I Can Help Those in Need

Four of us headed to the college campus to witness God’s Word. Parking being scarce, we grabbed a space and did not closely look at the parking rules for the street. After a few hours of witnessing, we came back and our car was gone. A few puzzled looks later, someone nearby said, “Your car was towed.” We believed for a ride to the police station to find out about our car.

“Yes, the car has been taken to an impound lot,” the clerk said. The moment we asked, “How will we get there?” two policemen walked toward us from down the hall. We asked if they could take us to where our car was, and they both agreed since they were going in that direction. As we piled in the back of the police car, all of us immediately told them we were ambassadors for Christ. One of them was intrigued by our boldness, and we proceeded to tell him all about our ministry.

When they dropped us off, we exchanged numbers with the officer that seemed most interested, and we agreed that we would follow up with him during the weekend. We did, and the four of us went to his home. After a few minutes of conversation, the man asked, “Why can’t I speak in tongues? Why don’t I have the gift of tongues? Why can my wife speak in tongues and I can’t?” Tears of disappointment showed on the man’s face.

Having just studied chapter five in Receiving the Holy Spirt Today on how to receive, I immediately told him, “Sir, speaking in tongues is not a gift but a manifestation.” Then I shared with him God’s Word—the same verses that Dr. Wierwille used to lead people into speaking in tongues. Within twenty minutes of sharing God’s Word with him, he was speaking in tongues the wonderful works of God. Tears of joy ran down his face.

How simply and how beautifully God met this man’s need. The four of us left his home rejoicing for what God had wrought through our lives.

I am so grateful to The Way Ministry for the Word that it has taught me so that I can stand on it and so that I can help those in need as they cross my path.

Acts 2:11:
…we do hear them speak in our tongues the wonderful works of God.