How Can Life Be More Satisfying?

Have you ever wondered what God wanted you to do with your life? That was a major concern as I headed off to college at age eighteen in August. Someone invited me to my first fellowship at a Way Home* in October of that year, and by December, I was sitting in my first Foundational Class.

Everyone had really built the class up, so I knew it was going to be exciting. It was the opening session and after listening for a short time, I noticed how the content was logical and easy to follow and it helped me understand the Bible better. And it wasn’t about football games or stories of people or seemingly unrelated topics which was what I had been hearing in churches in my university town. But getting back to the class, the teacher said something that almost brought me out of my seat. It was something like, “Do you want to know what the greatest secret in the world today is?” Who wouldn’t want to know that?

Uncovering things about God was exactly what I was looking for. The greatest secret in the world today was and still is the Bible is the revealed Word and will of God. It was a moment of tremendous understanding for me, of my mind being flooded with light, and of healing beyond anything I had expected. (Looking back through my younger years for a moment, my mom went to church at least twice a week and often more as there was a need. She sang in the choir. My aunt was a foreign missionary and I had seriously considered participating in the home mission program.)

For years I had searched for what God wanted me to do. And this man on the screen just said that the Bible is the revealed Word and WILL OF GOD. This was it! I had found God’s will for my life! It’s His Word! There aren’t enough exclamation marks to express what happened in my heart during that first session.

It is such a simple concept, but the stability it gave me mentally and spiritually has lasted through my lifetime. I kept learning and living the Word, which is God’s will. Many doors of continued growth, understanding, and service opened up to me. How can life be more satisfying than knowing you are living according to the Almighty God’s will and desire for you as an individual? It is incomparable! It started coming together for me in session 1 of the Foundational Class for which I will forever be thankful.

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* A Way Home was a family dwelling where a group of believers could live the Word of God together.

God Is So Wonderful and Powerful

I am very thankful to our heavenly Father for the wonderful transformation that He has made in my life and how this great ministry of Biblical research has helped me to understand and apply the greatness of the rightly divided Word of God.

Several years ago began a new stage that marked my life. My life at university began. I did not know anyone and had a well-defined personality. I was a very shy, insecure teenager, full of fears, dressed in black, and pretty much serious. (It was my defense mechanism.)

I remember that the first month of classes, I had to do a presentation. It was a catastrophic experience, since I was not able to speak in public. By the way, I was studying to be a teacher. That year was very complicated until I started attending a home fellowship. There, I received all the tenderness and support I needed. Then, two years later, I sat in the foundational class on The Way of Abundance and Power, and one of the things that most impacted my heart was to understand that fear did not come from God, that He loved me so much that I could free myself from all those mental prisons.

Then I was exhorted to prepare teachings and share them to strengthen myself in that area. Every time I had to do public speaking, I said to myself again and again, you can do all things through Christ which strengthens thee…so go and do it!

As I dared to look people in the eyes and smile, my grades improved. I changed my wardrobe. My mother was so shocked with that change, she told me, “Child, you are someone else, and I would like to attend the home fellowship since I have seen how God has changed your life.”

As I grew in my understanding of God’s heart, my desire to serve grew too. On one occasion my home fellowship coordinator asked me if I would like to coordinate a home fellowship, and I felt great joy, but I had a large debt of university credit.

Then I took the Intermediate Class and had the privilege of sharing with believers who helped me to make an action plan to get free from that debt. In addition, I started envisioning myself taking the Advanced Class. Every day I got up, I looked at some pictures I have of The Way International Headquarters, and I thanked God for getting me there. The moment I made up my mind and started to act, God began to open the floodgates of heaven to bless my life. My salary increased and the university debt was completely paid in eight months. Four months later, God called me to serve as a home fellowship coordinator, and after that I went to the Advanced Class.

God is so wonderful and powerful to do all things exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.

The Class Provided Me with Tools to Live My Life

I took my first Foundational Class three years after discovering the wonderful Way Ministry.

I began the class with many expectations, as I was going through a very particular, difficult, and painful moment in my life. At that time, my husband and I were looking to be parents, which was not happening as expected and had become a nightmare. We did countless studies and medical treatments for years without positive results. This situation was plunging me into a deep sadness and a deep sense of failure and guilt.

