God Never Forsakes His Children

In 2017, I experienced a great health issue. My eyes couldn’t see anymore. My left eyelid had fallen completely. I was seeing everything double to the point that I could not read the Bible anymore or watch TV or drive. I could not take care of the fellowship that I was coordinating or anything else, even with my glasses on. According to the neurological service where I had been hospitalized, I was told I needed emergency surgery.

God never forsakes His children and is always able to change lemons into lemonade.

The household helped me in such a wonderful way, from the fellowships in my area to the Country coordinators. They did not cease to make mention of me in their prayers. The exhortations and teachings on God’s Word being His will, given to me by my Country leaders, really strengthened my believing.

God gave the final word as He answered our prayers. The emergency surgery which should have happened was delayed and then definitively canceled. Today I can thank my God for His wonders, because He delivered me. My health situation got better and better. I can see again, my eyelid is up, and I can use both of my eyes. Everything is just great. I went back to my daily activities as I used to do in the past.

What blessed me even more is that one day, as I was getting ready to ride with the assistant fellowship coordinator to our Household Fellowship Coordinator Training, he looked at me and told me, “You are the one driving!” I did not hesitate! I took the keys and drove there and back, which is almost five hundred kilometers.

This is what God is able to do for us, His children, and what He made available for wholeness, good health, and healing.