Growth in the Word Leads to Boldness in Speaking It

This ministry has taught me how to be bold in speaking God’s Word. Speaking God’s Word is now an intentional habit!

Over time in my childhood and upbringing in church, I grew to be embarrassed to speak of my godly beliefs and practices. My parents taught me by their words and examples to live God’s Word to the best of my understanding, and I knew that Scripture says to speak His Word to others. However, well into adulthood, I still largely kept my beliefs to myself and usually shied away from speaking God’s Word to others.

Still going to my family’s church, I became convinced of the need for me to be a light in my own community as a witness and as an ambassador for Christ! I even took training classes in outreach along with other members of the congregation; but we never did anything with that training. However, the calling remained on my heart and in my prayers.

Enter The Way International. I met Way International ministers and discovered that they were interested and experienced in local outreach through speaking God’s Word. After realizing THIS was the opportunity to grow that I was looking for, I began attending fellowship—and outreach events—and ministry classes.

Though I was a student of the Bible for many years prior to being introduced to this ministry, I immediately benefitted from the decades of careful research and teaching of God’s Word. Learning about the “sonship rights,” and especially so much more about our ministry of reconciliation, was a thrill and an answer to my prayers.

The ministry’s focus of reconciling others to God was, and is, exciting to me! It has helped change my whole perspective on speaking God’s Word in outreach. I learned that one of my rights as a son of God is to speak the truth to all who want to know. Our ministry coached me in having my mind more fully prepared with the gospel of peace, and the one-on-one coaching in speaking forth God’s Word in outreach situations gave me a newfound boldness to introduce and speak God’s Word in a multitude of encounters.

This learning really sharpened my focus on the truth—on the present truth—and took my understanding to new heights, and it helped elevate my believing, my conviction, and my desire to MOVE God’s Word! Now I skillfully and fluidly introduce God’s Word into a conversation and have the habit to fearlessly, intentionally, and without reservation speak God’s Word.

I am an ambassador with a renewed mind, a workman of God’s Word, and a spokesman of it. Now, I am never ashamed to hold forth the Word of Life thanks to the accurate teaching developed over the seventy-five years of our ministry on what it means to be an ambassador for Christ.