It was in this wonderful class that I heard the teaching about the law of believing and how believing is the key to receiving. From that moment, my attitude toward this great challenge changed, so my life changed too. I began to put into practice each principle that was taught in the class. My husband and I went through all the steps that the doctors indicated with full confidence and peace that we would receive what we longed for.

We lived one day at a time with the confidence that God could and wanted to bless us. And the result was the arrival of a beautiful baby. Hearing him call me “Mommy” is proof of the immense power of God.

Every truth that was taught to me in that class had an impact and radically transformed my life. It was wonderful to discover the unconditional and unlimited love that God has for me, to discover that He wanted me healthy, happy, prosperous, and victorious. I could understand that He had chosen me as His beloved daughter. It was totally healing to know and to feel His love and to know that He never abandons me. Instead of that, He sustains and strengthens me.

God’s blessings have overflowed to us, as we are now expecting a second baby.

The Foundational Class was an ascending staircase of knowledge for me. This class brought light where there was darkness, and it provided me with tools to live my life, to be blessed, and to bless others. Being able to find these truths is an invaluable gift that we all have available.

We Were Finally at Home in The Way Ministry!

I Chronicles 16:8-10:
Give thanks unto the Lord, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people.
Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him, talk ye of all his wondrous works.
Glory ye in his holy name: let the heart of them rejoice that seek the Lord.

To God be the glory, indeed, for He has done great things for me.

Though I was taught in church about God’s love, God’s goodness, God’s mercy, and the Almighty God, as I grew up, I soon began to perceive what then appeared to me to be a contradiction between the love and omnipotence of God and real life. Despite my Christian education, I could not understand why my grandfather passed away or why there was so much violence and evil in the world. Questions kept piling up as the knowledge I received from primary and then secondary school increased. In a culture saturated with witchcraft, I felt helpless and fearful. As I kept attending the church, I expected pastors and priests to provide answers, to no avail.

By the age of nineteen, I came to the conclusion that there were no acceptable and logical answers to expect from the church and started my own quest. God, I thought, is too great to pay attention to and take care of human business. Humans had to fix their own mess!

It was when I fell short of fields of research that God found me through a wonderful disciple of The Way Ministry who introduced me to the rightly divided Word of God. (I had never heard that before!) He soon convinced me to take the Foundational Class, then called Power for Abundant Living. I invited my wife to join me. After the first three segments of the class, I exclaimed, “That’s what I was looking for!!!” We were finally at home in The Way Ministry!

Proverbs 22:6:
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

All our expectations have been exceeded. For twenty-four years, we have learned far more than we would have ever thought possible.

My wife and I have gone for a journey full of abundance and power with God Almighty, which lasts to this day. We have been freed from all our fears, for we know who we are in Christ, what we have received, and what we can achieve with the power of God in Christ in us.

We have done for our five boys what our own parents did for us: we exposed them to the Word of God to the end that they are all born again of God’s spirit and speak in tongues.

The will of God is good, acceptable, and perfect. We know it by experience.

What a heavenly Father we have!!!

A Powerful, Life-Changing Resource

I Know How to Get Clarity

I had a hunger to know more about God, and I was searching when I was introduced to The Way Ministry. I was always fascinated with the Bible. I loved reading the Bible and studying God’s Word. But sometimes it became very frustrating when I would read something and couldn’t understand it because it made no sense to me.

I subsequently learned in the Foundational Class that God’s Word will always interpret itself, either in the verse or in the context or in how it was used before somewhere else in the Bible, which makes it clear. So I know now how to get clarity on a passage that is unclear to me. With perseverance I can find the correct interpretation in the Word of God itself.

The Word I was taught was life-changing for me because it opened my eyes on how I viewed God and how I saw my relationship with Him.

I now know that I can be bold in dealing with situations. And it is not about being prideful or arrogant or haughty or thinking that I am better than anyone else. It is about the confidence I have in knowing God’s Word, which is His will, and knowing who I am in Christ Jesus. This allows me to face any circumstance with the assurance of victory by applying God’s Word. II Timothy 2:15 reads:

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

I can now understand what is meant when the Bible says, “rightly dividing the word of truth.” If we wrongly divide God’s Word, this leads to errors. The Foundational Class has taught me several things:

  • It taught me how to know God’s Word, which is His will.
  • It taught me who we are and what we should expect as children of God.
  • It taught me how to experience God’s love.
  • It taught me how to become a born-again believer in Jesus Christ.
  • It brought clarity on God’s Word rightly divided.
  • It encouraged me to stay in the Word and study it carefully and diligently.
  • It showed me how to apply the Word of God to situations and in experiences.

