Someone Reached Out to Me

Lost in this crooked and perverse world, without understanding the rightly divided Word of God, to me, is an appalling place to reside. This is where I was almost a decade ago. To make it even worse, I didn’t know I was there. The veil on my face was not as the one brides wear on their wedding day. Mine was pitch black. Spiritually, I had no compass, completely no sense of direction. Church was not exciting to me. It was more of a social place to meet friends, catch up on the hot trends, go out and eat lunch, and call it a day. Due to wrong doctrine, I believed in backsliding (ability to lose your salvation due to sin), and at this point in my life, I was “born again” at least fifteen times. Romans 10:9 and 10 were very familiar verses.

The Way International’s decision to send Way Disciples to my city changed my life. I met this young lady who had committed six months of her life to go and serve and to teach people who hunger and thirst after God’s matchless Word. I was in the valley of human need and she reached out to me with her love, care, and tenderness. Just watching her deportment and Biblical accuracy struck my attention. She was a living epistle (II Corinthians 3:2). I didn’t even wait for her to invite me to fellowship. I invited myself. Little did I know how my future was going to unfold from this day.

Fast forward eight years later and here I am a graduate of all these classes on the Bible: Foundational, Intermediate, Defeating the Adversary, Living God’s Word as a Family, The Renewed Mind: The Key to Power, Living the Mystery as Members in Particular, Practical Keys to Biblical Research, and the Advanced Class. I don’t know how many years it would have taken me to do all this research on my own. I thank The Way International for saving me one of the most precious things we have—time. Now I have time to do more for God.

Remember the young lady? She is now my wife, and we have an amazing five-year-old girl who is bold to speak the Word. We now coordinate a home fellowship. My eyes of understanding have been enlightened. The pitch-black veil is no longer covering my vision and direction. I understand that I’m a vehicle that will move God’s Word. With the gift of holy spirit, I can manifest power from on high. God has endued me with strength and the capability to change the trajectory of someone’s life by helping them get born again.

I now enjoy reading the Bible and working the Word in my life. The Way International is still providing me with Sunday Teaching Services, Way Magazines, online articles—talk about abundance! To date, I have not run out of articles to study. I’m thankful for the leadership the ministry has set in place from the Board of Directors all the way to the home fellowship coordinators. The prevailing Word has kept on moving throughout the years, and I’m grateful the “Mystery Train” stopped by and picked me up on the way.

Trusting God and Claiming His Promises Yield Powerful Results

The Word has meant a lot to me over the years as I reflect on the two missions my father gave me when traveling to America for the first time. He said (1) get the best education that the world can offer, and (2) find out how to be born again.

By applying the principles taught in this ministry, I was able to complete a bachelor’s, master’s, MBA, and PhD without student loans and debt-free. I saw signs, miracles, and wonders along the way. God always met the needs.

Regarding how to be born again, it was six o’clock in the morning at the university I was attending. I was first in line to go to the student cafeteria to have breakfast. A student who was in my chemistry class saw me and asked me to go with her upstairs for a fifteen-minute Bible fellowship. I told her no thank you. She insisted and she was bold. So I went with her.

What I saw and heard in that fellowship changed my life. I heard them speak in tongues. I continued to attend that fellowship. They told me how to be born again (Romans 10:9,10).

I took the Foundational Class in Ohio, and then the Intermediate Class. I was excited about the classes. Dr. Wierwille called me to his office at Headquarters and said, “Why don’t you go home to your country this summer and tell your parents, family, and friends what you are learning in these classes?”

I went home to my country in the summer, and the first person I met at the airport was my father. I told my father, “Daddy, I found out how to be born again.” He said, “Did you? What work did you have to do?” I said, “No work.” I told him about Romans 10:9 and 10. He said, “It can’t be that simple!”

That summer I told my parents, brothers and sisters, relatives, and friends about the Word I learned in those two classes. Some believed and wanted to hear more.

