The Healing Power of Communion: Mental Liberation

A few months ago, I was sitting in my living room chair attending our communion fellowship. I was listening to my fellowship coordinator read from various sections of Jesus Christ Our Passover. He read:

“…[Jesus Christ,] in the face of all this physical torture, was accused and interrogated in a manner totally illegal, unfounded, and relentless….”
“…This was a man who had done nothing but love people, heal people, and declare God’s truth….”
“…his life was unjustly maligned, called into question, and slandered….he was the epitome of love, innocence, and courage.”

As I listened, the intensity of these words began to sink in. Viewed from the outside, Jesus Christ had all the reason in the world to back away from God’s calling. He was unjustly accused and wrongly imprisoned, scorned and mocked, tortured and crucified. But he never wavered in his commitment. He fulfilled his spiritual calling in the midst of the greatest unbelief and opposition.

Before communion, I had been weighed down by certain remarks from people around me. Words have great meaning for me, and I was feeling mentally heavy with some of the comments made by those I cared about. Even though I knew they were fiery darts sent from the adversary, I still felt the sting of what was said. But as I sat and heard these words about Jesus Christ during communion, I was suddenly released from my own mental bondage. Those harsh comments no longer held such great significance.

I felt like someone had picked me up and shaken me by the shoulders, saying, “Christ has already paid the full price for you! You are as righteous as God!” Even though I consider myself a joyful person, in those moments I felt a lightness that I hadn’t experienced for a while. No longer was I weighed down under any mental heaviness. I started to tear up with the realization that I could stand as a daughter of God—with no doubt or pain or hurt from the words of others—all because of what Christ accomplished for me. I realized I belonged to God, and Jesus Christ had long ago carried the weight of all injustice and accusation so I didn’t have to bear the burden for myself.

Jesus Christ was so convinced of who he was and who God had called him to be that he never wavered in his purpose. He never weakened his focus or second-guessed his decision to fulfill his Father’s will for his life. I am so thankful to recognize and claim this truth in my own life because of the research and teachings from The Way International. My mind and heart are strengthened daily with this knowledge, and I feel more confident and equipped to fulfill my own spiritual calling for God!