I Have Really Gotten to Bless My Boss’s Life

This past year I have had the pleasure of working at a very prosperous family-owned company. I started out there as a receptionist; then as I continued to ask for more work, my boss kept moving me up within the company until I got the position of an assistant project manager. What a blessing that was, as I got a lot of experience within a short amount of time. I enjoyed believing God to really meet the company’s needs, and doors just kept flying open to do more business.

For a few months during the year, my boss had gotten burdened down with pressures that carried over in how she treated me. She started to expect a lot from me and would often lash out at me. During this time, I had to really bolster my believing to continue to work there because I felt that God put me there for a reason. Every time I thought about finding a new job, I was just not peaceful about it.

So, I kept sharing my heart with God, and other believers kept encouraging me and helped me keep my thoughts on God rather than my circumstances. I inched toward changing my thoughts about the situation by starting to pray for my boss more. Then, finally, when I decided to really go to God and His Word to find verses that addressed the fears that I had about the situation, the pressure my boss kept putting on me started to slow down.

I kept going to God whenever I was afraid of the situation, knowing that His Word is TRUTH. When I did this, the Devil most certainly had to flee from me (James 4:7).

Toward the end of my time working for this company, I have really gotten to bless my boss’s life by the unconditional love of God that I manifest toward her. I live the Word toward her and think the Word of her, just like God does of me.

I have forgotten the past and have kept moving forward, continuing to believe to meet the needs in the company. I want to bless all the people I can while I am still here. God always makes a way for us to have the victory when we trust Him with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength.

The lifestyle of a believer from God’s point of view is what I want to manifest. Being a part of The Way Ministry and living God’s Word together is a priceless treasure.