I came back to the United States, and every Sunday I attended the Sunday Teaching Service. I summarized the teachings, and every week I sent them to my country. My relatives got together and read the letters. I did that faithfully every week for five years.

I got thirty-one students interested in taking the Foundational Class—twenty-eight were my relatives, and three were my friends. They registered for the class. Dr. Wierwille sent us to run the first Foundational Class in French in the world.

Those graduates and those that followed took the Word to several countries in Africa and Europe, as well as other countries.

How does the Biblical research and teaching of God’s Word continue to live in my life? I have seen and continue to see that trusting God and claiming His promises yield powerful results. All things work together for good. The Word works. God can be relied upon no matter the situation.

I Told Her That I Was a Minister of the Lord Jesus Christ

Sitting in my seat toward the back of the airplane, I could see several flight attendants looking after the needs of one of the passengers near the front of the plane. Everyone in my view was focusing on the situation at hand. After the flight attendants left, I could hear the sound of a muffled cry from the passenger who had needed help. Immediately I got up from my seat, leaving all my personal belongings behind, walked to the front of the plane, and sat down next to the young lady who had been crying. I told her that I was a minister of the Lord Jesus Christ and asked if I could pray for her. She said yes as she looked at me with such surprise. After praying, I continued to sit with her until we were all instructed to prepare for landing. As I walked back to my seat, I noticed the stares of other passengers. Once I sat down and prepared for landing, the young girl who had been sitting across the aisle from me said, “Boy, I wish I could be bold like that.” I looked at her and said, “You can” and then proceeded to tell her about the power we receive when we get born again of God’s spirit. We talked all the way until we reached the baggage claim area. As we approached the area, who do you think we saw picking up her luggage?—the girl whom I had prayed for earlier. She was talking and laughing with another person as she gathered her luggage. My heart nearly exploded with joy and thankfulness—the girl was healed! Seeing this amazing change was quite a witness to the girl I had been talking to. We continued to keep in touch with each other for quite some time after this event.

Before my involvement with The Way Ministry, I would not have had the boldness, heart, believing, or the ability to help anyone like this. Because of the Word of God I have learned, heard, and seen lived over the years in this ministry, I know and believe that I am a son of God filled with power and that I can do the greater works of Jesus Christ in this day and time.

I Can Help Those in Need

Four of us headed to the college campus to witness God’s Word. Parking being scarce, we grabbed a space and did not closely look at the parking rules for the street. After a few hours of witnessing, we came back and our car was gone. A few puzzled looks later, someone nearby said, “Your car was towed.” We believed for a ride to the police station to find out about our car.

“Yes, the car has been taken to an impound lot,” the clerk said. The moment we asked, “How will we get there?” two policemen walked toward us from down the hall. We asked if they could take us to where our car was, and they both agreed since they were going in that direction. As we piled in the back of the police car, all of us immediately told them we were ambassadors for Christ. One of them was intrigued by our boldness, and we proceeded to tell him all about our ministry.

When they dropped us off, we exchanged numbers with the officer that seemed most interested, and we agreed that we would follow up with him during the weekend. We did, and the four of us went to his home. After a few minutes of conversation, the man asked, “Why can’t I speak in tongues? Why don’t I have the gift of tongues? Why can my wife speak in tongues and I can’t?” Tears of disappointment showed on the man’s face.

Having just studied chapter five in Receiving the Holy Spirt Today on how to receive, I immediately told him, “Sir, speaking in tongues is not a gift but a manifestation.” Then I shared with him God’s Word—the same verses that Dr. Wierwille used to lead people into speaking in tongues. Within twenty minutes of sharing God’s Word with him, he was speaking in tongues the wonderful works of God. Tears of joy ran down his face.

How simply and how beautifully God met this man’s need. The four of us left his home rejoicing for what God had wrought through our lives.

I am so grateful to The Way Ministry for the Word that it has taught me so that I can stand on it and so that I can help those in need as they cross my path.

Acts 2:11:
…we do hear them speak in our tongues the wonderful works of God.

