The Power to Change Lives

To consider all that God has done for me because of the Word of God I have learned in The Way Ministry is nearly overwhelming. To recall and number each blessing would be impossible, but I certainly remember many of them. As my past victories with God replay in my mind, I find that the sweetest and most impactful moments of my life have been when I was able to help someone else with the Word I know because The Way Ministry taught it to me.

I recall a young woman that came to a household fellowship one night. It was after fellowship as my friends and I drove her back home that she began asking questions about speaking in tongues. Collectively, we taught her what God’s Word says. As she listened to us, it became clear that she had a great desire to speak in tongues herself. So, we led her into speaking in tongues, and as she manifested, tears of joy began streaming down her face. After a while, she finished speaking in tongues and told us that it was a great moment in her life and that she didn’t want to stop. She deepened her personal relationship with God and manifested holy spirit power because we were able to teach her what we had learned in the foundational class on The Way of Abundance and Power and from other ministry resources.

I also remember a woman I met while door-to-door witnessing. She opened her heart and shared with me that a beloved family member that she was responsible for had recently suffered a terrible accident and had broken her neck. The physicians told her that her loved one needed to have surgery to prevent the medical situation from progressing to paralysis or death, but that she was too risky of a candidate to perform surgery on. This woman was overcome with grief and guilt. But I took this opportunity to teach her that God’s desire for us is to be in good health and that nothing is too hard for God. She told me that she believed God was able to perform miracles and that He could heal her loved one. I taught her what I had learned from The Bible Tells Me So about believing, and we prayed together for her loved one to be completely healed. One week later, this woman came to fellowship and told me that when the physicians x-rayed her loved one’s neck to see the progression of the fracture, no sign of a fracture could be found. Her loved one was completely healed.

Lastly, I remember a young man that regularly attended my Way Disciple household fellowship. He shared that he was struggling financially despite all of his efforts to live within his means. So, a fellow disciple and I asked him if he knew about the benefits of tithing. We taught him many of the truths covered in Christians Should Be Prosperous. Although hesitant at first, he decided to prove God and His Word. Within one month, he received so many blessings of physical prosperity, including a significant promotion at work, that he proudly exclaimed that it was all because God honored His promise to be his sufficiency and that he was going to immediately start giving more.

I am so thankful to The Way Ministry for teaching me God’s Word because it is that Word of God that I have then been able to teach to others to bring powerful deliverance to their lives. This has brought indescribable joy and rejoicing to my soul. I have the power to change lives as I choose to speak the truth in love.