God Is Not Limited

I grew up being taught God’s Word in The Way Ministry, which is a great blessing. One of the ways God has consistently blessed me as I applied truths I learned is by causing me to physically abound. When I look back on my life, I can see that even in times of financial hardship, God caused me to prosper.

When I was pursuing a higher education, money was very tight for me. I had chosen to go to school outside of the state I lived in, in order to attend a college that had Way Bible fellowships for me to attend. In the United States, there are often extra fees that come with attending college out of state. This was the case for me. Even with scholarships, I still had substantial expenses each year.

I knew from the Word taught to me that there is freedom and blessing in remaining debt-free; I always held fast to that. To pay for the school expenses I had that were not covered by scholarships or contributions from my family, I lived the Word I knew regarding my finances. I prayed and cast my cares to God, I worked heartily at multiple jobs, I abundantly shared, I faithfully participated in fellowship, and I lived within my means, not buying anything I did not need. All the money I had after abundantly sharing I used to pay for school.

From a five-senses perspective I was not materially prospering because I had so little money—just barely enough to meet my need with no extra. But, God is not limited. Because of the truths I learned in Way Bible fellowships and classes, I lived a very prosperous lifestyle even during the most financially difficult time of my life. God poured out blessings day after day.

As I was finishing my first year of college, I applied for and aggressively believed to receive a second job on campus for the coming year. The job I was applying for included room and board in its compensation; on my application I was allowed to list three preferences for residential buildings on campus I would like to live and work in. Though the school was about to open two brand new residence halls, I selected three older buildings that I would be blessed to work in. I knew any of the buildings would meet my need, and I figured a lot of people were probably asking for the brand-new buildings. I knew that I would just be thankful to have my need met.

Well, God not only blessed me with the job; He went above and beyond what I had asked or thought! I ended up living in the newest, nicest residence hall on campus, rent-free. I had my own room, my own bathroom, brand-new furniture, and two closets! I was the first person to ever live in my room.

I also received a meal plan for use on campus. My meal plan allowed me to spend much more on food than I would have otherwise. I was able to eat at name-brand restaurant chains on campus, shop at our small campus grocery store, and even purchase treats like coffee and frozen yogurt at no personal cost.

In addition to having great food and a great place to live, I was also able to do many extracurricular activities for free as a student. I took free dance lessons for three years with a student organization. I watched movies for free in the theater at the student union. There were lots of free festivals and fairs to attend throughout the year. Truly, life was rich and abundant!

Through it all I was taking college classes that I loved and growing my field of study. At the end of my time at school, I received an accredited degree in my field, and I had no debt at all. Today I get to use what I learned in my field of study to move the Word over the world!

I know it was God and faithfulness to His Word which caused this prosperity. God provided me with everything I needed and more. He made my college years wonderful and victorious. As God met my physical needs, I remained free to focus on growing spiritually.

College is where I first coordinated a fellowship, where I grew in my ability to reach out to people and care for them according to God’s Word, and where I made decisions to pursue higher levels of service in the ministry. As God prospered me physically, I grew mentally and spiritually too. How thankful I am for the Word I’ve been taught. And how thankful I am for the ministry that has made these truths so plain. It is my joy and privilege to continue living God’s matchless Word!