Clear and Concerned to Get Results

I Was Able to See God Meet My Need

I am very thankful for the things that I have learned from our ministry’s teachings. One of those things is believing God to meet my need. In Volume I of Studies in Abundant Living, The Bible Tells Me So, I learned that a big key to getting results to prayer is to get clear and concerned about what I want to see come to pass. I also learned that the power of prayer is magnified when we team up to believe for things.

Several months ago, I found out that my car needed a number of expensive repairs. Rather than spend all that money on my older vehicle, I decided that it would be better to save up for a more recent one. I had enough funds saved to start looking for a good-quality used vehicle, which was a good thing, as the condition of mine was getting progressively worse. I started my search, but couldn’t find anything that I liked. My wife reminded me to write down specifics—the model and even the range of years for the vehicle. She helped by looking on the Internet and found a few that fit the specifics. The next day I called to see if those were still available. Some were already sold, but I found one that was still available and arranged to see it. It was the right model, within the acceptable year range, in excellent condition, and had several luxuries that were beyond expectations. The salesperson also found out that the price had just dropped several hundred dollars, as they wanted it to sell. After it passed our mechanic’s prepurchase inspection, my wife and I agreed that it was a good deal, and bought it.

Without the Word that I had learned in this ministry, I would have most likely searched in an unclear fashion, which may have taken months. With the Word, I was able to see God meet my need by staying focused and believing together with my like-minded spouse.

God Was Able to Take Care of Me

There have been many principles of life I have learned since I have received an understanding from The Way Ministry of what God makes available through His Word.

Here’s one incident that is very vivid in my life, that I continue to share with others whenever they are challenged looking for employment. I had learned from the teaching that I received on believing that being clear and concerned about what you need is an important aspect of receiving anything from God. I had just moved into a new area, and I began to look for employment; but before I did that, I sat down and went through my living expenses and what I needed to live comfortably. When I ventured out, the first interview I had was with a company that had a good position for me, but their starting rate was below the amount I needed. After talking to the interviewer and sharing with this person the necessary need I had plus my ability, and expressing I would do the job above and beyond the normal, I was granted not only the job, but they were willing to raise the pay rate to accommodate my need also.

In future times, whenever I look for employment, because I saw how God was able to take care of me by my remaining clear and concerned on what I needed, I am confident that whenever I pursue different avenues of life, I will have the right tools to gain the desired results.