Confident to Declare the Word

Victory during My Way Disciple Tenure

I am grateful for the Word of God The Way International has taught me. Through the years, it has enabled me to develop a rich relationship with my heavenly Father and receive the abundant victories He desires for me.

One such victory happened during my Way Disciple tenure. As a Way Disciple team, we had a great zeal to see God’s Word prevail. Our leadership taught us the depth of God’s Word regarding outreach and prepared us to confidently meet each day’s challenges. One dynamic record that was impressed upon my life was the sending of the seventy in Luke 10:1-11. This record shows the appointing of seventy men who were sent forth with the authority to speak God’s Word and to manifest His power.

Because of these teachings, we moved out confidently each day, seeking to find people with hungry hearts to know God. Opportunities to minister were endless, and all of our physical needs were fulfilled abundantly. God continued to multiply our efforts.

One major element of our success during this tenure was prayer. The Way Ministry teaches the Word of God regarding the power of prayer and keys to effective prayer.

Matthew 21:22:
And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

As a team we were ready to run a Foundational Class, but we needed one more participant. We chose to claim the Word by lifting our petition to God in prayer. Within twenty-four hours, the team’s prayer was answered. God provided.

The Way Ministry has taught me the truth of God’s Word and has provided me with avenues of service so that I can see it practically applied. This combination has strengthened me to live a dynamic life for God.

Giving Answers

The Word of God taught to me in the ministry of The Way has enabled me to see those that have a need. And I become aware of it in order to speak for God and to speak the truth of His Word, giving answers.

A fellow sales agent expressed to me her frustration in having sickness manifested in her life. I knew this person was actively involved in her church, deeply committed to it. I opened my mouth and shared that there are two realities in communion, and one of them is that Jesus Christ’s body was broken for our complete physical wholeness. This caught her attention, and she listened as I expounded further. I lent her my copy of The Bible Tells Me So. She read the chapter about communion and was so blessed. I had known this person for years and had been aware of her constant health challenges. I believe she had been so defeated and had longed for answers. She got them, and when I occasionally see her today, I only see a strong, vibrant person.

I am a fellow laborer with God as I declare the Word. My purpose in life is still clear and satisfying.

The Power to Change Lives

To consider all that God has done for me because of the Word of God I have learned in The Way Ministry is nearly overwhelming. To recall and number each blessing would be impossible, but I certainly remember many of them. As my past victories with God replay in my mind, I find that the sweetest and most impactful moments of my life have been when I was able to help someone else with the Word I know because The Way Ministry taught it to me.

I recall a young woman that came to a household fellowship one night. It was after fellowship as my friends and I drove her back home that she began asking questions about speaking in tongues. Collectively, we taught her what God’s Word says. As she listened to us, it became clear that she had a great desire to speak in tongues herself. So, we led her into speaking in tongues, and as she manifested, tears of joy began streaming down her face. After a while, she finished speaking in tongues and told us that it was a great moment in her life and that she didn’t want to stop. She deepened her personal relationship with God and manifested holy spirit power because we were able to teach her what we had learned in the foundational class on The Way of Abundance and Power and from other ministry resources.

I also remember a woman I met while door-to-door witnessing. She opened her heart and shared with me that a beloved family member that she was responsible for had recently suffered a terrible accident and had broken her neck. The physicians told her that her loved one needed to have surgery to prevent the medical situation from progressing to paralysis or death, but that she was too risky of a candidate to perform surgery on. This woman was overcome with grief and guilt. But I took this opportunity to teach her that God’s desire for us is to be in good health and that nothing is too hard for God. She told me that she believed God was able to perform miracles and that He could heal her loved one. I taught her what I had learned from The Bible Tells Me So about believing, and we prayed together for her loved one to be completely healed. One week later, this woman came to fellowship and told me that when the physicians x-rayed her loved one’s neck to see the progression of the fracture, no sign of a fracture could be found. Her loved one was completely healed.

