The Power of Speaking in Tongues

While at my husband’s company holiday party, the entertainment for the evening was a hypnotist. He brought five people on stage to try to get them to do things by putting them in a trance. My husband and I were sitting with another believer couple he worked with. We all looked at each other and agreed that we would quietly speak in tongues to stop this man from hypnotizing people. We spoke in tongues while the man labored over forty-five minutes to get the people on stage to do what he wanted them to do. There were only a few things he could do at first. He began really sweating and working hard to try to operate this spiritual power but was not having good success. After being unable to hypnotize anyone further, he apologized to the crowd in the room and said, “Folks, I’m sorry. I don’t understand this. I just can’t seem to get this going.” We knew exactly why. It was the power of speaking by the spirit of God in a united front of four believers that backed down this man’s devilish power from operating. Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille, our Founding President, once said, “If we knew how powerful speaking in tongues is, we would do it all the time.”