How Can Life Be More Satisfying?

Have you ever wondered what God wanted you to do with your life? That was a major concern as I headed off to college at age eighteen in August. Someone invited me to my first fellowship at a Way Home* in October of that year, and by December, I was sitting in my first Foundational Class.

Everyone had really built the class up, so I knew it was going to be exciting. It was the opening session and after listening for a short time, I noticed how the content was logical and easy to follow and it helped me understand the Bible better. And it wasn’t about football games or stories of people or seemingly unrelated topics which was what I had been hearing in churches in my university town. But getting back to the class, the teacher said something that almost brought me out of my seat. It was something like, “Do you want to know what the greatest secret in the world today is?” Who wouldn’t want to know that?

Uncovering things about God was exactly what I was looking for. The greatest secret in the world today was and still is the Bible is the revealed Word and will of God. It was a moment of tremendous understanding for me, of my mind being flooded with light, and of healing beyond anything I had expected. (Looking back through my younger years for a moment, my mom went to church at least twice a week and often more as there was a need. She sang in the choir. My aunt was a foreign missionary and I had seriously considered participating in the home mission program.)

For years I had searched for what God wanted me to do. And this man on the screen just said that the Bible is the revealed Word and WILL OF GOD. This was it! I had found God’s will for my life! It’s His Word! There aren’t enough exclamation marks to express what happened in my heart during that first session.

It is such a simple concept, but the stability it gave me mentally and spiritually has lasted through my lifetime. I kept learning and living the Word, which is God’s will. Many doors of continued growth, understanding, and service opened up to me. How can life be more satisfying than knowing you are living according to the Almighty God’s will and desire for you as an individual? It is incomparable! It started coming together for me in session 1 of the Foundational Class for which I will forever be thankful.

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* A Way Home was a family dwelling where a group of believers could live the Word of God together.