We Can’t Imagine Living without Giving

I obtained financial blessings because of what God has done for me through the Word of God I have learned in The Way Ministry.

“It was my money, and I wasn’t going to share or give it to anyone.” This was the basic attitude I had prior to the teachings I learned through The Way Ministry. When any type of expense was encountered while I was with a group, I insisted that all receipts were kept, and the cost be split up evenly to the penny or that each individual pay on his own with separate checks. When it came to the tithe or giving anything beyond the tithe, I refused to do it. I didn’t trust any organization and especially any church with my money. Even when it came to registering for the ministry’s Foundational Class I refused to give any more to the ministry than the $100 I paid for the class materials. I didn’t classify myself as greedy in that I wasn’t concerned about becoming very rich. In general, my financial needs were being met as I went through college, working part-time and without debt. However, I mistrusted all churches and all worldly good causes.

Although I’d heard teachings on the benefits of giving through The Way Ministry, I didn’t start doing it till I got married. Up until that time I’d believed the other principles taught from the Bible by The Way Ministry on keys to financial prosperity, which included living within my means and working heartily. I kept records of my income and expenses faithfully to the penny, balancing my accounts and budgeting. I enjoyed working my secular job and while on the job worked heartily. When I got married, my wife exhorted me to give of our abundance and said that we’d be richer for it. She encouraged me to renew my mind to giving as I’d renewed my mind to many other categories in the Bible.

We started giving 10 percent from the first day of our marriage. Since then we’ve never given any less and now give far more financially and in other ways. We’ve seen numerous blessings from God in the financial realm. This has included getting several jobs in miraculous ways, and seeing our money somehow get stretched so that all bills and expenses were covered when by our reasoning it didn’t seem possible. We got amazed when God helped us get out of a $56,000 mortgage debt in a few months, and since then we’ve been debt-free. We’ve helped five children through college without debt. We remembered when we first heard the teaching by the ministry on keys to financial liberty, laughing, thinking that we’d never be able to get there on my income, but here we are about fifteen years later able to retire any time we’d like. Our health has been amazingly good. We’ve owned several homes over the years and without debt. In addition, we’ve been able to take care of both our elderly mothers.

We’ve seen so many blessings as a result of our giving and trust in God that now we give far beyond the tithe. We can’t imagine living without giving. We are so thankful for what we’ve been taught from the Bible by The Way Ministry.