We Prayed and Believed for the Best Doctor and Hospital

I was first introduced to The Way Ministry forty-five years ago, and within those years I’ve had many victories in my life because of the Word of God I have learned in The Way Ministry. These victories all began for me when I sat through a class called Power for Abundant Living. During that time in my life, I needed mental and physical healing. By the time the class was finished, I had a clear, sound mind and a body that was no longer dependent on anything. It had given me a new start in life. The ministry provided many other classes, and as I attended each one and made the material my own by studying and attending fellowships, I grew stronger. I could now go to the Word for answers on my own and believe and claim the promises God set forth in His Word.

One victorious incident happened when my husband and I planned to start a family. We thought through the details and the cost. We had good insurance and had prepared financially. We prayed and believed for the best doctor and hospital for the delivery. The first blessing came during our birthing classes. The classes were held in a newly built maternity wing of a hospital. It was clean, had private rooms for the patients, and had all the up-to-date equipment. The facility was something we had believed for, but it was not the hospital I was scheduled to deliver in. We knew God would find a way and did not budge on our believing. We found out that our physician also delivered babies in this new hospital and that we would be a part of the first group to deliver in the new maternity wing.

During my delivery there were some major complications, and after the birth of our daughter she had to remain in the hospital for ten days. God opened the door for me to stay in the hospital some extra days so I could be there with our child. Even after being discharged from the hospital, I was able to be with her day and night until she could come home. My husband and I believed God for her healing and for her to be strong enough to come home, and she did. The truths that we learned on healing and believing came from the teachings we learned in The Way Ministry.

The victory did not stop there. The cost of the doctor, delivery, and stay in the hospital for our daughter was in the thousands, far more than we had anticipated. We kept believing God and knew that He was our sufficiency in all things and that this too would be taken care of. After our insurance company paid their part of the cost and we paid our share of the initial delivery cost, there was still thousands to pay because of the complications during the delivery and our daughter having to stay ten days after she was born. We did not know how God would help us, but we never doubted that He would. Remember, I mentioned that this was a newly built wing of the hospital and that we were one of the first patients to deliver there. The hospital was giving the first few patients that delivered there no additional costs other than the flat rate of delivery. No additional costs! Our heavenly Father took care of us. We delivered in the best hospital, we had the best doctor, and God took care of our financial need.

God is at the center of my life because He loved me first and loves me unconditionally. The Way Ministry made it available through the classes, fellowships, Way Corps training, and wonderful leadership for me to know my heavenly Father by way of the Scriptures. For this I will be forever thankful.