A Combination of Much Prayer and Believing

In the fall, I was relaxing in our apartment pool, enjoying the Labor Day holiday, when suddenly I felt like I was going to faint. I headed for the side of the pool but never made it. I passed out. My eight-year-old son noticed me floating facedown and attempted to pull me to the side of the pool.

I’m told that an adult passing by the pool area noticed the trouble and came in and assisted my son in pulling me out of the pool. By some miracle, I had not gotten any water in my lungs. The next thing I remember, I was out of the pool and was told that an ambulance was on the way. That made me mad because they are expensive. (Pretty silly.)

If my son hadn’t been there making a commotion, I surely would have drowned. The paramedics immediately assumed I had hit my head, and they put a neck brace on me.

I was taken to a hospital and put in a coma to slow brain activity. It just “happened” that the hospital where they took me had one of the top brain surgeons in the country.

Through a series of surgeries and rehab, I made a complete recovery and returned to work by January. No doubt this was due to a combination of much prayer and believing by so many people (people I didn’t even know), and my believing mind-set. It never even occurred to me that I wouldn’t be coming home and returning to work.

God was truly at work. My employer financially took care of us by making up the difference between what the insurance paid and my regular salary. My need was completely met.

I’m convinced that without the Word of God that I learned from this ministry, I would not be here today.