Lastly, I remember a young man that regularly attended my Way Disciple household fellowship. He shared that he was struggling financially despite all of his efforts to live within his means. So, a fellow disciple and I asked him if he knew about the benefits of tithing. We taught him many of the truths covered in Christians Should Be Prosperous. Although hesitant at first, he decided to prove God and His Word. Within one month, he received so many blessings of physical prosperity, including a significant promotion at work, that he proudly exclaimed that it was all because God honored His promise to be his sufficiency and that he was going to immediately start giving more.

I am so thankful to The Way Ministry for teaching me God’s Word because it is that Word of God that I have then been able to teach to others to bring powerful deliverance to their lives. This has brought indescribable joy and rejoicing to my soul. I have the power to change lives as I choose to speak the truth in love.

Growth in the Word Leads to Boldness in Speaking It

This ministry has taught me how to be bold in speaking God’s Word. Speaking God’s Word is now an intentional habit!

Over time in my childhood and upbringing in church, I grew to be embarrassed to speak of my godly beliefs and practices. My parents taught me by their words and examples to live God’s Word to the best of my understanding, and I knew that Scripture says to speak His Word to others. However, well into adulthood, I still largely kept my beliefs to myself and usually shied away from speaking God’s Word to others.

Still going to my family’s church, I became convinced of the need for me to be a light in my own community as a witness and as an ambassador for Christ! I even took training classes in outreach along with other members of the congregation; but we never did anything with that training. However, the calling remained on my heart and in my prayers.

Enter The Way International. I met Way International ministers and discovered that they were interested and experienced in local outreach through speaking God’s Word. After realizing THIS was the opportunity to grow that I was looking for, I began attending fellowship—and outreach events—and ministry classes.

Though I was a student of the Bible for many years prior to being introduced to this ministry, I immediately benefitted from the decades of careful research and teaching of God’s Word. Learning about the “sonship rights,” and especially so much more about our ministry of reconciliation, was a thrill and an answer to my prayers.

The ministry’s focus of reconciling others to God was, and is, exciting to me! It has helped change my whole perspective on speaking God’s Word in outreach. I learned that one of my rights as a son of God is to speak the truth to all who want to know. Our ministry coached me in having my mind more fully prepared with the gospel of peace, and the one-on-one coaching in speaking forth God’s Word in outreach situations gave me a newfound boldness to introduce and speak God’s Word in a multitude of encounters.

This learning really sharpened my focus on the truth—on the present truth—and took my understanding to new heights, and it helped elevate my believing, my conviction, and my desire to MOVE God’s Word! Now I skillfully and fluidly introduce God’s Word into a conversation and have the habit to fearlessly, intentionally, and without reservation speak God’s Word.

I am an ambassador with a renewed mind, a workman of God’s Word, and a spokesman of it. Now, I am never ashamed to hold forth the Word of Life thanks to the accurate teaching developed over the seventy-five years of our ministry on what it means to be an ambassador for Christ.

God Made a Bad Situation into a Witnessing Opportunity

When I took the Foundational Class in March of 1979, I became more confident in myself because of the love of God that was shown to me and because of what I learned about believing. I had the boldness now because of God and His Word to believe in what God could do for me, and I had the power of Christ in me.

Due to the confidence and trust in God that I received after taking the class in March of that year, I decided to go out on the ministry’s outreach program, called Word Over the World (WOW) Ambassadors. That outreach program was a year of great growth in all areas of my life. During that year is when my incident occurred.

I was driving down a road that I had thought I knew well. It had snowed the night before, so it was slippery. I thought the road had a natural curve at the end, but I was wrong! And very wrong was I! There was a stop sign instead, and I did not have time to slow down to stop. I turned my car to the right really fast. It whirled around into a spin and, with a big BUMP, went into a ditch. My WOW sister was with me, and other than it startling us, we were physically all right.

After calling for help at the closest house, the police came and the car was towed since it was in no condition to drive. When talking with the police, I found out that my insurance was no longer active. My parents had canceled it. The state we were in was the first one to require car insurance, so without it I was written up a ticket and told to appear in court.

