God’s All-Encompassing Blessings

God Will Take Care of Every Aspect of My Life

To isolate a single incident in the last forty years of what God has done for me would be impossible. I have seen healings, deliverance, and victories over and over again. So, what I have determined is that when recognizing what God has done, I need to see it as all-encompassing.

The biggest thing I have seen is that God, when I do His Word, will take care of every aspect of my life. This includes not only the big things (to me) like being given a car when I have no transportation, healing my daughter from a subdural hematoma, or restoring the sight of a fellow believer by me just praying for him after a welding incident, but it also includes the day-by-day things that could be considered insignificant: things like having a parking place open when it’s raining or stopping to talk to someone to find out they have plurality that meets a need I have and vice versa.

What that means to me is that every hour of every day I can see that God accomplishes many huge things in the lives of many individuals, but is also intimately concerned with the smallest things to increase the quality of life of His children.

The biggest thing I have seen over the years is to recognize the little things and rejoice in what God does for me on a personal level.

My Life Has Been Blessed!

I have experienced a life that is more than abundant because of the Word of God I have learned in The Way Ministry. My life has been blessed in many categories due to the Word of God that I have learned. I can make this declaration because of many victorious incidents over the last thirty-five plus years of my life.

  • I have had many opportunities to serve in the household of God in both support and leadership positions, which has been very satisfying and enjoyable.
  • Because I learned to faithfully practice tithing and abundant sharing, I have seen my family’s need met in so many instances that I cannot remember them all.
  • God blesses me and my family because I know how to pray perfectly and fervently.
  • I have learned how to read, research, and teach the Word of God to myself and to others.
  • I understand how the adversary moves in the world and how to rely upon my heavenly Father for and in all things.
  • I know that God loves me, and I know all that He made available to me through His Son, Jesus Christ.
  • And I have the hope of Christ’s return that continues to motivate me each day.

These and other things I have learned because of the Word of God taught and presented by The Way Ministry. May the work of The Way Ministry continue for another seventy-five years, should the lord tarry.