He Brought Me Deliverance

I learned in this ministry that God is my sufficiency. He knows all things and is everywhere present. No matter where I am, He is there to back me up. My responsibility in my relationship with God is to love Him and to believe that He will accomplish what He has promised. God promises that I am more than a conqueror with His sufficiency in every circumstance and in every situation, no matter what may come up in life. To God be the glory; He has been my help. He brought me deliverance when I found myself in distress on March 10, 2018, at exactly 2:00 p.m.

That day, I remembered that I did not park my car well the previous night when I got back home. So I walked out to my car to park it correctly. I went then to the mailbox. From there I saw in the distance a believer from my home fellowship with her daughter, and at the same time, I saw my spouse leaving, as she had to catch the bus for work.

Suddenly a blackout, total loss of memory. I found myself at my apartment building entrance. What happened between the mailbox and the building entrance? I have no clue. The only thing I remember is that I could not open the entrance door with my badge. I actually mistook the badge for the key of my apartment. As it did not work I became more and more frustrated. I walked around, whispering incomprehensible words. Nobody understood what I was saying. This situation lasted about ten minutes and happened in front of the believer and her daughter, who were shocked. She understood that something was wrong and notified my children, my wife, who was still at the bus stop, and our Region coordinator of what just happened.

I then got some of my memory back, and we went up into the apartment. I asked my older daughter to pray for me. As I noticed the heavy atmosphere, I tried to speak, and I gave a short exhortation to everyone. I asked them to stand strong together in the Word and not to give the advantage to the adversary. After that, I agreed to go to the hospital. When we arrived there, I totally lost my language skills. I couldn’t talk clearly anymore.

I went through MRI scans, and two hours later I received a diagnosis: I had a superficial stroke without aftereffect, needing speech and language therapy. The cause of this incident was unknown. The doctors told me that I was “lucky” that the blood clot did not obstruct my blood vessels. That is why I regained my language skills and my memory after five hours. This is the wonderful work of God.

We are never alone. God is always present, wherever we are. I now know the reason why that believer and her daughter were in that very place at that very moment. God took care of the situation through her presence.

God is my rock and my hiding place, my refuge in time of distress. I continuously give thanks to God for His love and His goodness that He manifests toward me and toward the whole household in our Region.