Walking by the Spirit of God

My husband and I were traveling on an eight-lane highway, and there was a lot of traffic. One car stuck out to me as the driver was weaving in and out of the highway lanes. God was working in me and getting my attention to the end that I was not comfortable as this car was nearing ours. I admonished my husband, who was driving our car, to stay away from the driver in that car. He immediately switched lanes to avoid driving next to this car. Within seconds this car went out of control as the driver tried to switch lanes too quickly. The car began spinning in circles and spun out of control across three lanes until it stopped in the median once it hit the guardrail. Amazingly, the driver did not appear to be injured and there were no other cars involved in this accident!

The Way Ministry has taught my husband and me God’s Word, the Bible, and what it says about how to walk by the spirit of God and how to listen to God’s still, small voice. Also, we have learned that He is a God that loves and protects His people. This incident was an incredible illustration to me of God’s awesome care upon our lives and how God works in us when we are in fellowship with Him and walking by the spirit of God. What a joy and privilege we have to know God’s rightly divided Word that teaches us His loving nature to care for and protect His sons and daughters.