Powerful Unity and Strength

God is always at work, and it is exciting to listen to Him and move with Him. Before Way Ambassador, our family had never lived with anyone and really had no desire to do so. During the program, we were blessed with a lovely housemate, and the learning and growth from applying the third pillar of the program—living God’s love at home—wonderfully impacted our lives. I had the joy of experiencing powerful unity and strength within our home. This also led to a much deeper understanding of how the three pillars of this program seamlessly meld together and are all interdependent on one another.

As we lived love at home, we were more ready and more willing to reach out to others with full hearts ready to give. Gathering together daily and inspiring each other with the Word would comfort and encourage our hearts. We would share details about those we were reaching out to and made plans to support one another in God’s work. Our days would start and end with like-minded planning, prayers, and believing.

We were blessed to live in an apartment community where the grounds were beautiful to walk. There were peaceful courtyards with fountains and a few different pools to enjoy during the hot afternoons. We had many open doors to speak God’s Word right outside our door, and it was a joy to work together with our housemate as we made God’s presence known right in our community. We would get home after walking around the complex or doing “pool outreach” and share the names of all that we met. We’d run out to meet each other’s contacts and invite them over.

One of our neighbors had his mom visiting from Philadelphia multiple times over the months. Every visit, she came and joined our fellowship and was blessed to pursue fellowship in her hometown. Many times, our housemate and I crossed paths with the same people at different times and places. These individuals were comforted and thrilled to be encouraged and sought after by God on multiple occasions by different people.

The walk of love gives evidence to Who our Father is. We were fellow workers and this was a witness. Our personal spiritual growth naturally abounded as we lived unity and love and were reaching out to others. It is beautiful how the pillars are interdependent. It reminds me of how the whole Word fits together, how the manifestations of holy spirit all work together, and how the Body of Christ operates as one. Nothing is without impact on another. God is amazing as the great arranger.

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