God Caused Me to Prosper and Be in Health

In 2008, I moved to a different province in my country because I was looking for a better job. When I arrived in my new city, I was fifty thousand dollars in debt and without a friend in the city. I had driven almost two thousand kilometers to get there, and my first night I spent sleeping in my car. The next day, I bought a newspaper and diligently searched for a place to live and for a job. I made many phone calls, submitted many applications, and finally after six weeks, I got a job working as a shuttle driver for a hotel close to the airport. When I got my first check, I decided that I was going to prove God by tithing.

For the next three months, it seemed that nothing had changed, but in reality it had. I noticed that I always had money in my pocket—money for gas, for groceries, for a cup of coffee, and even money left over. This had never happened before. While I was working my shuttle job, I got another part-time job, which enabled me to start paying off my debt and to be able to give more. Eventually, I was offered a job as a maintenance worker at a work camp in the northern part of the province. It required that I be away from home more often, but it had a much higher salary. I was reminded of Philippians 4:19: “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” This verse does not say “some of your need” but “all your need.” I thank God that His supply met my need. My need was to get out of debt so that I could take the Advanced Class and have more opportunities of service available to me.

When we put God first, it will always work for us. I believed Philippians 4:19, and because I was tithing and abundantly sharing, I not only had my physical need met but my spiritual and mental needs as well, because I had great peace in my heart. Within three years of coming to my new city, I paid off my fifty thousand dollar debt and began to work on paying off my mortgage, which was accomplished in January of 2017. Throughout all this, the faithfulness of God caused me to prosper and be in health.

In February of 2017, I took a trip to my home country with a goal to sell some properties. This had been a constant source of conflict for my sister, who was taking care of one property for me. I completely signed over this property to her and did the same with another one in a nearby country. These types of transactions can be very complicated in that part of the world, but things went very smoothly, and I no longer need to deal with the complications of owning them.

When I returned from this trip, I became quite ill. I had no idea what was wrong, and neither did my doctors. After many tests and medications, I was still sick. But because God is faithful to His Word, He supplied my need as I was doing my best to do His Word. God’s timing was perfect. About two months after I became ill, I received a copy of “Our Father’s Healing.” This was exactly what I needed to help me endure through this challenge, as I was reminded of many places in God’s Word that document God’s willingness to heal. I read this document over and over again, looked up the scriptures listed, and God supplied my need and I was healed.

In all these challenges, I was thankful for the Word I have learned in The Way Ministry. As we are faithful to do the Word, God will abundantly manifest His faithfulness to fulfil His promises.