There Is Always a Solution

It was a very busy time in my life—wife out of town, five teenagers at home, undershepherding an individual through the Foundational Class, and active-duty military. Also at this time, I was taking the Renewed Mind class, and it was a little over an hour drive from my house. I was driving home after one of the sessions at about eleven o’clock at night, out in the middle of nowhere with no one and nothing around, when my car went dead—no power, no lights, no anything. I was not happy. A lot of thoughts started going instantly through my mind. How do I get home? How do I get in touch with the kids? I have to be at work early in the morning! And I am sure there were more.

My old-man nature “took over,” and I started telling God what I thought and how unhappy I was. I was not being very polite about it either. After bending God’s ear for about a minute, I remembered I was taking a class to deal with situations that come up in life. I took a deep breath and started to speak in tongues. I also started running scripture that I knew through my brain—things like, “I am more than a conqueror,” “I can do all things,” “God shall supply all my need.”

Throughout this whole event, I did not see anything anywhere moving; I was all alone. After three or four minutes of speaking in tongues and running the Word through my brain, I heard a voice say, “Just stick the wire in the hole and go home.” I remember looking up and asking, “What wire and what hole?” I heard the voice a couple more times before I got out of the car—white shirt, white pants, no tools, and no idea what I was doing.

I am not a car mechanic, so what followed must have been inspired action. I opened the hood, then I took the distributer cap off, and inside I could see a broken wire. I thought, Well how am I going to fix this? The voice again said, “Just stick the wire in the hole and go home.” Looking up again I said, “Well if I stick it in there, it won’t stay because of the vibration of the motor.” I took out a pair of fingernail clippers and took off about an eighth of an inch of insulation on the wire. Then I thought to myself, At least now it has a chance of making contact. The wire was rotten and just crumbled, so that didn’t work. The voice came again, and it sounded just a little exasperated (or maybe it was my imagination). “Just stick the wire in the hole and go home.”

Our Founding President, Dr. Wierwille, is quoted in Life Lines as saying, “Man seldom gets around to believing God until he has exhausted all his energy trying to do it himself,” and “When you begin to believe what the Word says, your attitude will shake the world.” Well I stuck the wire in the hole, closed everything up, turned the ignition key, and drove home. As I am pulling into my parking spot, the car goes dead, again.

Many other incidents come to mind that have happened over the years. If it wasn’t for this ministry, I would still be sitting along the side of the road somewhere, trying to figure out what to do. God’s Word is the high road, and there is always a solution.