Thank God for His Protection!

Power to Claim God’s Deliverance

When our firstborn was a few months old, I was home alone with him on a hot summer day. The weather forecast predicted a strong line of thunderstorms heading our way. The power to our apartment suddenly went out, and in the heat of summer, I knew I had to get myself and the baby to a safe location. I packed up our things, and we headed to my mother-in-law’s house in the next town over. As I was driving, lightning flashed, thunder clapped, and sheets of rain poured down on us to the point where I could barely see the road or the other vehicles around me. I knew from the Advanced Class that I had the power to claim God’s immediate, miraculous deliverance. So I shouted out loud in the car, “Father, I need to get this baby safely to our destination! In the name of Jesus Christ, I claim that this rain STOPS!” And it was as if we passed through an invisible wall. The rain stopped, and the road on the other side was bone-dry. We made it safely to my mother-in-law’s home, where we were able to sleep soundly through the night and return home (power restored) the next day.

God Kept Us Safe

My husband, daughter, and I lived in a house that had a garage attached to the side of the house. We usually parked the car and came into the house through the door that went from the garage to the house. The door was wrought iron. One day my husband left to do some errands, and my daughter and I stayed home. About fifteen minutes after my husband left, I saw four police cars parked in front of my house, and I heard them say, “The thief jumped over the fence and went into that garage.” They were pointing at my house and at my garage.

I moved toward the garage door and saw that the thief was standing at the door. He looked at me and told me to open the door. I told him, “NO!” He started twisting and turning the doorknob to open the door. I prayed and thanked God for His protection. The door did not open, and I was so relieved that my husband had locked the door when he left to run his errands. The thief kept turning the doorknob and banging on the door to open it, but it didn’t open. After a few minutes, he gave up and ran out, jumping over a fence and out to the street. The police followed after him, and I took a deep breath and thanked God for His protection. Once I was sure he was gone, I went to the garage door and tried it. It opened easily. It had not been locked. All the time the thief was trying to get in, it was open. But God kept it locked and secure so that my daughter and I would be safe.

This ministry has taught me to believe in God’s love, care, and protection. As I prayed and believed, He took care of me and my daughter, keeping us safe from all harm. What a great God and Father we have!