More Blessed Than I Could Have Imagined

The very idea that the Bible could be understood was a concept that I personally thought to be impossible. Like many of my friends, I had tried to read it, and to me it was a dull book with sections that were just too hard to comprehend. I could make no sense of it, let alone actually live it. Yet I wanted to know God and tried different religions. I talked “at” God without results I could see. Eventually I just gave up thinking that understanding and finding God would ever happen for me.

After joining the navy, I walked in on a fellowship being held in my barracks room. For the first time ever, I heard someone teach the Bible so that it made sense. I understood it clearly and simply.

I was excited and talked to the teacher right after that fellowship, wanting to know where he learned that. He showed me some of Dr. Wierwille’s books and told me about a class and The Way Ministry. A few months later, I sat through the class and saw that the Bible not only made sense and that I could understand it, but I also learned how to work it to answer any question I had while reading it. Not only that, I learned keys to glean truth from its pages with a certainty and absolute trustworthiness that left all doubts behind.

I was a person that thought God hated me, and I hated myself, thinking I was unlovable. I had come to see God as this vengeful character just waiting to punish me because I was no good. I’d often consider myself as better off if I just died.

I was born again at a young age but had no perception of that occurrence until I started to see the truth from God’s Word unlocked. I learned that I had been saved years before—something I got from churches I visited while seeking God. I grew up speaking in tongues but did not know what it was or what it meant. The truths that this ministry unlocked for me gave me a life that I had no idea existed.

Every day since then has been a growing adventure of finding treasures about my real future, my heavenly Father, and His real love for me. The life I live now is rich and fuller than I could have known or believed back then. The Way International has shown me a family, over the last forty-plus years, that is more wonderful than any I have ever known.

That family continues today with people who are rich in love, thankfulness, and caring that is so real, it must be experienced to appreciate it. What over seventy-five years of The Way International, with Dr. Wierwille’s teaching and research by way of the books and classes, have given me is a real life where my future is certain and more blessed than I could have imagined.

God’s All-Encompassing Blessings

God Will Take Care of Every Aspect of My Life

To isolate a single incident in the last forty years of what God has done for me would be impossible. I have seen healings, deliverance, and victories over and over again. So, what I have determined is that when recognizing what God has done, I need to see it as all-encompassing.

The biggest thing I have seen is that God, when I do His Word, will take care of every aspect of my life. This includes not only the big things (to me) like being given a car when I have no transportation, healing my daughter from a subdural hematoma, or restoring the sight of a fellow believer by me just praying for him after a welding incident, but it also includes the day-by-day things that could be considered insignificant: things like having a parking place open when it’s raining or stopping to talk to someone to find out they have plurality that meets a need I have and vice versa.

What that means to me is that every hour of every day I can see that God accomplishes many huge things in the lives of many individuals, but is also intimately concerned with the smallest things to increase the quality of life of His children.

The biggest thing I have seen over the years is to recognize the little things and rejoice in what God does for me on a personal level.

My Life Has Been Blessed!

I have experienced a life that is more than abundant because of the Word of God I have learned in The Way Ministry. My life has been blessed in many categories due to the Word of God that I have learned. I can make this declaration because of many victorious incidents over the last thirty-five plus years of my life.

  • I have had many opportunities to serve in the household of God in both support and leadership positions, which has been very satisfying and enjoyable.
  • Because I learned to faithfully practice tithing and abundant sharing, I have seen my family’s need met in so many instances that I cannot remember them all.
  • God blesses me and my family because I know how to pray perfectly and fervently.
  • I have learned how to read, research, and teach the Word of God to myself and to others.
  • I understand how the adversary moves in the world and how to rely upon my heavenly Father for and in all things.
  • I know that God loves me, and I know all that He made available to me through His Son, Jesus Christ.
  • And I have the hope of Christ’s return that continues to motivate me each day.

These and other things I have learned because of the Word of God taught and presented by The Way Ministry. May the work of The Way Ministry continue for another seventy-five years, should the lord tarry.

Now I Understand and View Life through God’s Word

Simply put, I have come to truly understand that I, personally, am nothing without the Word of God in my life. I have come from a very frustrated and angry place with God. I have questioned many ministries, church groups, and church leaders, and most ended up giving me only their opinion.

Then one day I was blessed to meet members of The Way. I asked many questions, and they were all answered with scriptures. They were answered with what God says, not opinion or what they thought God says. I became “obsessed” with finding more answers and understanding God’s Word.

Now I understand and view life through God’s Word, and I am experiencing His power for myself and helping others to live an abundant life.

How Much More There Is to Life!

