Confident to Declare the Word

Victory during My Way Disciple Tenure

I am grateful for the Word of God The Way International has taught me. Through the years, it has enabled me to develop a rich relationship with my heavenly Father and receive the abundant victories He desires for me.

One such victory happened during my Way Disciple tenure. As a Way Disciple team, we had a great zeal to see God’s Word prevail. Our leadership taught us the depth of God’s Word regarding outreach and prepared us to confidently meet each day’s challenges. One dynamic record that was impressed upon my life was the sending of the seventy in Luke 10:1-11. This record shows the appointing of seventy men who were sent forth with the authority to speak God’s Word and to manifest His power.

Because of these teachings, we moved out confidently each day, seeking to find people with hungry hearts to know God. Opportunities to minister were endless, and all of our physical needs were fulfilled abundantly. God continued to multiply our efforts.

One major element of our success during this tenure was prayer. The Way Ministry teaches the Word of God regarding the power of prayer and keys to effective prayer.

Matthew 21:22:
And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

As a team we were ready to run a Foundational Class, but we needed one more participant. We chose to claim the Word by lifting our petition to God in prayer. Within twenty-four hours, the team’s prayer was answered. God provided.

The Way Ministry has taught me the truth of God’s Word and has provided me with avenues of service so that I can see it practically applied. This combination has strengthened me to live a dynamic life for God.

Giving Answers

The Word of God taught to me in the ministry of The Way has enabled me to see those that have a need. And I become aware of it in order to speak for God and to speak the truth of His Word, giving answers.

A fellow sales agent expressed to me her frustration in having sickness manifested in her life. I knew this person was actively involved in her church, deeply committed to it. I opened my mouth and shared that there are two realities in communion, and one of them is that Jesus Christ’s body was broken for our complete physical wholeness. This caught her attention, and she listened as I expounded further. I lent her my copy of The Bible Tells Me So. She read the chapter about communion and was so blessed. I had known this person for years and had been aware of her constant health challenges. I believe she had been so defeated and had longed for answers. She got them, and when I occasionally see her today, I only see a strong, vibrant person.

I am a fellow laborer with God as I declare the Word. My purpose in life is still clear and satisfying.