It was a small town, and court was in the judge’s office. During the hearing, it was just the judge and me. He started with a simple chat, asking me where I was from, since my license was from Nebraska, and what I was doing there. I told him where I was from and why. He told me that he wanted this to be brief because he was feeling ill. That encouraged me to witness to him about believing and God’s healing that can happen when one believes. I asked him if he would like me to minister healing to him, and he said yes. I ministered healing, and he was so blessed because he instantly felt better! At the end of the meeting, he told me that he didn’t want to penalize me at all by charging a fee or revoking my license, but he had to at least revoke my license because he needed to do his job. He waived the fee. God made a bad situation into a witnessing opportunity for me! Or as they say, God made “lemonade out of lemons.”

Seeing Others Succeed in Life

Proverbs 29:18:
Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

The best thing about learning the rightly divided Word from The Way International has been knowing God’s vision for my life. I was born and grew up in mainland China. My nation is a male-dominated country, and there it is widely accepted that boys are considered more precious than girls. I am thankful to my parents for raising me to not limit myself by accepting this belief. I was brought up to believe that as long as I work hard and stay focused, I can be just as successful as boys. My parents had a vision of success for my life.

Fourteen years ago, I was introduced to The Way International, and for the first time I was shown the rightly divided Word. I was interested to know what God said about “success.”

Joshua 1:8:
This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.

I learned that success depends on carrying out the conditions of the rightly divided Word as Joshua 1:8 states, not just on hard work as my parents taught me.

Recently, my understanding of godly success has been redefined. I now understand that success is not just about me, but about sharing my knowledge and what I know of the Word with others and seeing others succeed in life. I met a woman at a conference and developed a good friendship with her. This woman shared with me about a certain mental bondage that has imprisoned her for ten years. She had to sell her father’s business when she was twenty-six years old because she was too young to be able to manage it when her father passed away. For ten years she had been trying to prove that she is not a loser in life. I shared with her Psalms 103:11-13, and this has helped her to envision herself being released from guilt and condemnation.

It is a great joy to not only see God’s vision for my own life but also to be able to share God’s vision with other people by giving them the rightly divided Word, enabling them to succeed in life!

Power to Reconcile

It was story day at the library, and my kids and I were there enjoying our weekly routine. After we sang songs and listened to the lively storytelling, I did my normal storybook search. The storybook search is when I peruse the shelves for books that my kids will enjoy reading later while they play happily with toys and with the other children also at story time.

This particular day they were playing with two other children who were siblings and just their ages. I had seen these kids before, but today their mom, whom I had never met, was with them. The mom and I casually talked about our children and their favorite toys; it was a pleasant conversation. Finally, the time came for me to round up the children and our large pile of books.

I was beginning to head to the checkout when I “heard” some clear instructions from God. The very brief instructions were specific: I was to invite this mom and her children to my home. I was a little surprised, but I thought, “Oh…OK.” So I stopped, turned around, and headed back to the woman. By the time I got to her, I was convinced of what I needed to do. I extended the invitation to the mom, and with no surprise to me, she accepted.

A few days later that mom and I got together at my home with our kids, and the rest, as they say, is history. Today that woman is a wonderful friend and Advanced Class graduate who is enjoying the blessing of knowing and living God’s Word. During the process of undershepherding my friend, I had lots of opportunities to apply and teach the Word that I had learned and was learning from ministry classes and fellowship. I am especially thankful though for what I had been taught about the nine manifestations of holy spirit from The Way of Abundance and Power series. Being knowledgeable about the power available to me because of the holy spirit I have inside was key to my boldness to follow through on God’s instructions.

Often my heart has been full of thanks to God for His love in this situation. God’s care for one individual and what He is willing to do to help us reconcile men and women to Him is heartwarming. God clearly lays out in His Word what our role and abilities are in Christ, and I am thankful that I can make situations such as this my normal expectation.

Acts 1:8:
But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost [holy spirit] is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.