This Foundational Class has taught me so much, and I can’t begin to imagine the depth that the other classes will bring to my understanding.

The Great Principles that God Teaches Us

At the age of thirteen, I had my first opportunity to attend a household fellowship, accompanying my mother, who was invited during an outreach activity. From that moment, I felt like a member in this great Body whose head is Jesus Christ! Soon I gained access to a powerful resource made available by our ministry, which is the foundational class on The Way of Abundance and Power. It was during that wonderful time that I learned in depth the great principles that God teaches us through His Word, principles that to this very day I try to apply with a fervent effort. They have given me victory in completely adverse situations. I wanted, and I still want, to start a family whose main standard for living is God and His Word.

I have seen God’s hand so beautifully in my life. I wanted to take advantage of all the resources, and I desired that my closest loved ones could also take advantage of them. I saw how God opened doors so I could study at a university with scholarships, without the necessity of going in debt. I saw how God protected my life from the typical excesses of youth. I saw how God made available that I could balance my studies with attending fellowship and thus be able to continue to serve in the household.

I finished my degree and was already serving as a household fellowship coordinator, and there was a great challenge: to find a job that would allow me to continue to serve. And even though the majority of job offers for the area in which I studied were in other regions, God made it available for me to work near my home and thus continue to give to God’s people. Now, I face new challenges, such as starting a family and continuing to serve God in a way that can have a positive impact.

Knowing the accuracy of the Word of God taught me wonderful principles that I have been able to apply in my life with diligent effort. I learned that all things are possible with God. I learned how important obedience is in life in order to be victorious in every situation. I learned how important it is to pray and study the Word daily and that despite the adversity or the negatives around me, God has always been with me, taking care of me, protecting me, and keeping me from evil. In the Word, I have learned to walk with wisdom and help others and teach them what a life with God looks like.

God has given me victory in every way and has met my needs in an overwhelming way in all my goals, especially as they were accompanied with obedience and dedication.

Out of the Darkness and into God’s Light

God Knew I Would Believe and Receive

It was 1974 and there I was—divorced and living with a health problem. I needed help to find the right answers. At this time in my life, I was sad and looking for answers and thinking that the world might have those answers I needed in my life. How wrong could I be? And how little did I know that something greater was missing. God was knocking at my door for a long time, but I wasn’t hearing the call. I tried to find those solutions in worldly ways but always ended up empty and not peaceful.

As I was making a new life, my brother in Ohio asked me to come and live with his family there and start over. I did this, which turned out to be the best decision I made for my young life. I didn’t know the Word of God yet, but each step I took was drawing me nearer to God. In my brother’s home was the first fellowship I attended. He was so excited about the answers he was finding. He started sharing this with all of us, and his wife took the class next. He was such a great example and helped me through my growing pains spiritually. After that, the more I attended those fellowships, the more I wanted to serve and make it my own to learn all God had for me.

I grew up with a Lutheran background and never really knew how to read the Bible, but I knew Jesus Christ and who he was. For a while, I was asked to take the Power for Abundant Living class (in those days the Foundational Class was known as this) many times, but I always believed I could fix things my own way. Well, one day my heart became meek while I attended those fellowships, and I said yes and signed on the line. God knew I would believe and receive what He had for me. It was amazing to me at a “big” twenty-two years old to be taught and to understand what I was reading, to apply it, and to have the desires of my heart. One of the most exciting things I was taught was how to pray and get results. I started practicing that with great zeal. Boy, that foundational principle has not stopped for over forty years because of my faithfulness and steadfastness to apply it. God hears us and is faithful to us to supply our needs.

The Word Taught Me How

By the age of thirty, my life was in darkness and ruin. I was utterly bankrupt physically, mentally, and spiritually. I was at the end of my rope and more than ready to end it all. When I failed at that, I cried out to God and asked Him to send someone to help me stop being a sorrow to my mother and live a life that was worth living. I wanted something real—something I could depend on and that would not fall apart just when I needed it like every other religious or philosophical trap I had placed all my confidence in.

Within two weeks, a young lady spoke to me words of truth and light, words of freedom and God’s absolute love for me.

