I Learned How the Gift from God Works

Speaking in tongues was not something I had heard of until coming to this ministry. When it came up the first time, I was uncomfortable with it. Even though I could read in the Bible that it was something God addressed and made available, because I had never heard of it before, I was stopped in my mental tracks. Finally I realized that I really did not understand it enough. There is no way to remember how many times I read the chapters in The New, Dynamic Church on speaking in tongues. Having very little knowledge to make a decision is not a good place to stay. It can lead to being afraid, which stymies thoughts and understanding and growth.

Right across the hall where I lived in the dormitory, there was an ironing room not often visited, especially by freshmen. I found a spot to talk to God and share my thoughts and hesitations. That room offered a place for me to spend time thinking and reasoning and building believing from His Word. In the ironing room of my dorm is where I finally spoke the wonderful works of God for the first time.

Truth is not determined by feelings. This ministry gave me the tools to understand the Scriptures for myself. The Bible is God’s will and heart to us. We can learn about His gift, holy spirit, and how He designed that gift to work. I am thankful I pursued rather than shying away from something I didn’t understand. This has led to over fifty years of many victories and more to follow!