Already Healed

In the summer of 2014, I went through an extremely harrowing experience when my husband’s heart stopped. Because of the Word of God that has been sown in my heart over many years of standing on God’s Word in The Way Ministry, I was able to believe for his recovery and to keep God’s peace in my heart during the ordeal. I was greatly supported by The Way household through their prayer, comfort, and help.

It was evening and my husband had gone to bed before me. While reading, I heard an unusual sound that, at first, I thought came from the apartment above us. But I heard it again and then again, and I knew then I had to investigate. I called my husband’s name as I went to the bedroom, but there was no response. When I turned on the light, I saw he was not breathing and his open eyes were lifeless. Immediately I put my hands on him and claimed his life in the name of Jesus Christ. Then I firmly said his name and told him, “You are not dying on me tonight!” The situation was dire, but I knew my God was bigger than what my senses saw. I called 911. How thankful I am that we “happen” to live right across the street from our firehouse and emergency medical technicians. They were there within a few minutes and began their lifesaving work. After contacting my fellowship coordinator, I rode with them to the hospital.

My fellowship and Branch coordinators stayed with me at the hospital for many long hours that night, praying with me and giving so much love and support. The doctors told me that with a cardiac arrest and not knowing just how long my husband’s brain was deprived of oxygen, it was standard procedure to put him in a coma to allow his brain to heal. They warned that there may be brain damage.

Our Branch rallied with twenty-four hour prayer and always having a believer in his room. That helped me to keep my heart peaceful so I could focus my believing on my husband’s complete deliverance. Though the doctors said we wouldn’t know about his brain function till he came out of the coma, I determined in my mind and made my confession that “his brain is already healed.” I held fast to that for the next day and a half. When they brought him out of the coma, the nurses were calling him their “miracle patient”! His recovery continued, and he was home within a week. Three months later, a follow-up test showed his heart to be completely normal.

I thank God every day for his life and for the truth of the delivering Word of God I learned in our ministry and for the household of believers who prayed and believed with me so my husband’s life continues to be a blessing as he gives and serves and teaches and lives God’s Word.