don’t have to leave if you don’t want to. But if you want to stay, you are going to have to change your mind!”

I saw my dad the next day right before his surgery. He asked if it would be OK if he gave the little, yellow retemory book I’d given him to his nurse because he thought it would bless her to know the verses that built his believing. Of course I said yes!

That day my father had a quadruple bypass surgery under general anesthesia. He lived for several years after that! My dad was always respectful of the Word I shared with him, and on several occasions he saw God work mightily because he believed what I had shared with him. What a blessing to see God work in my dad’s life to keep him here all those years, all because he renewed his mind to the Word!

He Is Always There When We Need Him

I feel very blessed by what God has done in my life by means of the Word that I received and put into practice after graduating from the Foundational Class that The Way Ministry made available in July 2011. It was in that class where my life changed, for I received great knowledge about what God’s will is.

It was in this Foundational Class that I was born again and manifested the great power of God. Speaking in tongues was the proof. I learned how we can put on the mind of Christ by putting the Word of God in our minds, which helped me a lot in my recovery from a very painful car accident.

I was saved from a terrible car accident on March 11, 2016. I was driving from San Salvador when a bus hit our car, causing the car to fall from the highway and hit a big rock. That accident destroyed my face. I needed many surgeries, which ended with the placement of three titanium plates, twelve mini screws, and fiberglass in my face.

This was very hard for me because I am a musician by profession. The doctors said I would never be able to play music again because my muscles were destroyed. But this is where the wonderfulness of God comes. I had confidence in my heavenly Father because of everything He had already done for me, and I had confidence that there was nothing that could stop the great love of God for His children. Having this clear in my mind kept me focused, optimistic, positive, and trusting in the greatness of God.

I went to surgery many times. During my recovery, after a few months I felt the need to play music again. And the wonderful thing was that I managed to do it with some difficulty. By practicing day by day and with the help of God, everything returned to normal.

I am very grateful to God for saving my life from the clutches of the enemy. We are not alone out there. We have a great loving God Who is willing to help us when we go through difficulties. We must continue trusting in Him without fear, believing His Word. He is always there when we need Him.

When Things Look Cloudy, Focus on God

I was upset with my situation at my job. The place where I was once happy had become a very negative and stressful atmosphere. The new management had not been the best for about five years. My wonderful, sweet office manager retired early because she could no longer handle the stress, and a coworker who was a bully became the new office manager. The director was very hard on people. He always liked to talk bad about people and wanted you to join in and agree with him. I was angry and no longer happy at my job, and I wanted to leave.

I’ve been in the ministry for thirty-two years. I’m an Advanced Class graduate, and I’ve been out as a WOW Ambassador and a Way Disciple. So I asked myself, what have I learned over the years? One of the most important things I reminded myself of was to focus on God! When things look a little cloudy and the path is not so clear, God is always there, closer than our very breath.

I’ve enjoyed all of the classes I have taken over the years, but the one class that really helped me in this situation is The Renewed Mind: The Key to Power. (This short little class is a gem!) I had to get past my anger to get to my deliverance. Even being angry at someone or a situation can make our thoughts a little cloudy. I would dread going to work. As I started reading through the syllabus, it reminded me that our real motivation for renewing our mind is thankfulness to God. As we renew our mind, God works in us to will and to do of His good pleasure. Anger is one of the most restrictive mental prisons that people fail to recognize, and bitterness is always destructive. I continued reviewing the syllabus and started changing my mind and reminding myself what God’s Word says (Romans 12:1,2).

Each day I would lift my situation in prayer and remind myself that I can cast my cares on God. Every time an opportunity at work would start getting negative, I would change my mind and remember what I had learned. As I stayed faithful and trusted God many great things started happening (This took 2 1/2 years):

  • A new director and assistant director were hired who are great guys to work with.
  • The work atmosphere started changing for the better.
  • They hired another administrative coordinator, and she is a Christian and great to work with.

Now I have been at my job for sixteen years! I did not quit and can leave when I am ready to retire. Thanks, God! I am so thankful for the great classes our ministry provides! I also love The Way Magazines!

Our Thoughts and Words Are Powerful

After months of being faced with physical challenges and not seeing deliverance, my mind and body were exhausted. I was tempted to give in. I was beginning to think, “I guess I’m just going to die young.” I told my husband what I was thinking, and he immediately reminded me of what we had been taught from the Word: we are to control our thinking to think on what the Word says, not on what we are feeling; God is powerful and limitless; we believe based on what we put into our mind; as we control our thinking and confess the truth of the Word, we will see the positive results of the Word and receive our deliverance. I immediately changed my thinking and my confession. I told him that from then on I was resolved to confess, “I am going to live to be one hundred years old!” I began to focus on what the Word said, and not on the pain I was in. Little by little, I saw my deliverance come to pass.

Today, I am a different person. I work a full time job, something I thought I would never do again. I no longer need a walker, not even a cane. I live a normal, active life. In fact, people tell me to slow down!

Our thoughts and words are powerful. As we keep confessing the Word and believing positively, we will see God’s deliverance.