Accurate Teaching Relieved Years of Discouragement

God is faithful to provide what His believing sons and daughters need. More than eight years before I was introduced to the ministry of The Way International, I asked God for help in my personal life, and He sparked a desire within me to hear and understand the Bible. This desire led me from my family’s traditional church to a variety of churches whose major focus in their church services was teaching the Bible. Early in my pursuit of Biblical understanding, I received the new, spiritual birth by believing God’s Word that He had raised Jesus Christ from the dead and by confessing Jesus Christ as my lord.

My hunger for truth intensified, and I attended several church services each week and listened to many hundreds upon hundreds of hours of Christian teaching programs on the radio during those first eight years. The churches I attended were described as Pentecostal, charismatic, or Full Gospel, and each inaccurately taught the “baptism of the Holy Spirit,” meaning a receiving of the third person of the trinity. Spiritual manifestations sometimes occurred in the church services, and I had a genuine desire to receive what they called the “gift of speaking in tongues.” Pastors and church members taught me, prayed with me, and coached me to receive this “gift,” but it never happened for me over those first eight years of my Christian life. It seemed that everyone had their own explanation of this baptism—what it was and how to ask God with prayers and tarrying for this additional gift. As the years went by, I only became more discouraged and confused as to why God did not give me what they called a “prayer language.”

Then one day at work in another city, I met a young woman who confidently told me she knew without any doubt that the instruction she had received on many Christian doctrinal topics was true to God’s Word. She quoted John 10:10, a verse I had been specifically focused on for quite some time, and told me The Way Ministry could teach me how to pray and how to receive God’s blessings to live the more abundant life that Jesus Christ came to make available. This young woman put me in touch with the Branch leaders in my city, and I began attending fellowship meetings.

Within two months, I learned more clear and accurate Biblical truths on foundational Christian doctrines than I had learned in the previous eight years. I learned there is only one true God, Who is Holy Spirit and the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. I also learned that speaking in tongues is one manifestation of the new birth I had received many years earlier. Toward the end of those first two months of fellowshipping with The Way Ministry, I took the book Receiving the Holy Spirit Today with me on a business trip to another state. As I read it, I understood I had the spiritual ability to speak in tongues and I should stop waiting for something extra from God. I simply began speaking in tongues alone in my hotel room. I knew I was born again of God’s gift of holy spirit, and I could manifest the evidence of my spiritual birth at any time simply by believing to do so. I could pray with my understanding, and I could pray with my spirit.

It was The Way Ministry’s accurate teaching of God’s Word that relieved my years of discouragement regarding the manifestations of holy spirit. God has faithfully provided me true answers on many points of doctrine by the teachings of The Way Ministry for twenty-three years now, and for that I will always be grateful.

No Foolishness, Just Wonderful, Inspiring Messages

From the earliest time I can remember, I have had a curiosity and hunger for learning that continues even now in my senior years. I would follow my mother around the house and help her with her chores just to listen to her talk and teach me about what she was doing. I would copy her, as well as my older sister, because I was interested in what they were doing. Some of the things I learned from them were cooking, sewing, art, and being detail minded. This love of learning continued through my school years, and I was very academically minded. I would often pursue things on my own that I was curious about, like the constellations in the night sky. I learned to identify most of them in the summer sky, the winter in my area being too cold to spend time outside at night.

I was brought up in a Christian church and considered myself a good Christian, but I didn’t have a good knowledge of the Bible, and although I was curious about it and tried reading it starting from Genesis, I didn’t get very far. So, one day during my college years, I decided to try reading it again. This time I started with Matthew. Up until then, I had only heard bits and pieces of scripture verses. I had never seen anything in context. How eye-opening it was to see the bigger picture of the life of Jesus Christ and his death on the cross and his resurrection! For the first time, I really believed what the Bible says, and I know that was when I got born again.

After that, I knew something was different about me, and I wanted to know more but didn’t know where to turn. Eventually I graduated from college and moved to another city to be out on my own. During that time, I tried several different churches, one of which operated speaking in tongues. That was new to me! It was clearly something supernatural, and with the help of leadership in that church, I tried to speak in tongues. But nothing happened. They assured me that it would come over me, but it didn’t. This was probably because I didn’t want to lose control and look foolish like many of the people in that church looked to me.

Then one day I heard a group of people singing songs outside near the apartment where I was living. I went out to see who they were, and they told me they were from The Way Ministry. They invited me to fellowship, and my first fellowship was so different from any church I had ever attended. They were all young adults like myself, and although the setting was casual and in an apartment near mine, when they taught the Word, it was with authority and certainty like I had never heard before. And when they spoke in tongues and interpreted, it was clear that they were in control. There was no foolishness, just wonderful, inspiring messages.

I continued going to fellowship, and one day I told someone that I wanted to speak in tongues. She loaned me the Receiving the Holy Spirit Today book, and I was so excited that I went home and read it that night and spoke in tongues for the first time! I just needed to know that it was up to me to do the speaking. I didn’t need to wait to be pushed into it. I was so thankful to receive my answer about how to speak in tongues. I then sat through the Foundational Class, and it opened to me the accuracy of the Word of God, enabling me to read the Bible and understand it.

Since that time over forty years ago, my curiosity has never abated. I still love learning and reading, especially when it comes to the Word of God. I love seeing the Word fit together so that there is no guessing about what it means. God’s Word is His will, and He never changes.

