The Lifesaving Power of God

I Am Thankful That I Listened

During the fall of 1999, I was all prepared to go out as a Way Disciple. My leadership at the time called one morning and said that it was not best for me to go at that time. Wow, what was I to do now—go ask for my job back? I was a commuter on the subway, and that particular morning, I was the only one on the platform waiting on the train and then the only one in my particular train car. Looking over the field, I saw that there were five deer. This was such a rare situation. In my heart, I knew it was going to be all right. I told my boss, “I decided not to leave.” She said, “Oh good, I have not turned in your paperwork to human resources.” God is good always!

It turns out I was ill, however, and did not know it as I prepared to go out as a Way Disciple in the upcoming outreach group. In July of 2000, I needed major surgery. The surgery was successful, and my Way Disciple tenure was also! Not going in the previous outreach group may have saved my life! I am thankful for the leadership that could hear that still, small voice via revelation communicating that I was not ready to go out as a Way Disciple the previous year. I am thankful that I listened and took heed unto myself and reaped the godly benefits in my life. Others were reached during my tenure and continue to be reached with the greatness of the Word of God today.

This incident was years ago. Recently our fellowship went to Camp Gunnison for a camp, and I am still thankful that someone introduced me to The Way Ministry over thirty years ago.

The Word Literally Saved My Life

One of the many things The Way Ministry has taught me from the rightly divided Word that has benefited my life is from Malachi 3:7-12 on tithing and abundant sharing. For over twenty years, I have proven my heavenly Father in this category. When I first started tithing, I was about to lose my home, but God protected it; and later on I began to abundantly share and got completely out of debt.

No matter the obstacle or situation, my God has always come through and blessed me mightily and kept me safe in very dangerous situations. Once, I was driving fast at night in a very small car on a very dark road, and I repeatedly heard an audible voice saying, “Slow down; slow down.” I slowed down to about twenty-five miles per hour, and all of a sudden, there was a large deer that presented himself inches from the front of the car. Because I listened to God’s still, small voice as I was taught in fellowship, I was able to brake in enough time to completely stop and avoid hitting the deer.

Another category that benefited me was believing. This also was a new concept to me. It has been an exciting and thrilling journey in my life bringing the Word to mind when I feel fretful or anxious, and confessing the words of the Word with believing and enjoying the calmness and peacefulness it brings. Philippians 4:6 and 7 are among many verses that help me in believing rightly.

I am so thankful to God for The Way Ministry and for the rightly divided Word that literally saved my life.