Then I took a class—The Way Ministry’s class called Power for Abundant Living. In it I was introduced to God’s Word and His forgiveness. The Word taught me how to walk out of the darkness and ruin my life was engulfed in. It gave me the direction out of the bankruptcy of my life and gave me a set of guidelines I was able to follow into the realization that I am worth God’s love, grace, peace, mercy, and hope, because to God, I am worthwhile.

I learned that the Word of God is the will of God and that He sent His wonderful Son to make it available for me to have all the promises and privileges written therein.

I have been healed in every category of my life because God’s Word is faithful to show me how or because I can ask a fellow brother or sister in The Way Ministry to show me where in the Word to find the needed scripture and insight to overcome every obstacle.

I am free and have eternal life, and I’m waiting for the return of my lord and savior, Christ Jesus.

My Life Really Changed for the Better

When I was five years old, I used to think of going to household fellowship as taking a walk: putting on nice clothes and going out with my family. Sometimes (many times) I fell asleep and my mother looked for a way to make me understand the importance of listening to the Word of God. As I grew older, I became involved in ministry activities, in service to the believing household and to God. I helped with the setup, preparation for the fellowship, and also setting up the snack. I really enjoyed giving.

At a young age, I saw how God blesses us as we commit—because the more I served, the more I received. In every area of my life, I saw God at work: at school, at home, everything. The biggest emotion of my life came from seeing God’s answers to my prayers for things as simple as electric power in my country.

I thought that everything was great, but then I took the foundational class on The Way of Abundance and Power, and my life really changed for the better. I learned about so many things that God makes available, and I wanted all of that. Many people see me and say, “It’s amazing how things turn out,” and I answer that there is nothing unbelievable. On the contrary, everything is due to believing.

I remember a time when I needed a job. I thought about a teaching from our Country coordinator about writing down what we were believing for, and that’s what I did. I wrote, “I need a job from Monday to Friday, working until three in the afternoon, with a good salary.” And that’s how it was—I received what I was believing for.

I have always put God first, serving with all my heart and living the Word. At college, for example, I met one of those teachers who does not give an A even for “Albert Einstein” quality work. “CD” was his nickname because C and D were the only grades he gave. On my graduation day I was expecting to graduate cum laude (with honors), but I thought that because of “CD,” it was impossible for that to happen. And do you know what? It was impossible for me, but not for God. I was very surprised to see my name on the graduate page with honors, and it was not cum laude but magna cum laude. God is good.

A little over two years ago, I made the commitment to coordinate a household fellowship. This was a big challenge, and many people told me I was too young for that; but others have given me wise advice that is only found in The Way Ministry.

I understood that God called me, and my answer was “Here am I, send me!”

The Best Class I Have Ever Taken

One day sitting around a barbecue at the local park, my wife was witnessed to, but it was not my thing. My wife started attending fellowships, and I attended fun days with the fellowship like game nights and sports events. I always found myself very happy attending these events, but I never told anyone.

One evening my wife came home and said to me, “I’d like to take the Foundational Class.” I immediately said, “How much?” and “Where do you think this money is going to come from?” Her reply was, “Philippians 4:19: But my God shall supply all your need….” At this point a few words went through my mind. “Yeah, we’ll see, dream on.” She was totally convinced, but I wasn’t.

The very next night, knock-knock-knock at the front door—our next-door neighbor was standing there with enough money in his hand for my wife to take the class, and extra. It was money he had owed us for many years. I had given up on him because I’d been waiting so long. That experience got my attention! But of course I wasn’t going to tell anyone. I rated myself in those early days as very negative to spiritual matters. I am a changed man now.

The other thing that got my attention in those early days was my four-year-old son singing in the back of the car all the time, the B-I-B-L-E song and many more Children’s Fellowship songs, while I was driving my wife to the class. He was so happy all the time, and my wife had a great Foundational Class.

I always felt the love of God via all the wonderful believers in the ministry. Another evening my wife asked me, “Would you like to come to a public explanation on the Foundational Class?” You know the saying, “happy wife, happy life”? Yes, I went, and I was the first one to sign up. Why? Because I was told I could ask any questions. If I wrote a question down on paper, they would get an answer for me. To me, this was an open door to stump the Class coordinator with my tricky questions. I asked, “Who wrote the Bible?” Well, the Foundational Class answered all my tricky questions and much more.