In 1981, I was working as the art director for one of the largest and most successful advertising agencies in Houston, Texas. Every day, I faced the challenge of generating original graphic concepts that could be produced within our clients’ budgets and time frames, concepts that would succeed in selling their products. I remember looking down at the blank sheet of white layout paper on my desk each day and feeling the constant pressure of quickly coming up with something from virtually nothing, and searching anxiously for the right inspiration.

At twenty-one years of age I had already reached my goal of becoming an art director, and was working successfully at my “dream job.” I thought I would have felt fulfilled once I reached my goals, but I still felt an emptiness in my life and that was puzzling. I traveled home to Pennsylvania to visit my family and to reconnect with my high school friends, thinking maybe that was what I was missing. But it didn’t take long to see that my old friends hadn’t matured at all beyond the games we used to play in high school, and I didn’t miss those.

On the trip back to Houston, I felt that empty feeling emerging even stronger than before. It didn’t seem logical to me that this could be all that life is about. With many thoughts swirling around in my mind, I suddenly blurted out, “God, I know there must be more to life than this! Please show me what it is!” Looking back, that was the first time I had ever prayed to God in that way, like I was speaking directly to Him. It was a short prayer, but it was sincere and from the heart—unlike the habitual repetition of the prayers I learned in the church I attended as a youth.

I purchased a Bible that looked easy to read, and began to read it. It provided some comfort, but I could not understand much of it. So I focused on the Gospels, because the message of Jesus Christ was pretty clear to me. The prayer I had uttered and my believing action to start reading the Bible must have been enough for God to open a door for me, because it wasn’t long before I was witnessed to by a Way Corps minister.

One weekend, I was out dancing at a local honky-tonk, country-western dance hall, when a waitress walked over to the table where I sat watching couples circling around the dance floor. I had noticed this particular waitress before, because she really stood out from the other waitresses. She had a bright, happy smile, she was a diligent worker, she was always so friendly and helpful to the customers she served, and she kept all of her tables clear and clean. As she approached, she put her hands on her hips and peered at me as if I was pitifully sad and abandoned. Shaking her head, she smiled and said the most amazing thing—“Don’t you know, there’s more to life than this?” Startled, I sat up in my chair and just stared at her. How did she…?—that was what I had just prayed about recently! Still confounded, I replied, “Yeah…what?” She laughed, waved her hand at me and said, “Oh, never mind, you wouldn’t understand,” and walked off.

There was no doubt in my mind that God had sent her to help me, so I tapped her on the shoulder several times that evening to ask her what she was talking about. The first couple of times, she reacted much like she did to my dazed reply, “Yeah…what?” Eventually, she must have perceived some sincerity in my tone of voice, because she turned around, looked me in the eye and said, “It’s God!

Wow! I was electrified! That was another validation of the godliness of this woman and God’s involvement in this situation. I replied, “I’ve been reading my Bible lately.” To that, she laughed in disbelief and challenged me by asking, “OK, which one?” as if perhaps I would not have a clue on what to answer. I replied, “Good News for Modern Man.” That got her attention. She seemed impressed that I was actually reading a Bible, but unimpressed with my choice, and with all confidence and boldness she said, “Oh, come to my fellowship, I’ll teach you the Bible!”

It took a few weeks due to my busy work schedule, but I did make it to her household fellowship, where I met her husband and children. Soon the room was overflowing with excited, smiling people. When the fellowship began, I was immediately impressed with the way this group of people prayed with their understanding, from the heart. It was the first time I ever heard the manifestations of speaking in tongues, interpretation, and prophecy operated. I remember that the messages were so comforting, edifying, and inspiring. They were amazing!

Later, she taught about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego from the Book of Daniel, chapter 3. She taught like she knew the record by heart, with boldness, confidence, and authority. The teaching was in-depth and penetrated my heart. I learned vividly that day about the law of believing and what an impact we can have when we believe God. I saw how deeply those three men loved God and were so committed to keeping Him and His Word first, and how God protected and delivered them. I wanted to be like them and to have a relationship with God like they did.

After the fellowship, I told her that I had some questions about God and the Bible, so she led me out to their patio, where we sat down in lounge chairs that she positioned face-to-face. She opened her Bible evenly in her lap, folded her hands on top of it, and said, “Okay, what are your questions?” I thought, “Is she really able to answer my questions right out of the Bible?” As I posed my questions, she efficiently turned from scripture to scripture and gave me answers by reading verse after verse after verse and letting the Word speak. I was amazed that she knew where all of those truths were and at how clearly and simply she was able to explain spiritual truths I had wondered about all of my life. I felt as if I drove home on a cushion of air that night and never missed another fellowship.

