When Believers Pray Together, Great Power Is Exerted

Before coming to this ministry, I had no power to overcome any of the many challenges I faced. That all changed when I took the Foundational Class. For the first time in my life, I saw the amazing power that is manifested when believers pray together.

When I took the Foundational Class, I was stationed aboard a U.S. Coast Guard ship. The work schedules for myself and another sailor taking the class gave us just enough time to complete the class before our ship went out for another deployment. I had just finished my shift in the kitchen and was preparing to go to the fifth session of the class when an announcement was made over the ship’s speaker system. The ship’s wheel had been stolen, and all sailors were confined to the ship until it was returned. The ship’s wheel was located on the bridge of the ship and was used for steering the vessel. This particular ship’s wheel was beautifully crafted of walnut, with brass fittings to give it added strength, and apparently, someone had claimed it as a trophy!

My heart sank! I began to think that my opportunity to complete the Foundational Class before I set sail again was gone. Then I remembered the many local believers who were supporting us during the running of the class. With a bit of anxiety, I called one of the believers in the fellowship I was attending and told him the situation. After we prayed together, he spoke God’s Word to me. He reminded me that God wanted me to take this class, that the adversary was trying to hinder me from finishing it, and that when believers pray together, great power is exerted to overcome the attacks of the adversary. Then he reminded me of James 5:16, which was a verse he had shared with me several times before.

James 5:16:
…The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

The local believer told me he would have all the believers praying for our situation, and that we (the other sailor and I) should pray about it too. We agreed that the two of us aboard the ship should keep getting ready for class as though this obstacle was not there. I was greatly encouraged and told the other sailor we should stick to our normal routine, clean up and change our clothes, as though we were going straight to the class.

I had just finished cleaning up and getting changed when the announcement came across the ship’s speaker system: liberty was granted for everyone who was not working. We were free to go! I was amazed! When I asked what had happened, I learned that while I was getting cleaned up, a car had pulled into the parking lot, the back door was thrown open, and someone inside the car had hurled the ship’s wheel into a snow bank. The door closed, and the car sped away. The officer on duty retrieved the ship’s wheel, and the restriction was immediately lifted.

The other sailor and I quickly made our way across town to the class location. As we approached the door of the house, we could hear the believers inside singing songs from the Sing Along The Way songbook. We smiled and opened the door. A great cheer went up from all the believers as they welcomed us to class. We all rejoiced at how God had answered our prayers. The lesson has been firmly rooted in my mind from that day unto this present day: when believers pray together, great power is exerted to overcome the attacks of the adversary.