A Victory Story of God’s Loving Care

In June of 2017, I had need of maintenance at my mobile home involving a contractor, a crew, and people being up on the roof. I was concerned that I did not have liability insurance on my home, and I wanted to get covered before the maintenance was started.

Because of my work situation, I did not get started on the search until the latter half of June, and my service was scheduled for the thirtieth of that month. I had heard that an annual premium for what I wanted was about $5,000 per year, which was beyond my budget.

I was standing at my office desk, phone book in hand, not knowing where to begin or how long it would take, telling God so in prayer, and thanking Him for His answer. I hadn’t even sat down to make my first phone call when the still, small voice in my head stated simply, “AAA.” Well, of course!

I already had a five-year history of car insurance with them, so my first and only call was to my local agency. They met my budget allowance for premiums, and I was able to get a policy bound on June 29, so I had coverage for the workers at my home. The project was completed without incident.

In September 2017 Hurricane Irma was at my door. I had damage to a roof extension that made it wise to replace the entire roof. Because I had insurance, I was able to see an adjuster three weeks after Irma. I had a new (and even improved) roofing product fully installed by the end of October and a victory story to tell of God’s loving care for His own.

God’s Still, Small Voice

Thanks to learning how revelation works when God talks to me, my son and I are alive today. My son was four years old at the time. I was approaching the intersection and the light was green. The cross street, a two-lane divided highway, looked clear to me. I had the green light, and as I was about thirty feet from coming into the intersection, I heard a whisper in my head, “Stop.” I applied the brake while the light was green. As soon as I slowed to a stop, the light above me turned yellow. Just then, a van came through the intersection traveling at a very high rate of speed on the two-lane highway. If we had continued, that van would have T-boned our car and caused my son and me serious injury or worse. God knew, and we were protected because I have learned how to listen to and obey God’s voice as I was taught in the Advanced Class. I’m thankful that staying peaceful to hear God’s voice brings the greatest cargoes of life over quiet seas.

Walking by the Spirit of God

My husband and I were traveling on an eight-lane highway, and there was a lot of traffic. One car stuck out to me as the driver was weaving in and out of the highway lanes. God was working in me and getting my attention to the end that I was not comfortable as this car was nearing ours. I admonished my husband, who was driving our car, to stay away from the driver in that car. He immediately switched lanes to avoid driving next to this car. Within seconds this car went out of control as the driver tried to switch lanes too quickly. The car began spinning in circles and spun out of control across three lanes until it stopped in the median once it hit the guardrail. Amazingly, the driver did not appear to be injured and there were no other cars involved in this accident!

The Way Ministry has taught my husband and me God’s Word, the Bible, and what it says about how to walk by the spirit of God and how to listen to God’s still, small voice. Also, we have learned that He is a God that loves and protects His people. This incident was an incredible illustration to me of God’s awesome care upon our lives and how God works in us when we are in fellowship with Him and walking by the spirit of God. What a joy and privilege we have to know God’s rightly divided Word that teaches us His loving nature to care for and protect His sons and daughters.

God Talked to My Spirit

In 2014, my wife, daughter, and I attended our first Advanced Class. It was an incredible time as we learned how to have a more mature walk in God’s Word. We learned how to walk by the spirit and operate the six revelation and impartation manifestations. Not only did we learn about these manifestations, but we met and saw God’s people from around the world.

A few weeks later, we were having a family reunion in Georgia. One of the events was tubing. We were having a great time tubing. It was a hot day and the water was cool but refreshing. My, my wife’s, and my daughter’s tubes were tied together as one. As the family was going down the river, my tube flipped over and I went into the water. After I got back in my tube, I discovered that I had lost my keys.

As we started speaking in tongues, praying, and believing, one of our family members was coming down the river past us. I stopped him and told him that I had lost my keys and to tell the others (some were believers) to pray and believe that I find my keys. As we made our way back to the bank to get out of the tube and walk back up the side of the river, I said to myself, “This can’t be happening.” The keys were to a rental car, and calling the rental car company was not an option. The adversary was trying to steal, kill, and destroy our vacation.

I went boldly to the Father and told Him, “God, You are going to have to fix this.” I was speaking in tongues as I was walking up the side of the river, not knowing where the tube flipped over. As I went back into the water, I dodged and pushed other people in tubes out of the way. Also, I helped others that were stuck on the rocks. God talked to my spirit and said, “Stop, bend down, and pick up your keys.” I then said, “Yes, thank you, Father. Thank you.”

Once we got back to the family members, we all rejoiced. It was God working in the situation as we all had mutual believing.