Way Ambassadors Benefit from Program’s Pillars

The framework of the Way Ambassador program is built upon three pillars: personal spiritual growth, reaching out to others, and living God’s love at home. Please enjoy these personal accounts from Way Ambassadors.

Personal Spiritual Growth

Confronted during our outings on several sensitive topics such as the trinity, water baptism, reincarnation, and dreams and visions, I learned to do research to have a deep understanding of the Word. I began each day to search the Scriptures through all the resources available to us in our ministry. I stopped choosing certain subjects to my liking, instead I searched to discover more truth from God’s Word to help me with the sensitive topics.

Reaching Out to Others

One of the benefits I received during the program came from having experienced the principle of going two by two. By practicing it, I was able to appreciate how two are better than one. This principle helped me see how God could work in each of us to accomplish His work. I benefited from great hands-on learning from the other ambassadors by seeing how they could introduce Word topics with people. There have been times when I have come to understand that if I were alone, it would have been more difficult for me to bring Biblical solutions to people. Going two by two was a win-win experience.

Living God’s Love at Home

Fellowship in the home is the best place where I experienced agapē love, mutual agreement, and full sharing, and this is what allowed me to support others and do everything I could to put the right atmosphere between us to move forward with God. It was a wonderful time, a learning and charitable experience. I continue to say thank you to God for all that I learned so that I will be able to continue to enjoy helping others with love without hesitation.