This Is the Job!

Before I came to The Way Ministry, I spent time helping those around me in need. Throughout my teen years, I worked with physically handicapped and mentally handicapped adults and children through several different community organizations. But at the end of the day, when I went home, those people were still in need. I had not really helped them, for I did not really have what they needed. My heart was overwhelmed to think of the number of people in need. I was only one person without the resources to change their lives. By my early twenties, I gave up even trying to help them.

I spent the next decade helping myself. I landed a good job with a good career path, enjoyed an exciting hobby, and made many friends. But there was still a void in my heart and life. I believed in God, even prayed to Him, and something inside me still stirred to serve Him. One day when I felt especially like my life was worthless, I prayed to Him for a job to do for Him, something that would mean something to Him. I could please myself and I could please others, but it was all short-lived, and life seemed pointless. (By then I was just thirty-two years old.) God heard my prayer and He answered by way of a coworker. I saw a change in her life and asked her what happened. By her answer, it was obvious she had been born again; she read it in the Bible (Romans 10:9 and 10); and she learned to understand the Scriptures in a class. “Hallelujah!” My heart leaped for joy! I knew God was in the pages of the Bible—I just needed to understand what I was reading! I told her, “I want to take that class.” Two weeks later, I was sitting in Session I.

When we got to the session about “Christ in you, the hope of glory” and “ambassadors for Christ,” my heart thrilled! “This is the job! I am an ambassador for Christ!” The truth of the Word of God taught in that Foundational Class brought meaning to my life: “I am here to help others in need. And now I know I have the tools to help—the Scriptures.”

For nearly thirty years now, I have been enjoying a life filled with abundance and power. Many doors of service have opened to me via The Way Ministry for which I am most thankful. My life is filled with peace and joy because I know I am doing the will of my heavenly Father as I reach out in service to others. I have received instruction and practical experience from The Way Ministry in studying the Word, living the Word, preaching the Word, and teaching the Word. The Word of God I have learned in The Way Ministry showed me the way to the Father. I learned of my savior and lord, Jesus Christ, through this ministry. I truly have a spiritual relationship with God, my heavenly Father. Now I live a life filled with abundance and power, earning rewards for a job well done. I have eternal life and I know it.