My husband and I are so thankful to God for The Way International Ministry. Three years after we took our first Advanced Class, he was zapped by lightning through the telephone during an intense thunderstorm.

One of our friends was with me studying God’s Word in our dining room, when we heard a loud scream. We ran to the family room and saw my husband standing stiffly, arms at a ninety-degree angle, holding a telephone mouthpiece in one hand. After being asked three times if he was all right with no response, he collapsed onto the floor.

My first thought was, “We tithe and abundantly share. God promises to rebuke the devourer for our sake (Malachi 3:11), so we are NOT going to accept this as the final result today. God PROMISED!”

I laid hands on him and commanded and DEMANDED in the name of Jesus Christ for him to be totally healed. Then I told him to rise up and walk (just like Jesus did). He did. We could see the red burn on and in his ear where the electricity had entered his body. It was completely healed within thirty minutes.

I went next door to use our neighbor’s telephone as the lightning had severed our telephone drop line (even the answering machine attached to it was fried!) to call our doctor. Our doctor was also an Advanced Class graduate. He said that my husband was most likely fine but to take him to the ER for confirmation.

The ER didn’t know what to do with a man walking in the door who had been struck by lightning. Two ladies who had been talking on the phone during the same storm were already there in comas. The only book in their medical library about lightning did not include a scenario of a person walking into the ER. They called the largest hospital in the area, and they didn’t know what to do either. They ran some tests, gave him two bags of saline solution, and sent him home, telling him to take it easy the next day.

I stopped at a pay phone at two o’clock in the morning and left a message informing his employer, “My husband can’t come to work tomorrow because he got zapped by lightning through the phone. God healed him, and the ER folks said he’s fine but needs to take it easy tomorrow.”

That lady said she will never forget that call. And we will always be thankful to God and to the ministry that taught us what we needed to know for this miracle to be possible.