Prayer Brought Sunny Skies

The week of my wedding day, I was checking on the weather. The weatherman on the news was saying it was going to be cold and wet all weekend. I was getting concerned that the boat we were to get married on would not be able to be on the river because of the weather and that they would not open the dam for the boat, but my future husband and I continued with our plan. We got to the hotel and it was cold, windy, with no sun in sight. This was on a Thursday. Friday came and it was still cold as ever, windy, and still raining. So my fiancé and I prayed for sunny skies with no wind or rain. We also prayed for the dam to be opened up so that we could get married on a running boat. We claimed God’s promise in Matthew 21:22—that with believing all things are possible. The next morning, I opened the curtains from our hotel room and I could not believe it. It was so awesome—God had answered our prayer! There was no rain, no wind, no cloudy skies. And it was not even cold. The next news was that the boat was going to be running on the river because they had opened up the dam. Now, on the day following our wedding, the cold weather came back, cold and raining just like before. Because we had been taught how to believe God and trust His Word, our day was awesome!