That night I had met a group of people who really understood and lived the Word of God and walked in the love of God. It was clear to me that they had tapped into something special. It was also clear to me that they were all as committed to God as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, and they were as bold in their witness for the Lord Jesus Christ. The Word of God was living and real in them, and I could see that the spirit of God worked in them mightily.

It wasn’t long before I was sitting in the Foundational Class, where the Word of God set me free in so many ways. By the end of the class, it dawned on me that the heavy weight of past hurts, bitterness, resentments, condemnation, and many other negatives that had weighed me down for many years had all been lifted and were gone! My heart felt so light! I felt so liberated and free! It was like a new beginning! I recall how exciting it was to begin learning to walk by believing, to walk in God’s love, to walk with no fear—to walk with my mind renewed to God’s Word, and to be at peace.

No longer did I have anxiety and fear when I faced those blank white sheets of paper on my desk at work. Now the inspiration flowed easily and effortlessly. I could see that God was prospering my work as I applied His Word on the job. I grew from just trying to survive day to day on the job to having full confidence and the ability to reach out to help support others.

That was thirty-five years ago. During the last thirty-five years I have even had the joy and privilege to serve God and His household as a Way Corps minister on Staff at The Way International Headquarters. I have a beautiful wife and wonderful children who all stand with us in the ministry. I have indeed discovered from this ministry that taught me God’s Word just how much more there is to life—the more abundant life that Jesus Christ came to make available, and I’m enjoying that every day!

My Brother Was Healed Completely

When I was a child, I used to ask many questions about God, and every night I would remind my mom that when she tucked me in, it was time to pray. As I grew older, my heart for God did not change, but my actions certainly did. My parents were very strict with us when we were younger, but as my parents divorced and separated, our household got to a point where we no longer had any rules.

As we grew older, our decisions became very irresponsible, and as a family, our unity was no longer there. Eventually, because of lifestyle decisions and continual bad habits, one of my brothers became very ill. I did not know what to do, so I did what I used to do when I was younger, and I poured my heart out and prayed to God. I did not receive an instant answer, but over time, I saw that God certainly was leading me down the path that I needed to go.

I went to many different churches with my friends and cousins. However, as my actions improved, my household got worse and worse. So a neighbor opened up her house to me, and as I would stay at her house, she would share God’s Word with me and listen to me patiently as I would talk for hours. On Sunday mornings, I would race over to her house to go with her to Sunday morning fellowship—she was a Way believer. It took me only a few weeks before I signed up for the Foundational Class. From there, I continued on to take each class as it became available. In a few short years, my mind was no longer full of the world’s negatives, but was flooded by God’s joy and peace.

The Word says in Acts 16:31, “…Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.” For me, it wasn’t enough that I was healed and believing God’s Word. For my more abundant life, I needed my family to believe God’s Word and be healed. So as I progressed in my understanding, I always made a point to share with members of my family what I was learning that week.

My brother that fell ill became worse over time and at one point was hospitalized. My oldest sibling and I were both taking ministry classes and were searching for answers and ways to get him healed. We prayed and continually spoke the Word to our brother that was ill, but it got to a point where he no longer desired to live. At what felt like the lowest point, my older brother and I went to our first Advanced Class where we were greatly energized and enlightened to come back with God’s delivering love and power. Again, it was not an immediate healing, but things did improve greatly as the weeks progressed.

Being in the Word has not only saved my life, but it has done so much for my family as well. Each member in my immediate family is now standing in the ministry and thriving in their believing. My brother that fell ill was healed completely—unrecognizable! He loves God’s Word and has graduated from The Way of Abundance and Power class series and is living a victorious life.

This Scripture Saved My Life!

The scripture that changed my life most dramatically was shared at the very first fellowship I went to in The Way Ministry.

I Peter 1:23:
Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.

This scripture saved my life! At the young age of fourteen, I was on a path of destruction because the people that were supposed to be the ones in my life to give me stability, security, safety—my earthly parents—had abandoned me in the most vulnerable moment of my life a year earlier, and I felt worthless.

My friend invited me to that first fellowship, and I went from being lost in life before the teaching of God’s Word that night to being found by God during the teaching. I felt like I was home, that I had a new lease on life.

Until I heard the Word that was taught that night, I believed that I was corrupted and didn’t think there was any way to stop it. I had cried out to God and prayed for help, but I kept doing destructive things because I didn’t think I mattered because the most important people I knew weren’t providing the most important need I had—to be loved.

I knew I loved God, but I didn’t know if He loved me. My friend invited me to fellowship, and my unstable foundation began to change. During that fellowship meeting, I was put on solid ground. I knew God loved me wholly, no matter the condition I was in, and that I had received His incorruptible seed in me and that the Word had God’s backing! After trusting in the truth I read and heard that night, I had complete believing that my eternal life was secure with God Almighty! The caring support of others at that fellowship and afterwards made me think that my future would be bright.

