He Brought Me Deliverance

I learned in this ministry that God is my sufficiency. He knows all things and is everywhere present. No matter where I am, He is there to back me up. My responsibility in my relationship with God is to love Him and to believe that He will accomplish what He has promised. God promises that I am more than a conqueror with His sufficiency in every circumstance and in every situation, no matter what may come up in life. To God be the glory; He has been my help. He brought me deliverance when I found myself in distress on March 10, 2018, at exactly 2:00 p.m.

That day, I remembered that I did not park my car well the previous night when I got back home. So I walked out to my car to park it correctly. I went then to the mailbox. From there I saw in the distance a believer from my home fellowship with her daughter, and at the same time, I saw my spouse leaving, as she had to catch the bus for work.

Suddenly a blackout, total loss of memory. I found myself at my apartment building entrance. What happened between the mailbox and the building entrance? I have no clue. The only thing I remember is that I could not open the entrance door with my badge. I actually mistook the badge for the key of my apartment. As it did not work I became more and more frustrated. I walked around, whispering incomprehensible words. Nobody understood what I was saying. This situation lasted about ten minutes and happened in front of the believer and her daughter, who were shocked. She understood that something was wrong and notified my children, my wife, who was still at the bus stop, and our Region coordinator of what just happened.

I then got some of my memory back, and we went up into the apartment. I asked my older daughter to pray for me. As I noticed the heavy atmosphere, I tried to speak, and I gave a short exhortation to everyone. I asked them to stand strong together in the Word and not to give the advantage to the adversary. After that, I agreed to go to the hospital. When we arrived there, I totally lost my language skills. I couldn’t talk clearly anymore.

I went through MRI scans, and two hours later I received a diagnosis: I had a superficial stroke without aftereffect, needing speech and language therapy. The cause of this incident was unknown. The doctors told me that I was “lucky” that the blood clot did not obstruct my blood vessels. That is why I regained my language skills and my memory after five hours. This is the wonderful work of God.

We are never alone. God is always present, wherever we are. I now know the reason why that believer and her daughter were in that very place at that very moment. God took care of the situation through her presence.

God is my rock and my hiding place, my refuge in time of distress. I continuously give thanks to God for His love and His goodness that He manifests toward me and toward the whole household in our Region.

The Healing Power of Communion: Mental Liberation

A few months ago, I was sitting in my living room chair attending our communion fellowship. I was listening to my fellowship coordinator read from various sections of Jesus Christ Our Passover. He read:

“…[Jesus Christ,] in the face of all this physical torture, was accused and interrogated in a manner totally illegal, unfounded, and relentless….”
“…This was a man who had done nothing but love people, heal people, and declare God’s truth….”
“…his life was unjustly maligned, called into question, and slandered….he was the epitome of love, innocence, and courage.”

As I listened, the intensity of these words began to sink in. Viewed from the outside, Jesus Christ had all the reason in the world to back away from God’s calling. He was unjustly accused and wrongly imprisoned, scorned and mocked, tortured and crucified. But he never wavered in his commitment. He fulfilled his spiritual calling in the midst of the greatest unbelief and opposition.

Before communion, I had been weighed down by certain remarks from people around me. Words have great meaning for me, and I was feeling mentally heavy with some of the comments made by those I cared about. Even though I knew they were fiery darts sent from the adversary, I still felt the sting of what was said. But as I sat and heard these words about Jesus Christ during communion, I was suddenly released from my own mental bondage. Those harsh comments no longer held such great significance.

I felt like someone had picked me up and shaken me by the shoulders, saying, “Christ has already paid the full price for you! You are as righteous as God!” Even though I consider myself a joyful person, in those moments I felt a lightness that I hadn’t experienced for a while. No longer was I weighed down under any mental heaviness. I started to tear up with the realization that I could stand as a daughter of God—with no doubt or pain or hurt from the words of others—all because of what Christ accomplished for me. I realized I belonged to God, and Jesus Christ had long ago carried the weight of all injustice and accusation so I didn’t have to bear the burden for myself.

Jesus Christ was so convinced of who he was and who God had called him to be that he never wavered in his purpose. He never weakened his focus or second-guessed his decision to fulfill his Father’s will for his life. I am so thankful to recognize and claim this truth in my own life because of the research and teachings from The Way International. My mind and heart are strengthened daily with this knowledge, and I feel more confident and equipped to fulfill my own spiritual calling for God!