The Foundational Class to me is the best class I have ever taken in my sixty-three years of life because it was my introduction to God over twenty-five years ago. It was my stepping stone to getting to know some of God’s knowledge about all of life. It has taught me who I am and what I have as a son of God. It has given me a better understanding of how to read God’s Word accurately. It’s shown me how to get born again and given me proof that I am born again. It has opened the door to the more abundant life God wants for me and my family. All the ministry classes have built an inner confidence and boldness I once lacked. God has taught me what life is all about and how to overcome any challenge. God has saved my life physically, mentally, and spiritually!

When my son was four years old, I put him in his car seat and accidently closed the door on his finger. He screamed in pain. There was a deep indentation on his fingernail. All we knew at that time in life was, let’s pray. Within minutes of praying, he went from screaming to singing Bible songs again. He received total healing. There was no indentation on his fingernail. It showed me that God works with our believing, even if it’s as small as a mustard seed, because that’s where I was spiritually back then. I have the attitude today, “But my God shall supply all your need.”

God and His Word have given me a life with a purpose and abundance. I don’t feel like a nobody, and my life is not tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. I have peace in my heart, and I know I have something that can help others. I feel like the richest man on earth. God and His Word and this wonderful ministry have helped me change into a man that now enjoys life as it should be lived. I realize now that even the little things we do for others can have a huge impact. I am so thankful for people like you who are reading this. I have learned that together we can make a difference in this world.

What a Word! What a Ministry!

As a young teen, my weekly responsibility was to type my father’s sermon. I became very familiar with many records in the Bible about God’s tender love, goodness, and care for His people. I always believed that God was good always, and I desired to have a personal relationship with Him. So after graduation from high school and moving away from home to attend college, I began fellowshipping at the university’s Interfaith Center. To my disappointment, they did not agree upon the interpretation of the Scriptures on the most basic subjects. I became very discouraged, but I knew in my heart surely someone had answers.

After sitting through The Way Ministry’s Foundational Class, my thirst was quenched. I finally got to see from God’s Word Who He is, His desire for His children, and all that He has given us by way of His wonderful Son, Jesus Christ. I could not wait to go witnessing, knowing there were other people out there longing to know God as a Father as I did. What a Word! What a ministry!

Months after completing the class, I was given the opportunity to participate in a ministry outreach program, along with three other wonderful believers. We moved to our designated city and secured housing and jobs. God blessed me with an awesome job working in the city hospital as a pharmacy technician. The daily conversation was regarding a rich man who was in a coma. It so happened that I was responsible for filling the medicine carts on his floor. Every day I spent my lunch break reading to him from our ministry’s publication about Job’s deliverance.

One day as I was reading, he opened his eyes for the first time and said, “Did God really do that for Job?” I replied with a resounding, “Yes, He sure did!” Wow! He was listening to the Word all along. Yes, because of the Word taught by The Way Ministry, my life has truly been an exciting and joyful journey, and I’m so thankful to God for all that He continues to do to show me the way.

What Is a Happy Marriage Worth?

My husband and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary, but our marriage was in serious trouble. We hardly communicated with one another. We were in our late twenties and we had two young children, so we were very busy. But we were drifting apart. We were not at all like-minded on goals, major decisions, or any decisions! It seemed hopeless to stay together. It was at this time we each separately cried out to God for answers to help us.

First, my husband was witnessed to while overseas with the military. He took the Foundational Class in a U.S. territory. He witnessed to me when he came home, and then I took the Foundational Class. We got answers to life’s questions that we had always wondered about, and we got answers we never even thought of!

Before we took this class we signed a card, which declared that the class could help bring harmony in the home. I do not remember the teacher of the class ever talking about marriage, such as what the husband’s and wife’s roles were to be, but the class did teach us to rightly divide God’s Word. We learned the Word has integrity to it, that we could understand it and trust God and His Word, and many other important truths.

So we began to put our spiritual goals first by praying to God, reading and believing the Word, giving of our tithes and offerings, attending home fellowships regularly, and taking other ministry classes. We were growing in God’s Word—together and with our children also.

This was forty-two years ago, and we continue to thank God for His love and care to see our great need and meet that superabundantly. We received the desires of our heart way beyond what we could have ever realized, and we are ever grateful that God healed our marriage by way of His Word that we learned through this wonderful ministry of The Way.

A happy marriage is priceless!