Forty-five years later, I still have that firm foundation, and I have never had to back down from what I was taught from God’s Word at my first fellowship in The Way Ministry. My life has gone continually forward on solid ground as I renew my mind. I have been provided the more than abundant life through my lord and savior, Jesus Christ, in ways beyond what I ever thought might be possible before I heard the Word taught in The Way Ministry.

I have come to know by living proof that as you trust, delight in, and commit to God, as Psalms 37:3-5 records, you will receive blessings beyond measure. God knows the matters of the heart and how to heal them, and He did that in a profound way for me that first fellowship night; and He hasn’t stopped since because His promises are true. I was rescued by them starting with that first fellowship and the promise of I Peter 1:23, providing me wholeness and a life that has been full of Ephesians 3:20 blessings ever since.

God Lightened My Heart

I began to think about killing myself when I was eighteen years old. My number one concern was to have a plan for my life. I had two objectives: (1) find God, and (2) fly airplanes. After a lot of sincere, dedicated, practical effort, I had totally failed with both. I felt as Ephesians 2:12 says, “…having no hope, and without God in the world.” I felt profoundly lost and severely depressed, and I had no reason to continue.

Then God planted a man squarely in my path—my trainer for a new job as a stocker at a lumber yard. He had a quality of light about him that I had never seen. When I came to his Way Ministry fellowship, I met many more people with the same light! They were all deeply excited about the Bible, which I slowly came to realize was in reality the Word of God. I took all the classes available. God reached in and lightened my oppressed heart, through His Word and via the love of the household of The Way.

Fast forward forty years. I am still here! I have been happily married for twenty-eight years, and we have two wonderful children. I have a peaceful, engaging, abundant life. God is still reaching into my heart as I read His Word. It is an amazing, ongoing adventure of sweetness and light, growth and service, as I give of my abilities and resources. I never got my pilot’s license, but I can wait until I get my new body! It will be more reliable than a plane.

God knows how to bless those who seek Him, and He never stops watching over His children.

Enabled to Live a More Than Abundant Life!

I’m so deeply thankful to God and to the ministry of The Way International for the forty years of accurate teachings from God’s Word that I have enjoyed and for how they have enabled me to live a more than abundant life! God’s Word is the anchor of my soul—and my anchor holds!

Forty years ago I took the Foundational Class. It was an amazing class. The week before, I had attended a meeting and watched the ministry’s film called Changed. I greatly needed change in my life, so I signed up for this class the next day. I was due to give birth in just over a month, and I was scared and very alone. I had no resources and didn’t know what to do with my life or how to raise the child I would soon be responsible for. I had nearly given up.

The following weekend I attended a statewide ministry campout, and I “insisted” that this class start immediately—I needed answers right away! I had finally started to see a glimmer of hope for my life, and I believed that this was my last shot at making my life work. God met my need, and that same day the final person we needed to have enough students to start the class signed up to take it with me.

That week, on Tuesday, July 4, 1978, our class started. I was made comfortable throughout the class, and all my needs were met daily. Midway through my class, my dear mother and my support died—though not unexpectedly. I was surrounded by love and care and protection by the believers, and my questions were answered from God’s Word with compassion. All details were handled with wonderful understanding and love. I was able to complete the Foundational Class with great victory and healing.

During the class a huge question I had had for fourteen years (How do you get faith?) was answered in one verse (Romans 10:17). I had previously pursued the answer to this question with, among many others, a top religious leader who was the head of a huge church in the Bible Belt. But I had not gotten any answers that made any sense to me. When I spoke in tongues during the last session of our Foundational Class, I said out loud (to stomach and my baby), “We will be OK now.” The next month I went to the Rock of Ages with the believers and found more deliverance than I could have imagined possible. I even said that this must be what heaven is like! Five days after returning from the Rock, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

My journey for the next forty years would bring many experiences, both joyous and difficult; but I have always triumphed with my God and with my ministry. God has never failed me, and The Way Ministry has always held forth the truth of God’s Word that has guided me in the way that I needed to go—God’s way. Now I am seventy-three and still very convinced that God works mightily in this ministry and in me to will and to do of His good pleasure. The Seventy-fifth Anniversary year of The Way International has been a year for me to reflect on my own growth, learning, accomplishments, and victories through the years. Forty years ago I chose LIFE, and thanks to God and this ministry, I have had a good understanding of the way God has wanted me to travel. I will continue in God’s way for as long as I live!