God’s Gift to Me

The thing that I am most thankful for in my life is my gift of holy spirit from Father. I know it is there every time I speak in tongues. I have a personal connection to the Father Who is always willing and able to communicate with me when needed because He created my gift especially for me. God in Christ in me is incorruptible seed and can’t be taken or given away, and that makes me God’s son. I am thankful to have such a loving Father and to be a part of His family. I am thankful for the life of Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille and for the ministry he started and for how those who followed have continued to build on the foundation he started. My life would be worthless to me without God’s gift to me and the ministry that taught me what it means to have that gift.

I Learned How the Gift from God Works

Speaking in tongues was not something I had heard of until coming to this ministry. When it came up the first time, I was uncomfortable with it. Even though I could read in the Bible that it was something God addressed and made available, because I had never heard of it before, I was stopped in my mental tracks. Finally I realized that I really did not understand it enough. There is no way to remember how many times I read the chapters in The New, Dynamic Church on speaking in tongues. Having very little knowledge to make a decision is not a good place to stay. It can lead to being afraid, which stymies thoughts and understanding and growth.

Right across the hall where I lived in the dormitory, there was an ironing room not often visited, especially by freshmen. I found a spot to talk to God and share my thoughts and hesitations. That room offered a place for me to spend time thinking and reasoning and building believing from His Word. In the ironing room of my dorm is where I finally spoke the wonderful works of God for the first time.

Truth is not determined by feelings. This ministry gave me the tools to understand the Scriptures for myself. The Bible is God’s will and heart to us. We can learn about His gift, holy spirit, and how He designed that gift to work. I am thankful I pursued rather than shying away from something I didn’t understand. This has led to over fifty years of many victories and more to follow!

Speaking in Tongues Brings Peace

I am so thankful for The Way Ministry that has taught me the truths of positive believing and the power we have when we speak in tongues. Because of this knowledge I now have peace in my life.

Before I took the Foundational Class, I was very fearful driving and riding on the expressway. Now when I get tense or anxious, I just speak in tongues and I get peaceful.

God always protects us. Whenever an opportunity presents itself in my daily life, I know that if I go to God by speaking in tongues, He will take care of it. He always does.

Speaking in Tongues Brings Rest to My Soul

I have been blessed multiple times over the years since I attended my first fellowship in 1984. That was also the year I took the ministry’s Foundational Class. The thing that I have utilized the most since learning truths from God’s Word is speaking in tongues. One of the benefits taught is that it is rest to the soul. The ability to speak in tongues has brought deliverance to me a number of times.

One example was during a plane flight for a business trip. I had left home not feeling my best, and the pressurized cabin, along with the seating position I was in on the plane, was making me feel both claustrophobic and anxious. Then I remembered that speaking in tongues would bring rest to my soul. I began speaking in tongues and focused on the peace of God. Thankfully, soon afterwards I began to physically feel much better. I no longer had the anxious and claustrophobic feeling that I’d experienced earlier, and I completed the flight and the rest of my business week in prevailing health.

This power of God energized in my life was the result of being taught by my brothers and sisters in Christ in this ministry, who had the care, love, commitment, and desire to teach me, along with others, how to understand and remember truths from God. The example above is only one of the countless times that I have spoken in tongues to bring personal peace to a situation, and I am so thankful to have that power available to me.

I know that no matter what challenges arise in my life, God has my back. He honors His promises, and when I fall short in my believing, there is a loving household that shares with me what the Word says to help me get my actions back on the right path.

“You’re Going to Heaven!”

I had been singing in the church choir since the second grade. My greatest joy as I sang was to focus on the words of the song. One day as I looked up at the church ceiling, I expressed a yearning to God that had filled my heart for years. As the words of the song came out of my mouth, I yearned for an answer to my thoughts of “There’s got to be more than this! There’s got to be more than this!” There had to be more than just going to church once a week. I needed answers to my “why and wherefore” questions about my life.

Years later, when I was dating my now husband, he invited me to a Way Ministry household fellowship. We both signed up for the Foundational Class. As I spoke in tongues for the first time, my heavenly Father’s still, small voice revealed to me, “You’re going to heaven.” My eyes became flooded with tears—tears of joy and relief! No one in the class understood why I was crying so much until I shared what God revealed to me.

Because of the Word of God I have learned in The Way Ministry, God has given me deliverance from the fear I had, since childhood, of going to hell. As a child growing up, I never felt good enough or worthy enough to go to heaven. Now I no longer wonder and think, “There’s got to be more than this!” I can clearly and excitedly say, “There IS more than this—the rightly divided Word of God—and the deliverance others receive as I speak God’s Word to them.”

I Know I Am Born Again

Before taking the Foundational Class, my wife and I attended a church where the minister preached the love of God and eternal life. When he retired, a new minister came to our church; and he taught you could get saved, but if you sinned after you got saved, you could get unsaved, lose your eternal life, and have to get saved again.

We were invited to go hear Dr. Wierwille and to take his Foundational Class. My wife and I decided to take Dr. Wierwille’s class, as did the other three people that went with us to hear him speak. At that time, I wondered if I was born again or not. Sometimes I thought I was, and other times I doubted that I was. I just did not know.

During the last night of the class when Dr. Wierwille was leading us into speaking in tongues, it was like the adversary was sitting on my shoulder telling me I could not speak in tongues and that I was not even born again. In my mind, I said to the Devil, “Get out!” Then Dr. Wierwille said to all of us, “Speak in tongues!” I was the first to do so. I spoke in tongues. That was almost sixty-two years ago, and I have never doubted again that I am born again of God’s spirit. I know I am.

God has blessed me abundantly as I’ve believed His Word, and I am thankful for the ministry where my wife and I learned God’s Word and will for our lives. I will continue to stay faithful to God and His Word, and to The Way Ministry.