Reaping the Benefits of Knowing God and His Word

Psalms 34:8 reads, “O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.” This verse aptly describes what the Word taught in The Way International has meant to me. I attended my first fellowship in high school, and from the moment I tasted God’s goodness, I just couldn’t imagine not standing and serving Him.

In high school I was a decent guy. I had pretty good grades, was fairly nice to people, and played sports. My family life was OK at best. We did the best we knew to do, but we knew something was missing. I remember I used to ask my parents questions such as Why are we here? Where did God come from? How do we know He’s real? They did their best to answer my questions, but we were all searching for understanding and searching to know God.

About the time it looked like our family was going to be broken up, I was witnessed to and attended my first fellowship. The Word taught in this ministry changed everything for me. I found purpose and meaning to life. I took this newfound understanding back to my family, and it gave them purpose and meaning as well. To this day, over twenty years later, we continue to reap the benefits of knowing God as His Word is taught accurately in this ministry. And we continue to reach out to our family and others, sharing His goodness. God’s goodness to me has resulted in

  • being physically healed on several occasions, including God saving my life;
  • my parents’ marriage being saved and restored;
  • my siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles taking the classes and getting to know God;
  • having a beautiful wife and two wonderful children;
  • having real best friends that love me;
  • having a place to serve Him and to live my dream job.

I am thankful to stand with this wonderful ministry that has taught me the greatness of God’s Word and has given me a place to serve the Word of Life to others.