The Word Healed Me

I grew up in a small denominational church and learned about many records in the Bible. I was always at a loss because I could not see how I could possibly be like some of the Bible men and women. I had so much fear. I feared that God did not love me, and I was afraid of making mistakes and of being a failure. I had a strong desire to know and understand God. I wanted to be able to pray and know that God was listening to me. I had no idea how to pray and get results.

I walked into high school one day and very suddenly was in pain in my joints and could barely walk. I called my mom. She came to get me immediately and by the time we got to the doctor’s office I could not walk. My brothers had to carry me in. I was diagnosed with an incurable disease and a deficiency that could not be healed medically. The doctors did not have much hope for me getting cured and gave me a couple of years to live.

In time and with medication, I was able to walk and move about easily. I prayed to God as best I knew how for Him to deliver me. I told God that I would live for Him if He would show me a better way to do so.

Shortly after that prayer, my neighbor came over and told me about a class she had taken that changed her life. She was more bold and confident than I had ever seen her. I took her up on the offer to go to fellowship and registered for the class that night.

As I sat through the class, I was thrilled by learning how much God cared for me. I had lived in so much condemnation and all I had pictured was God being upset with me. As I started to see that God loves me and I have power available to me, I felt healing in my body. When I spoke in tongues for the first time, I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that God loved me and I was going to heaven!

I went for my weekly visit to the doctor and told him that I was healed. He, of course, did not believe me! But the test results proved me right and the doctors were amazed!

Learning how important I am to God and about His great love for me healed me and changed my life forever. I continue to grow stronger and have the thrill of being able to help others know God.

The Word that I heard in my first Foundational Class healed me and the Word that has faithfully been taught over the years continues to cause growth and deliverance in my life.

God Healed My Son

I Peter 2:24:
Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

Our two young sons were riding their bicycles in the alley behind our home. It was a safe area, sheltered from traffic, and they were protected. I would check on them from time to time while they played. While I was inside the house, the younger one fell and hit the side of his head on some cement. His brother ran into the house to tell me. I ran to him and decided we needed to see a doctor. I gathered both children and drove to the emergency room.

There were tests taken and the attending physician came into our room afterward to tell me that my son had fractured his skull. He then left.

I prayed with both of my children for my son to be healed.

Soon the physician and a nurse came back to talk about treatments. They decided to take more tests. Soon they came back to say there was no evidence of a fracture and were unsure how that could have happened. They had proof of the fracture in the previous test results, but none of the same tests had any indication of damage now.

I told him I had prayed for my son and that God had healed him. The doctor did not believe me. He told me that wasn’t possible, but I told him that did not matter. What mattered is that God had healed my son and that we were going home.

God Honored Our Believing Prayer and Healed Me

James 5:16:
…The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

I was working as a test technician for a firm hired to investigate and determine the operational condition of a meat processing facility. As part of the investigation, I was working with a team to determine the condition of the plant’s electrical systems. We started our investigation in a large mechanical room which housed the refrigeration equipment for the plant. A section of the room housed a large portion of the electrical distribution equipment for the entire facility, and we were preparing our test equipment to collect the data that would be required for our evaluation and recommendations. My role was to determine the sequence of testing. As my partners were assembling the test equipment, I was looking at the electrical panels to see how we should proceed. As I stood behind one of the open panels, it exploded, and I was engulfed in the flash.

I could not see. I had been blinded. I touched my head and could feel the results of a severe burn, but I did not feel like I had been burned. I called out for help, and my teammates helped me to a chair and called for emergency responders. I kept rehearsing verses of scripture about health and healing in my thoughts. As the paramedics arrived, the pain began to set in and my vision began to return.

I was taken to a local university medical center that had a burn center, and shortly afterward my wife arrived. We prayed together, and I prayed that our local Way Corps minister would pray for me. I know him and that he believes that God answers his prayers. I was comforted in knowing that the two of us could believe together for me to be healed.

A few hours passed and he arrived. We prayed together that I would be healed and that I would be released from the hospital on the Fourth of July, just days away.

My case was referred to a visiting specialist in plastic surgery who was working with the university on an experimental procedure. I volunteered for the procedure and knew that my healing would be because God’s Word said I would be healed.

At 8:00 a.m. on the Fourth of July, I was discharged and sent home. I am healed. Others are shocked when I tell them this story because I do not have the same physical appearance that burn victims with my severe burns have. God honored our believing prayer and He healed me and protected me, just like He said He would.