Way Ambassadors Are Bold

Elements of the Way Ambassador lifestyle and strategy include working twenty to thirty hours per week and spending at least thirty hours per week witnessing and/or undershepherding. Visit our Ambassadors of the Way Outreach Program page to learn more.

I Knew I Needed to Go Speak

Early on in the tenure, my husband and I were at a local office supply store to print a few things. We were there fairly often because we didn’t have a printer. We struck up a conversation with the young man working the register, but with several customers behind us in line, we had to keep moving along. All I really knew was his name. The next few times we were at the store, he was not there. He kept popping up in my mind and heart, so I just continued speaking in tongues for him and continually believed for an opportunity to talk with him again.

About two months later we found ourselves at the office supply store again, and this time he was there and there were no customers in line at the register! I knew I needed to go speak with him right away. I walked up to him and reintroduced myself. I said, “You might not remember me, but we met a couple months ago here. I know this might seem random, but my husband and I are here to be the good news, to share God’s Word with people. Ever since we met, you’ve been on my heart. I’ve learned when God works in me like this not to ignore it!” I then explained when we have fellowship and asked if he would like to come. He said he did remember us, and that he would love to come! A few weeks later, he attended his first fellowship. He then registered and completed the Power for Abundant Living Today class, repeated it, and has since taken both the Intermediate and Defeating the Adversary classes! God’s timing is perfect. He will lead us to those hungry hearts as we listen to that “still small voice” and remain bold to speak!

Speaking the Word on the Job Works!

God worked mightily and opened doors of utterance in the workplace.

I happened to find part-time work with a retail company that had managers who were very accommodating of my needs as a Way Ambassador. It just so happened that the store where I worked was in an area that attracted tourists. People visiting from all over would ask me questions about myself. This opened the door for me to share why I was in town and to speak the Word to them.

In addition, many students and young people worked in the store, and there was quite a staff turnover. So, during my time there, I was not only able to speak the Word to my regular coworkers, but also to a continual flow of newly hired employees. I had opportunities to speak the Word to the various managers, as well.

But that’s not all! We all spoke the Word to coworkers at our jobs and to employees in other workplaces, such as the grocery stores where we shopped. As a result, several people attended our fellowships and events to hear the Word and learn about us and the Power for Abundant Living Today class. Now several of them are graduates of our Foundational Class (some have taken the class twice), and at least one is a graduate of the Intermediate and Defeating the Adversary classes! All in just nine months! Speaking the Word at appropriate times on the job works!