The Class Provided Me with Tools to Live My Life

I took my first Foundational Class three years after discovering the wonderful Way Ministry.

I began the class with many expectations, as I was going through a very particular, difficult, and painful moment in my life. At that time, my husband and I were looking to be parents, which was not happening as expected and had become a nightmare. We did countless studies and medical treatments for years without positive results. This situation was plunging me into a deep sadness and a deep sense of failure and guilt.

It was in this wonderful class that I heard the teaching about the law of believing and how believing is the key to receiving. From that moment, my attitude toward this great challenge changed, so my life changed too. I began to put into practice each principle that was taught in the class. My husband and I went through all the steps that the doctors indicated with full confidence and peace that we would receive what we longed for.

We lived one day at a time with the confidence that God could and wanted to bless us. And the result was the arrival of a beautiful baby. Hearing him call me “Mommy” is proof of the immense power of God.

Every truth that was taught to me in that class had an impact and radically transformed my life. It was wonderful to discover the unconditional and unlimited love that God has for me, to discover that He wanted me healthy, happy, prosperous, and victorious. I could understand that He had chosen me as His beloved daughter. It was totally healing to know and to feel His love and to know that He never abandons me. Instead of that, He sustains and strengthens me.

God’s blessings have overflowed to us, as we are now expecting a second baby.

The Foundational Class was an ascending staircase of knowledge for me. This class brought light where there was darkness, and it provided me with tools to live my life, to be blessed, and to bless others. Being able to find these truths is an invaluable gift that we all have available.