Someone Reached Out to Me

Lost in this crooked and perverse world, without understanding the rightly divided Word of God, to me, is an appalling place to reside. This is where I was almost a decade ago. To make it even worse, I didn’t know I was there. The veil on my face was not as the one brides wear on their wedding day. Mine was pitch black. Spiritually, I had no compass, completely no sense of direction. Church was not exciting to me. It was more of a social place to meet friends, catch up on the hot trends, go out and eat lunch, and call it a day. Due to wrong doctrine, I believed in backsliding (ability to lose your salvation due to sin), and at this point in my life, I was “born again” at least fifteen times. Romans 10:9 and 10 were very familiar verses.

The Way International’s decision to send Way Disciples to my city changed my life. I met this young lady who had committed six months of her life to go and serve and to teach people who hunger and thirst after God’s matchless Word. I was in the valley of human need and she reached out to me with her love, care, and tenderness. Just watching her deportment and Biblical accuracy struck my attention. She was a living epistle (II Corinthians 3:2). I didn’t even wait for her to invite me to fellowship. I invited myself. Little did I know how my future was going to unfold from this day.

Fast forward eight years later and here I am a graduate of all these classes on the Bible: Foundational, Intermediate, Defeating the Adversary, Living God’s Word as a Family, The Renewed Mind: The Key to Power, Living the Mystery as Members in Particular, Practical Keys to Biblical Research, and the Advanced Class. I don’t know how many years it would have taken me to do all this research on my own. I thank The Way International for saving me one of the most precious things we have—time. Now I have time to do more for God.

Remember the young lady? She is now my wife, and we have an amazing five-year-old girl who is bold to speak the Word. We now coordinate a home fellowship. My eyes of understanding have been enlightened. The pitch-black veil is no longer covering my vision and direction. I understand that I’m a vehicle that will move God’s Word. With the gift of holy spirit, I can manifest power from on high. God has endued me with strength and the capability to change the trajectory of someone’s life by helping them get born again.

I now enjoy reading the Bible and working the Word in my life. The Way International is still providing me with Sunday Teaching Services, Way Magazines, online articles—talk about abundance! To date, I have not run out of articles to study. I’m thankful for the leadership the ministry has set in place from the Board of Directors all the way to the home fellowship coordinators. The prevailing Word has kept on moving throughout the years, and I’m grateful the “Mystery Train” stopped by and picked me up on the way.